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  1. I'm thinking about making a mod with near future chemical engines with questionable propellents. Can I "borrow" the pentaborane plume?
  2. are you guys planning on making pentaborane plumes? i'm thinking about making a small mod with some near future chemical engines running questionable propellants. Anyway, if so, I hope they aren't to complicated because I still use the deprecated plumes because they are simpler lol
  3. NEUTRON STAR YES! I'm looking for a replacement pack for GU(no offense to the mod dev, its a good mod) but I think it's killing my game. Before I had it I got decent FPS but now I yellowclock on vessels with more than 40 parts and almost always get the blinky clock. Will this mod kill my game?
  4. Do you plan on making procedural have parts? We already have crew tubes but have parts would significantly reduce the load on my PC when making large ships, and maybe wet-workshop compatibility?
  5. I love shuttle derived launch vehicles and advanced booster concepts for SLS, this looks so cool!
  6. Man, has it been awhile. I'm not going to write this in the traditional roleplay format because that would take forever. Traveler 4 soft landed on the mun. The Alram program started, attempting to land a kerbal on the mun. Jeb got stranded in an elliptical mun orbit. Jeb refused to work after 15 days, and was stuck in mun orbit for more than a year. Thanks to my incompetance, poor knowledge of what tech i have currently unlocked, poor planning, and accidently blowing 5/6 of my money on researching tech i didn't need because of a misclick, Jeb returned from the mun today, where he was immediat
  7. vectors for multiple engine out capability, less R&D time.
  8. Can you turn off Ullage and limited ignitions? Also, do the engines perform similarly to the way they do in the stock game? I simply want to have to manage different fuel types, liquidfuel and oxidizer seems a little bit bland to me.
  9. trying to figure out other resources mods I want, LF/OX seems a little bit bland, yet im not sure. Also trying to find a realistic offworld assembly mod. I already have KAS but that might be difficult when I go interstellar
  10. sorry to be THAT guy, but I feel like I had to explain the joke here. Often times, Ike grabs random crafts in Duna orbit and slings then around everywhere. The joke being that if we give ike even a little leeway, it will start grabbing everything and throwing it away. Also, while KSP's simplified physics model doesn't simplify this, Ike will technically always be pulling on you. Of course, there's a point where it's basically meaningless, but you can never escape Ike, no matter how hard you try.
  11. I typically deploy my chute at around 5000m, and open fully at 1000m tbf it makes little difference, they always pull atleast 6 gs.
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