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  1. What's the inspiration behind this design? I've seen something like it before. Really like it. How well does it stay on course?
  2. Ah yes, landing maps. Knew I forgot something. Slightly Circled Maps The circle is approximately centered on Tou-DVH. It is slightly south of the equator and north of the western most part of the Southeastern Mountains (that's not confusing to read at all). In the elevation map, there is an area of lower elevation near the top right part of the landing circle. That's a crater, and is the destination of the first rover expedition and site of the deployed science. A second expedition will go to an even smaller crater located south of the first (it's too small to see on either map). The third and final expedition will attempt to make it to the Southeastern mountains themselves. The closest are (shockingly) south east of the landing. The landing area wasn't chosen for any particular reason. When I was testing these craft, I always did an 85-100 m/s burn right at the night-day terminator. Repeating the setup during the mission dropped everything in 50 km line in the circled area. And yes, I know the craters aren't unique biomes, but I like having terrain features to go to while doing science. If its all the same biome, why not do it in a place more visually interesting.
  3. @darwinpatrick, glad you're still enjoying it. I feel the last couple of posts may have been a little monotonous because they were just launches and docking, but the next few should be a fair bit more interesting. Mostly because... Destination Toutatis: Lightly Toasted Hilvey Kerman takes a quick EVA around Coyote to collect and reset experiments after entering Toutatis Orbit This is gonna be a long one, so bear with me. There's a lot happening, and has been happening in the background throughout the last couple of posts. I felt it would be easier to consolidate them into one post, rather than spread them out. So, without further ado: Landings #1 and #2: Automated Rovers Landing #3: Tou-AV Landing #4: Crew Rover And lastly, Crew Arrival and Landing #5: With everything in place, the surface exploration of Toutatis can begin in earnest. Some knowledge for anyone looking to do similar landings on bodies with very thin atmospheres and tweakchutes. Toutatis's landing dV states (from the dV chart included in the mod) that a landing requires chutes + 200 m/s. Since main chutes are out, that leaves the player with just drogues. The 200 m/s holds true for lighter payloads, such as all the rovers, but heavier payloads will need more dV to brake, more chutes, or additional methods to slow down (the inflatable heat-shield is great at creating drag. Dunno how air-brakes would do.). I don't like overlapping chutes, so any more than four drogues was out. Higher thrust engines help too, as Toutatis's gravity pulls you down rather quick. The Tou-DVH had terriers, and I had to start braking 15 km up to slow down enough. (These aren't supposed to be critiques or critical thoughts of any sort, just my observations. It was actually quite fun overcoming challenges presented by tweakchutes and a low atmo body. I bet landing on Thatmo in OPM would behave very similarly in these conditions).
  4. Destination Toutatis: Crew Castoff The crewed Nautilus NTV-LA, nicknamed Coyote, assembled in orbit It feels like there was a lot more prep for the Toutatis Mission than I planned, but everything is finally in place, and the crewed aspect of the mission can begin.
  5. A large mission meticulously planned out across multiple spreadsheets?! Memeing aside, you've got an ambitious plan there. It's real neat to see all the thought and organization you put into this via the spreadsheet. Good luck with your endeavors.
  6. Destination Toutatis: Crewless Crafts Complete The Tou-AV and its NTV-LA braking into Toutatis Orbit This is the second half of the convoy heading to Toutatis during this window. Last time the Descent Vehicle and Habitat were thrown into Nodens orbit. This time it is the Ascent Vehicle. I wanted to try and do both at the same time because 1) I wanted to see how difficult it was to juggle sending mulitple interplanetary craft to a destination at a time, and 2) I didn't want to draw out this mission too long. So without further ado: Launch of the Toutatis Ascent Vehicle: And Now for Departures: Arriving around Toutatis: That's three transfer craft around Toutatis and three payloads ready to land on the surface. All three transfer vehicles have 1000-1500 m/s of DV, which is plenty to refuel the crew's transfer vehicle when it arrives. All that needs to be sent up from Nodens is the Transfer Vehicle, the crew hab, and the crew themselves.
  7. @Kerballing (Got Dunked On), this should help. Loving it so far, @TonyC
  8. Huh. Well alright then, I learned something today. I've done many reentries and too-fast launches since 1.4 and until now never had it happen. At least it is only a minor visual anomaly.
  9. News to me. I thought it was a weird interaction. This was only the second time I've seen it, and the first time at night. The other time was a really fast ascent during the day where I got re-entry effects pretty low. I've never seen this in stock, but it has been a while since I used plain stock.
  10. Destination...Multiple: Mission Menagerie The Tou-DVH on approach to its Nautilus NTV-LA in the far distance So we are a little all over the place right now. There's another Toutatis window opening soon, crew have been selected for the mission, and anomolies are surprisingly still being discussed. The Toutatis mission has been updated too. It is still a go, but more toys are being sent out. For reasons, that means two Nautilus's are going to Toutatis this mission. Mod Stuff, Snacks: Stop #1: A Quick Return From Belisama Stop #2: More Toutatis Preparations Stop #3: Now About that Potential Anomaly
  11. A routine launch uncovered an anomolous area on Nodens. Jedbin and Hilvey went to check it out.
  12. This KSC is on Nodens, not Kerbin, from GEP. I'm slowly going through and exploring each planet in this system and seeing what there is to be seen.
  13. Sometimes I get distracted by what I could use on a mission instead of working on what I actually need.
  14. Destination Toutatis: Rovers Everywhere A completed MK 1 Nautilus NTV-LA with its payload around Nodens So it's been a little while since we've been around Toutatis, but now it is time to prep for crewed exploration again. The Toutatis mission will function similarly to the Caireen mission. The goal is to see what Toutatis looks like from the surface, so rovers will be critical in allowing us to see many locations. There will be no space station this time; the crew will spend the majority of their time on the surface. As a result, a larger crewed lander will be sent ahead of time. Once both of those are in place, then the crew will show up. First up, a new Transfer Vehicle A couple days later, when the Toutatis window opens
  15. Perfectly understandable. Can't wait to see what's to come.