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  1. Destination Belisama: Mountain (Ker)men Bill and Herfurt admiring the view of Nodens as they climb out of Belisama's flats. This expedition is one I have been wanting to do for a while now. The landmark in question has loomed in the background of the Belisama Outpost since its landing, and its location is near enough for a short trip while being interesting (and possibly hazardous) enough to warrant a trip. Today, two kerbals will set a flag somewhere on the mountain known as Mt. Sharp. Some other stuff happening on Belisama: That's about all the majo
  2. The engines I got are either stock, Restock+ (fills in some gaps in the engines so each size has a booster, sustainer, and vacuum engine) and Kerbal Atomics. Kerbal Atomics would be the most "OP" as it adds a slew of efficient nuclear engines, but those are balanced by being fueled by liquid hydrogen (LH2). Lighter fuel = larger tank-age for the same dV. I feel those engines are a good balance of efficiency and thrust in this system; I lose some of the tediously long burns compared to a stock NERV, but the engines aren't so efficient as to make it easy to ship hundreds of tons of material ever
  3. Destination Sirona: Some Spectacular Views Oracle-Brovo in orbit around its namesake Second wave arrival #1: Oracle Brovo Second wave arrival #2: Tethys Just as an aside, the three small probes seen above are some of the most interesting probes I have created. They are small, oddly shaped, and mostly balanced through their thrust axis. I really like the new shapes and small tankages provided by restock and scansat. Third wave departure: Janus Next up: following the trail of a couple Edmund Hillary wannabes.
  4. An expedition crew got wonderfully framed view of home on their way to summit and map a nearby mountain.
  5. Destination Belisama: Please Excuse the Interruption to your Regularly Scheduled Programming A refinery en-route to Belisama Apologies to all that follow this, I did not intent to take a multi-month hiatus from this save. However, a combination of other hobbies and a bit of burnout really pulled my interest away. However, the burnout is gone and my interest has returned, so lets look at the things that went on sporadically during those few months. Belisama - Crew Rotations Belisama - Anomaly Solutions Belisama - BE-2 Landing And
  6. No complaints here! I just wanted to make sure what I was seeing was normal, and based on what I am reading in your response, everything is working as intended. I should have been more thorough in my testing before starting a critical mission around the part.
  7. Destination Taranis: A Daring Journey An Oracle Probe completes its departure burn to Sirona. Welcome to a GEPEG supersize post. Don't worry, the title text is not a tease. There is an entire Taranis mission in here. There's just a lot of missions heading to Sirona as well. In between all of this is some more crew work at Belisama. So strap in and lets go. First Stop, Belisama Next stop, Assembly in Low Nodens Orbit Sirona Departures and Arrivals And Finally, the Taranis Flyby
  8. I don't normally like night shots, but this came out really well. Happened while prepping for a rover expedition beginning the next day.
  9. To quote Glenn Frey: "The heat is on" Alternatively, a more alarming response may be: "Complete core meltdown initiated. If you can hear this message, you are too close to the core."
  10. In terms of additional attached modules, no. I neglected to include docking ports on the base, so expansion that way can't happen (snacks resupply will have to be done via claw, didn't think of that...). I could see a science hopper being landed for one of the later expeditions so transportation to the temperate latitudes is not a multi-day drive. A fuel depot will be landed nearby, but out of physics distance from the base. Haven't solidified all the components, but I'm thinking there will be a few holding tanks, a mobile miner/refiner, and a mobile tanker for refueling. Technically
  11. OP has also been updated with a few fun tidbits for those who are interested: 1.8.1 modlist, crew rosters, destinations. Apologies to mobile users for the tables, but at least they can be collapsed into their spoilers.
  12. Destination Belisama: Exploration Closer to Home A habitat awaits crew on the surface of Belisama. Hoo boy, has it really been a month since I last played? Online classes apparently get real hectic in the last third of the quarter. Anyways, while we wait for transfer windows to Sirona, it made sense to get all the Kerbals to a baseline level of space experience. Belisama surface operations allow for that to happen and to test some hardware for future missions. But before even that happens, lets return to our last interplanetary craft, Coyote And onto the
  13. I have a habit of building rovers with space for two kerbals, while sending three on a mission. Not a problem when doing a science excursion, but when the science rover also doubles as a crew taxi, moving all the crew at once gets...difficult... This fellow must have been a firefighter before signing on with the KSC. He held on just fine for the 10 km drive between the Phoenix Lander and the Belisama Habitat.
  14. Destination Sirona: Vacuuming the Vacuum Precedence-Sirona shortly after entering Brovo's orbit for an extended science mission And we're back, in all the glory of 1.8.1. Looks like everything in the save transferred correctly, and there are a few new toys to play with as well. While the picture above is an older mission, today will be focused on a newer one. Introducing: the Orca Crew Return Transfer Vehicle. And that's where we will leave it today.
  15. Started experimenting with Hydrogen collection and condensing as a way to refuel interplanetary craft.
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