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  1. If you want more precise control (and have MechJeb installed) you can use Smart ASS in SVEL- mode, turn everything except roll control off and then control the roll angle in the MechJeb window.
  2. Incorrect! TUBM has less than 2300 rep
  3. my first 'legitimately' assembled modular station (second image is newer, the Tantares module was deorbited)
  4. I'm actually pretty happy that they are able to push back the release of the game this far. In my opinion this is also another big argument against the big publisher = bad argument. If Take Two actually were as bad as they are often depicted to be, we would almost certainly already seen the game released, or it would at the very least not have been pushed back again.
  5. There seem to be other active ones though. They always give you contracts to rescue kerbals that they have for some reason have left in orbit with no means to come back. So kerbals of the Kerbal Space Program are lucky because they sometimes actually get back home.
  6. Actually I don't think, that there would have to be a seperate mode for this. You could just agree to a destination and when you got there you can just show them your ingame time to them and determine the fastest player that way.
  7. Start building an orbital colony, abandon it halfway through and spend the rest of the day in the VAB building rockets that i'm never gonna fly. Maybe i'll just skip the first part.
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