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  1. is there a tantares dev version? i wanna try the venera probe. also there will be a version of venera 7 that is diferent? venera 7: venera 9 (and all the rest of veneras except 16 & 15)
  2. when i tried to load ksp it stuck in a part (i dont remember). PD: ifound the resolution,thk anyway
  3. @BealeGood the Venera 7, i am working on the translate, I have done some parts description in the tantares SP mod.
  4. @Beale I am creating my own mod of some soviet parts,ur i wanna to put your mod in my page so they can complement the parts. I wanetd to do some soviet rovers and a version of the soyuz,but with a kerbalized style.I will say that is your mod and all the credits go to you.
  5. the bdb is ok in the 1.9 it doesn´t bug and is very light,it takes very short time to load craft to launchapad!
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