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  1. Why does this always happen! (maybe because Val couldn't see anything... (literally just realized i forgot to jettison the window cover!))
  2. sorry, this is probably unimportant, but the "Prometheus-IIIB 1.875m Adapter Interstage" is labeled as being for the Prometheus 23B and 33B variants, whereas it should be for the 23B and 24B variants. The "Prometheus-IIIB-FB 1.875m Adapter Faring Base" does have the correct description.
  3. to be honest im just gonna run 1.9.1 till restock/any other mods that are broken are patched this is fine.
  4. It's a Saturn IB, I guess. Apologies for the Hydrolox plume, the RealPlume plume for the restock skipper just happens to be like that. Craft file here.
  5. The Saturn IC from Eyes Turned Skyward is a prime example of this.
  6. to be honest, my first orbital rendezvous and docking was purely accidental. I was doing a test flight of my Ares I replica, and found i was slowly caching up to my space station. with an absolutely TERRIBLE deceleration burn i was able to dock, and all was good.
  7. Now, where did i put that Saturn IB?
  8. Amazing! Stupid question, but what's supposed to go in the centre?
  9. My kerbin station, currently a WIP. It's in a ~100km orbit and is going to get quite a bit larger with a new main truss being launched SoonTM.
  10. I'm no mod admin either, but I'm pretty sure that the latest official release only compatible with 1.8.x, and so incompatible with 1.9.x. the GitHub Dev branch is though, but it can be buggy and some of the stuff there is very* in development. *not all of it though.