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  1. That's another feature to work on then. Anyway thanks for helping!
  2. Thanks for testing it! LGHub is only needed when using a logitech keyboard. Could you try with ckb-next on? Also does ckb-next have an sdk option anywhere?
  3. Possibly yes, although I'm not sure if this mod will work on linux. Could you install and see if the lighting on your keyboard changes?
  4. This is the official development thread for KeyShine. This thread will only serve the purpose of discussing current progress and suggestions, all official releases will only be on release thread linked above. Currently looking for testers with a Corsair keyboard Suggestions are also welcome, this mod is driven by what you want! This work is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation -
  5. I have continued work on KeyShine to add corsair compatibility. Would someone following this thread with a corsair keyboard like to test it? I don't have a corsair keyboard
  6. Version 1.4.1 Released! Small structure change in archive NOTE: No new features, if you have V1.4 you do not need to update
  7. All suggestions are welcome!
  8. It's only Logitech now but I will try get more keyboards added. I only recently forked it to revive this mod so stay tuned
  9. It controls the rgb on your keyboard to react with what's happening ingame
  10. Version 1.4 Released! - Rebrand to Keyshine - Throttle keys change colour depending on throttle
  11. Interesting, I'll have to add that to the instructions Thanks for the tip! I have a profile like that as well so it must be needed.
  12. Thanks! Will fix it ASAP.
  13. This fully works with the G513.
  14. This addon is a fork of Battlemooses' which hasn't been changed since KSP 1.5 and none of the other contributors are active on it AFAIK. I wanted to bring it back and update it further. The download is available on Cursforge here - The source code is available on Github here - There is now also a dev thread which I will be using to discuss progress and suggestions Feel free to report issues, suggest features or contribute yourself! This work is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation - Changelog : (v1.4.1 26/02/20) Structure change: changed structure of archive to simplify installation (v1.4 25/2/20) Rebrand to KeyShine: Rebrand! Throttle keys change colour with throttle (v1.3 20/2/20) Revival: Splashdown animation warnings for low resource on gauges
  15. I'm trying to recompile an old mod so I can update and customise it (KSPlogiRGB). I've downloaded it, opened it in VS2019 and added all the assembly references but there are still errors in the error list: The name 'KSPAddon' does not exist in the current context The type or namespace name 'KSP' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or assembly reference?) Although those errors show in the list there are no actual errors in the code (no red lines) and I don't know what to do now. Edit : I figured out what's wrong but I don't want to delete in case anyone else has the same issues. Make sure your project is using the correct .Net Framework version (Project > Properties > Application - for Visual Studio Users). For KSP 1.9 you must use .Net Framework 4.5