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  1. I feel it'd actually give addition to the colonialisation aspect of the game; It would give another incentive to form a colony in the first place if you can explore inside the ships you've build, possibly doing internal interactive experimentations. Would add some immersion and make a very interesting multiplayer experience as well. That being said, i wonder if it will be compatible with however colonies might be planed to work in the first place.
  2. Mooo My parallax installation is making these weird yellow rectangles, I think the kraken is sending me a message
  3. Dropbox file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vjg41tv2ayxop15/Player.log?dl=0 I think it should work.
  4. Erm, here is my log download if it helps. I am new to troubleshooting mods and navigating kerbal files so sorry if I do anything dumb: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vjg41tv2ayxop15/Player.log?dl=0
  5. Thanks so much! Should I copy and paste the log file, or... is there another way?
  6. I don't have too much experience navigating KSP files outside of mods, nor experience in using the forums, so sorry for dumb questions like these, but where is the log file specifically and how should I send it?
  7. I got this error. I swear, b9 worked well before, along with all the other mods which I install with ckan usually. Now I am getting weird bugs for ckan and manual installment, including with this mod.
  8. Crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap It's be working perfectly fine before along with other mods, I installed KSP interstellar extended and then it started acting out weirdly. Keep in mind that KSPIE has worked well before with this mod, and I installed it both on ckan and manually and none worked this time. I also got a different type of error on ckan, I'll see if I can screenshot that aswell. Thanks for any sort of help!
  9. I agree on the visual improvement part. Keeping the kerbal universe interesting and immersive will keep people wanting to walk around and check the place out. If planets had better and more unique terrain and modes of traversal, I think the game would boost in need for exploration. The planets also can't be uniform through out or the player will get bored quickly and as you said they would've "seen it all now". If the planets have many hotspots with different features scattered about that would probably numb the effect of boredom in already seeing it.
  10. In my opinion, I feel for this to reach full potential the awe of exploration and discovery as a whole will come hand in hand with colonization. The progression would probably take a toll in parts as you said, but also traveling to other planets, and finding new spots in the new systems. Though KSP 2 isn't just some DLC to KSP, It will probably keep the same core elements, but in a newer fashion or with a twist, though I can't be sure.
  11. for some reason this makes me think of Russia
  12. So, I was kind of pondering on the insane potential we have now for colonies. Can we use colony parts with vessel parts? Will there be an inside to colonies one day? (please be yes). What special tasks and and set ups can we do and acquire in a colony? What will the kerbal have to do manually? What can you do with the colony? Would it be wise to add a sort of control system to the colony similar to how you control ships, or will it just be like a new ksc? If this has it's seperate active channel then I'm sorry for this. This sounds like a very interesting topic that would be cool if the community shares their thoughts and if devs peeked in although probably with little information.
  13. To be honest, I agree. Either aspect let it be modular or procedural would be great, each one depending on one's perspective greater than the other, but no need to get up set if the final version isn't up. The game will still be fun and worth buying, and your feature will probably be modded in.
  14. Be honest Lewie, we'll want them at some point.
  15. I made another forum for this, but I want some of the devs to see it: My favorite comments from this video: "Honestly the cut away view is my favorite. That needs to be an independent thing in the full version. So while in ship view you can click a button and it will give you a dynamic cut away so you can rotate around your ship and see everything in it and how its connected." "i imagine.... making experiments, opening shelves, using and moving items, seating in seats, repairing things and items...." "This is brilliant. I really hope that this mod moves further! Imagine controlling a Kerbal around the station and do science! So Cool!" Just imagine how much more immersive the game would be if you, the player, could get up and move around the ship with ease, doors opening, active experimentation, and challenge. Co-op teamwork on different experiments or setting out to repair the ship. Seeing the game as an actual astronaut would, kerbal to planet. That would be beautiful. I'd even be glad if this was re-modded in KSP2, though it wouldn't be coded officially. The enhanced IVA mod seems so much like it belongs in the game.
  16. I REALLY Disagree with this, not to be disrespectful. If KSP 2 was simply a new update, why buy it as a whole new game? Why not just update the already bought game for us like squad is already doing? KSP 2 isn't just some simple revamp of the game being sold for $80. KSP 2 is supposed to be worth the money, being an entirely different game in the aspect of mechanics and creation. It is supposed to take out all the flaws of the first game, while leaving new wonders in the second. I never cared for monoliths, or such. But what I would like, is a way to not get lost while on the surface (a zoom-able map?) and some reason to explore around in the first place and see the actual beauty of the planet. Like one of those games that make you go, "hey what's this?" and you go on to figure it out. Maybe some survival aspect on those other planets. To be honest, all of the planets seem pretty barren. I hope at the very least this is fixed in mods, but I would enjoy fauna and flora on some of the planets like laythe, or some odd planets like floating behemoths in gas giants. Of course, I still want some fundamental reasons for exploration that the team thinks up for themselves.
  17. They should finally put life on laythe
  18. Speaking of trees... I wonder where all the other life on Kerbin is. I mean, it seems to only be kerbals, grass and trees? We do hear bird noises. Perhaps in the sequel we will have access to discovering life forms within and outside of kerbin? I'd think of experiments and science gains.
  19. When shall we be able to design suits for specific missions like we design rockets for specific missions and it actual matters how you make it?
  20. If anything like KSP 1, I'll launch another "Flea" solid booster rocket. That's how we all start a new update, right? looks to side at cheats
  21. I'm not sure if this was said already, but I don't plan to read 38 pages of responses. Here we go: Why do we, not as kerbals, but as humans go to other celestial bodies? What motivates us to board mankind on a dangerous fire-breathing bomb, threatening to explode or be trapped in the void of space with one wrong maneuver. Well, it started with looking around, and then seeing strange lights in the sky. Everyone had questions, so they made placeholder stories, and ultimately wanted answers. So they went up there and looked for answers, discovering new things along the way, realizing how wrong they were, how close they were, how little they were, until they took a good look, seeing through the eyes of a space probe, and realizing how right they could be, how ready they can be, how big they can be. In other words, they explored. They took a risk, and a relatively big one for that matter, and step out the comfort zone just for a question. In Kerbal Space Program, What drives a player to the game isn't just failure. If you end at that, you closely see something drives the failure. It is the curiosity, and the perseverance and stubbornness along with it, that urges us to explore new planets that we yearn for. Sure, we can dream of settling on another world, but what's the point of that if we can't explore it, only sitting blindly with a portrait up front. KSP 1 does this to an extent, yet it really feels like "land on planet, go back home, repeat", and less of a good look at a literal beautiful new world that has the potential to blur the line of virtual beauty and beauty of reality. I just hope KSP 2 has some means of acquiring different engaging ways to get players exploring, without it just being ore grinds.
  22. I got 4 words. Spacewalk tether, Inner vehicle movement and experiments. ...Wait. That's 6.
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