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  1. Small thing, but I find it sorta odd that when the engine bell is glowing red from heat, the connector struts between the bell and exhaust remain completely 'cold' as it were.
  2. Isn't that just sandbox mode with extra steps? Rather than having people put in a bunch of cheat codes, it'd be easier to just let them select sandbox mode when they start a new save.
  3. A mod I'd love to see, although ambitious, would be a megastructure one. I think O'Neill cylinders and Dyson swarms would be quite fitting considering KSP 2's colonization system and far future tech.
  4. Again, I'd argue that you're missing the point. Sure, I could go and play Planetary Annihilation if I wanted a solar system wide PVP strategy game and yes, it would be better than any recreation in KSP. The thing is I don't want play Planetary Annihilation; creating that experience in KSP is the whole point and I don't want to get a better experience elsewhere. Some of the most fun I've ever had playing KSP was doing things that were completely impractical and borderline dysfunctional with the use of mods, trying to push the game as close to the limit as possible. As an example my crowning achievement was figuring out how to make a semi-functional floating colony in Jool's atmosphere. As for time warp, I feel like this point is overblown. We don't even know how the system works yet, and even then work-arounds are possible. For example, a group of friends might decide that they will time warp in 1 month chunks to represent a turn in their space race competition. Maybe a server that lets you design fighter jets and dogfight has just disabled time warping entirely. Perhaps someone just decides to overhaul the time warp system to their own preferences through modding.
  5. I think that sort of misses the point on why warfare mod(s) for KSP 2 are an attractive idea. Sure, Children of a Dead Earth lets me simulate fleet battles down to the composition of the armour on my ships and the ratios of fissile material in my nuclear warheads. However, what if I want to interact with the planet I'm orbiting? In KSP 2, I could decide that I want to use my fleet to bombard a surface colony from orbit. Then, I might decide that I want to use a landing craft to drop in and deploy tanks so I can seize the colony. It might also be possible that this is taking place in a multiplayer game with a few friends, and one of my friend deploys his tanks to defend the colony. After winning the battle, I then use the colony to produce resources and ships to help in the solar system sized (or interstellar!) war against my friends. Basically, I'd argue it's a trade of detail and quality for scope, and KSP 2 promises a very, very large scope.
  6. 'Ello! I've been attempting to use this mod to build a working space elevator to some success as seen here: The problem however is that launch clamps, which are used to secure the elevator to the ground 'flop' or let go entirely of any welded object when a kerbal uses a ladder within load range (weird I know.) Its the only thing that's stopped me from building a (practical) working space elevator and to be honest I'm stumped. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated! Using version 1.7.3 (1.4.2 version of UbioZur.) Parts welded are from KSP interstellar.
  7. In light of the new KSP 2 development update video I'd like to make a request for the consideration of whomever may be porting BDa to KSP 2. Please, consider revamping how BDa calculates targeting in KSP 2. From what I understand, BDa relies on a surface based method to calculate targeting. This works fine for the most part, but, it makes space to space targeting impossible. Two ships shooting each other in space cannot correctly target each other with this flaw. I have suffer no illusions, this a big ask. But with the implementation of orbital construction and planetary bases, it would be amazing to see space combat function correctly in KSP 2. Thanks for reading I guess. Have a good one!
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