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  1. The thing that excites me the most is the good performance interstellar will potentially bring. A giant 500+ part colony ship at 60 fps.
  2. As one of the privileged few to actually exceed the recommended specs I'm hoping to give KSP 2 a good stress test. I'm really curious to see how it'll handle high part counts. Maybe it'll choke at 50, maybe I'll even hit 1000 before it starts to struggle.
  3. This is true. Iirc KSP 1 has all planets and moons loaded to some extent, even if you're nowhere near them. Then again, this is a game focused on interstellar; it wouldn't be unreasonable to expect some sort of optimization that makes lots of stars possible right? New star systems also seem like an obvious thing for the devs to add in updates and/or dlc down the road.
  4. Considering that the distances involved are so ungodly large the game would probably break, I highly doubt we'll see anything of the sort. What we will probably see however is lots and lots of star packs to fill out interstellar space - a few years down the line we might even have some 100 stars modded into the game!
  5. Yeah I was think more along those lines. A mothership with attached landers and such.
  6. Y'know, I think SZ forgot to mention the biggest problem with KSP 1 in his video; performance. I'd argue the reason people don't go interplanetary is mainly due to the fact that in order to do so you have to build a 100 - 200 part ship which guarantees bad FPS, even on decent computers; the bugs are just icing on the cake. Take me for example, I've been playing KSP since 2012 and the farthest I've ever gone is a one way trip to Duna, right about the time my career games really start to chug.
  7. To be fair, the idea that it's intentional is bit of an assumption.
  8. I beg to differ. The launch is not when the game is considered to be in a 1.0 state but when the game is first released to the public. The official 1.0 "launch" is just ceremony if the game has already been publicly avaliable prior.
  9. I think the argument that the marketing effort seems a bit lackluster has merit. Sure, they're not paying for 50 ads on YouTube or the like and to be fair, they shouldn't be either. The thing is the marketing effort aimed at us diehard fans isn't that great either. We get about four screenshots and a ten second TikTok video a week. Its really not that much to go on, especially with launch rapidly approaching. And a quick aside on launch, yes it might be Early Access but don't be fooled, its the launch. The later 1.0 launch is just a formality.
  10. If I'm reading this right, this means scatter and sunrise/sunset lighting are interlinked. This is consistent with the stream; there was no coloured lighting at sunrise/sunset.
  11. If so, they're a bit over a month from launch and what is presumably a high end PC has to run the game at low settings. That's somewhat concerning.
  12. Y'know, you might be onto something there. If you skip to 5:20 in the new feature video you can see a binary pulsar and star.
  13. I actually have the suspicion that every week or so they'll reveal a bit more
  14. To expand on this, I've seen this idea of KSP 2 just being a modded KSP 1 thrown around far too much. You can technically do everything KSP 2 promises in a heavily modded KSP 1 game. The problem is as soon as you leave the realm of technicality and enter reality, you find out very quickly that KSP 1 is a game held together by duct tape and string. Take for example a Mun colony; you'll at best get 15 FPS, the 5 mods required to make it work turns the resource system into an opaque mess, and there's a 50/50 chance the colony will phase through the ground when you load it. The further out and more complicated things get, the worse it gets. By the time you go interstellar you're looking at single digit frame numbers.
  15. I get the impression that its the most important part of the message. Does anyone have ideas on what it might mean?
  16. Now that I've watched it, that audio is simply stunning! I'm curious as to how it will all work together. From the video it seems the audio is relatively static when watching your rocket up close; would stuff like crackle become more apparent when you zoom out/change camera orientation? It'll also be neat to see how the VAB sounds are implemented.
  17. Speaking of year long burns, will we be able to turn the engine on and then switch to a different vessel? It'd be bit of a pain if I had to waste a whole year in time warp when I could be launching other missions or managing my colonies in the mean time.
  18. I'm not arguing that things should be implemented regardless of how they clash/compliment each other. In the aforementioned case of the EVE clouds, they're gorgeous by themselves in a vacuum, clashing aside. You're right, the style is a lot more unified and that's a good thing. The problem, I'd argue, is that the clouds are too cartoony and that they've become too stylized, not that they should be ultra realistic.
  19. I've seen this answer a lot and to be completely honest, I think it's rubbish. The new EVE clouds are simply gorgeous, whether or not they clash with the rest of the game aside. The KSP 2 Kerbin clouds on the other hand look distractingly cartoony, with the samey little cloud blobs dotted over the whole planet - I'd argue they clash more than the new EVE clouds do in KSP 1. As Stephensan suggested, if they added varied, large cloud formations with a bit of verticality as shown in the new EVE clouds, then it would look great.
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