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  1. Is there a way to disable the KCT part of this?
  2. it could make landing with engines firing more interesting, if dust and debris was kicked up obscuring your view maybe have it as a difficulty setting??
  3. I for one really really hope that KSP2 does ruin KSP1. If it does that, it means they got it right.
  4. I like this, but would add that maybe we can automate them after having have done them manually? That way we'd have to build the vessel, and how efficiently we manage to complete the contract would decide how much income we would get from this type of contract. Later, if we've unlocked better engines, we could manually complete another of this type of contract to improve the return. This type of thing could be used for all repeatable contracts. This is getting close to the approach used by a mod or two currently. LGG looks after them - Kerbal Space Transport System, and Routine Mission Manager.
  5. Just in case you don't know, you can replace the music in KSP1 using this mod. I would imagine KSP2 would be the same / similar.
  6. Given the absolute horror show that is the stock alarm clock, I hope they don't put any mods into the stock game. Leave it to people who can do it properly.
  7. I just hope it's a proper show and tell rather than a developer diary. Something on how to build stuff the VAB or SPH, and how it'll be easier to make more custom designs. basically will we be able to build stuff like the ships in this post I made a while ago?)
  8. I really don't like the new alarm clock. If you're going to copy a mod, copy it. Don't produce a cheap copy that's missing some of the features, and just isn't as good. It may well be me, and that I just haven't found out how to set it up properly or use it properly. If that's the case, I apologise. But - 1. why isn't it showing all the time? Or at least, have the option of having it showing all the time. 2. why isn't it saving the alarm settings? Every time I set an alarm, I have to change the options to make it pause the game. 3. why isn't it suggesting the type of alarm you want to set? It seems to think I only ever want to set manual time alarm. KAC used to guess which type of alarm I wanted to set, and it was right 95% of the time. All 3 of those things were there in Kerbal Alarm Clock. So why aren't they there in this stock alarm clock?
  9. I'm in the UK, and normally the new announcements and stuff tend to get posted around 4 or 5pm, end of our working day. So I'd guess it'll be around that time. Which, just for clarity, is about 5.5 or 6.5hours from now. But that is a total guess.
  10. Nothing really constructive to say, but the look of this mod is amazing. Those graphics at the bottom of the right hand panel are beautiful. If you have high res versions, they'd make brilliant prints / posters.
  11. That's certainly a few things I'll keep in mind, and to be honest something I hadn't fully considered. It's also why I tried to stay away from the permanent renaming that you mentioned. I assumed, if I'm playing around with the instance of the Kerbal, anything I did wouldn't be permanent? So it's unlikely to break my game (or at least, not break it permanently). I hope I've understood your points, and that my assumption is correct. I haven't looked into the Try Except stuff yet, but I will. As for submitting it to the mod author, I don't think I will. As I said, I'm still very new to this, and to be honest, I'm curious to see how they do it, so I can compare it to how I did it. I know that's a bit selfish, and that I'm making them do work they (possibly) don't have to. I'm hoping that I can pay it back in the future if I manage to get a decent understanding of it all, either by managing to make a mod all by myself, or by actually being able to help other mod authors out with issues or requests.
  12. Ok, I think I understand that. I could rename them all permanently. Well, I'm saying I could. What I mean is, that would be something I could fumble around with, that would solve the problem. But I'm worried that may break other things. Still it's something I'll keep in mind. Now, I have a confession to make. I jumped into this without a lot (any) experience with C# programming, and to be 100% honest, any experience I did have with programming was a long time ago. Like, decades. So, I didn't do the basics. I had no logging going on. So, I fixed that. I spammed the log like crazy. What I found out was that the code was trying to run, but it was hitting errors, and stopping. Just in case you're the curious type, the errors were this - and this - Which meant it wasn't failing to run, as I'd thought, it was just having problems. So yeah, I apologise for not actually knowing what the problem was, so not being able to ask the right question, and so wasting your time. Sorry. After finding this out, I decided to try and bring the learning experience to an end as quickly as possible. Rather than trying to learn how to fix the error, I decided to learn how to handle the error. Just accept it, and move on. So, after adding a try and catch to the code, it's now 90% working. It modifies the names in all circumstances, except one. If no Kerbals are assigned to the ship, it doesn't work. But as soon as one Kerbal is assigned, it's fine. I can live with that. For now. But this has been fun. Frustrating. But fun. How you guys go about creating stuff from scratch amazes me. All I wanted to so was slightly modify an existing mod, and it nearly ruined me
  13. I think I've done it. It's the first time I've raised an issue on Github, so if I've ballsed it up, please let me know
  14. Still stuck on this. I can get the names changed when the crew panel is first opened, then if I change anything, they revert to normal. But, if I then fill the available seats (or use the 'Fill' button), the names change back to how I want them. If I move a Kerbal out of a seat, they go back to the original names. Any advice?
  15. Hmmm, so I was a bit premature. The names are adjusted when the crew selection panel opens, but if I move them Kerbals around, the names revert to the normal versions
  16. Ok, I just worked around it by dropping the 'Kerman' from the Kerbal names. Looks good now
  17. So, you know how one thing leads to another.... I've got the stuff appearing in the crew selection screen, BUT - depending on the values, it doesn't always fit. Is there a way I can make the panel wider so there's more room for the text?
  18. The mod Earn Your Stripes tracks how long each Kerbal has been in space, how many flights they've done etc, and it displays this (or at least part of this) information on the crew list in the Astronaut Complex screen - I think I can see in the source code for the mod, that it does this by looking for the 'onGUIAstronautComplexSpawn' event, then it adds the info to the Kerbal names. I've asked in the mod thread if this info could also be added to the crew selection screens in the SPH + VAB, but I also thought it'd be a good leaning experience if I gave it a go myself. So, I was hoping you could help me by suggesting what I should be using to trigger the code when the crew selection panel is opened? Is there an equivalent to the 'onGUIAstronautComplexSpawn' event?
  19. Would it be possible to add these details to the crew selection screens in the VAB and SPH? It'd be handy to see them when selecting crew for a mission.
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