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  1. That's brilliant, especially copying the text and creating the vehicle
  2. The sound is fantastic. I know it's been said before, but still. It deserves to be said over and over imo. It's excellent. Other things I like - the countdown for manovoures. Makes it a bit easier to get the timing right. the speed of the scene changes. this has improved massively compared to KSP1. the in flight UI layout. I like how everything is positioned. it just seems to make more sense. the launch sequence is nice. the video intro when you start the game the first time is brilliant.
  3. I built a rocketship, and I took it to Mun. I landed, had a look around, stranded one of the Kerbals there, and came back to Kerbin.
  4. I've discovered that I couldn't reboard a vessel more than once? I EVA'd, had a scoot around, reboarded. Then I took another Kerbal out on EVA, and when I went to get them back into the ship, it just wouldn't do it? I got to the door, the prompt came up onscreen (press B to baord), but no matter how many times I pressed B (or how hard ) they just wouldn't get into the ship.
  5. I'm sure I remember a post about how to report bugs, but I can't find it now Anyway, I got into orbit of Mun, and I must have been on the edge of a boundry, because I kept getting messages about the camera flicking between different views - it was like that for aaaaaaaaaaages.
  6. I feel like I might be giving you some dodgy advice here, as I've never actually done it myself, but... Looking at some other contracts which involve visiting a specific place, you need to generate the waypoint, which it looks like you have. Then, you need a parameter in the contract that states you need to visit that waypoint. Something like -
  7. Buying it?!? I've entered three giveaways, I'm almost certain to be getting a copy for free!
  8. I'm excited about building some cool looking ships
  9. D'oh! of course, I forgot about his timeline thing! Thanks for the reminder
  10. Agree 100%. One of the things I'm really looking forward to is hearing the music. I still think they could release the soundtrack as an album This is the one. This gives me goosebumps. When those drums come in (I hope I've linked that correctly!
  11. Well, I'm pleasantly surprised. I hope we have some more stuff coming out during the week, otherwise Friday is going to seem like a loooooooong way away
  12. Right, I've got a fake meeting booked in Outlook, that should also update my Teams status, so hopefully I can watch at 2pm. Just need to cross my fingers that nothing goes wrong work-wise that needs me
  13. Would be shooting himself in the foot tbh, I suspect people would be genuinly disappointed and unsubscribe if it was just a troll?
  14. If you don't care about the release date, wait for the actual release? They've said they'll be optimising, so just don't get the EA version?
  15. A bit off topic, but why can't they use one of the benchmarking programs / sites, and say "your CPU needs a score of XXXX, your GPU needs a score of YYYY....." rather than using model names and numbers? I like to think of myself as fairly computer literate, but the model names and numbers leave me baffled sometimes, even within a manufacturer, let alone when comparing Nvidia with Radeon.
  16. My graphics card is ok, I think - GeForce RTX 3060 12GB. I don't think my CPU is - AMD FX-8350 4 GHz 8-Core. My RAM is ok in terms of the amount, but it's old - DDR3-1600, so I'm not sure really? But, I'll play it and see.
  17. I hope the content creator embargo is lifted on Monday, but not all at once. Ideally they'd have done some sort of random draw, and have people releasing their videos throughout the week. Some on Monday, some Tuesday, some Wednesday, and some Thursday. Then on Friday we get the game. They could even make it the same game? Content creator one shows off the VAB, and actually building the ship. Content creator 2 gets to launch the ship into Kerbin orbit, content creator 3 gets to take it to Mun and get into orbit, content creator 4 gets to land and have a little EVA..... Bit late to be suggesting it now, I know If I compare it to the other game I play a lot of, Football Manager, content creators were given early access, and they all released the videos at the same time. I think they were asked to try and talk about different areas of the game, but I'm not sure. But having them all releasing the videos at the same time was a bit much? You had a load of new content, all at once, and then nothing until the game released. I think a drip feed type approach is better?
  18. I'm going to embrace my inner Kerbal, and just try it with what I've got, see what happens
  19. [snip] Better start saving up.
  20. Yeah, I'm hoping that doesn't turn out to be the actual minimum. I'll be playing on the absolute minimum settings by the looks, and even then I'll be struggling.
  21. "We want a realistic looking game with proper shadows and clouds and scatter and reflections!!" "OMG how can the minumum spec for the game be so high, this is crazy!!"
  22. Same, the 'pixel' version looks much better, imo.
  23. It looked like this originally - I'm more and more convinced that the 'high res' version is just someone replacing the original stuff in Paint or something. It's not an alternate UI, it a really bad 'touch up' job.
  24. The differences here are not pixellation, imo. The text for 'GO' is an entirely different font. The numbers are different (look at the zeros)...
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