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  1. @SpeacXPersonally, I haven't tried it with RSS. I would give it a try and see what happens! One issue you may run into is that the atmospheric boundary in RSS is higher than in stock KSP. The MPAS data KWP uses is valid up to 70 km ASL. So, if your altitude is above 70-km ASL (and your in the atmosphere) KWP will retrieve weather/climate data from the highest model level (i.e. 70-km). That is there would be no vertical changes in weather/climate data above 70-km. Oddly enough KWP's atmosphere is more similar to Earth's than stock KSP since the scale height in MPAS simulations matc
  2. @ItsJustLuci So precipitation information is included with the mod, and is available to fellow modders via the API. In space, KWP provides information on precipitation rate. That said, there are no visual effects added by this mod. Rain, snow, etc. won't affect your launches. Precipitation, cloud cover, and visibility are provided via the KWP API mainly so that other modders could utilize the data to design visual effects or incorporate it into their mods.
  3. @loki130 So you can run a numerical weather model on your laptop. I've run the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model from my own laptop in the past. However, doing so comes with significant limitations. The main constraint is memory. Memory constraints severely constrain your domain size and model resolution. Swapping out terrain is challenging because it involves not just changing the terrain but a slew of other variables such as land use, vegetation type, green fraction, etc. Alternatively, its feasible to run simpler models on a laptop. For example, a simple two-layer quasi-ge
  4. @ss8913 Thanks for posting. I caught this issue myself last weekend and just now had time to fix it. This problem with the wind GUI has been resolved in the latest update for KWP (version 1.0.4)
  5. @FleshJeb Thanks! That's an excellent point you make regarding CO2 concentrations. Looking through the MPAS code it appears that the shortwave and longwave radiation schemes use CO2 concentration values from 2005, citing the 2007 IPCC report. In the code the CO2 concentration is set to 379 ppm. Unlike CO2, Ozone (O3 ) is provided from the GFS initialization data, which was retrieved for the year 2017. Since the O3 concentrations in the MPAS Kerbin simulation are derived from Earth data there is actually a minimum in ozone concentration over the southern polar region of Kerbin. Thi
  6. @harbingerdawn thanks for sharing your log. I've been unable to reproduce this issue with just Scatter and KWP (v. 1.0.3) installed. I haven't tested scatter and KWP with all of Nertea's mods yet. Do you have all of Nertea's mods installed or just the near future mods? Screenshot from KSP 1.11 running KWP 1.0.3 and Scatterer v0.0723 (Default Config + Sunflare)
  7. @Fixsme and @WarriorSabe it might be possible to simulate a Laythe like atmosphere using NASA's ROCKE-3D model which can be used for simulations of Titan's atmosphere. Alternatively, you could attempt to re-create conditions one might expect on Laythe by modifying MPAS orbital and planetary parameters until you end up with a climate congruent with the observed biomes. That said, somethings would be difficult to accurately simulate: like atmospheric tides which would be significant on a moon like Laythe! @Cochise Thanks for sharing the log file and mod list. It appears as if the path to the
  8. KWP has been updated to version 1.0.3. Performance Improvements: Removed repetitive/unnecessary OnGUI() calls. Modified WxUnityGui.FixedUpdate() so that data retrieval is only performed when the GUI is active (shown) Bug Fixes: Added SetDifficultyPreset methods eliminating startup errors in log file. Solved issue with OnGUI errors when selecting main UI buttons Fixed issue with FARAtmosphere delegates Modified ModularFlightIntegrator to ensure aero override is not called when FAR is installed. Corrected typo in file path for binary weather an
  9. KWP has been updated to version 1.0.2. What is new? Climate and Weather API for modders (see API documentation). Improved compatibility with FAR and other mods using Modular Flight Integrator KWP will now affect pressure and temperature when used with FAR. Fixed Issues: Performance improvements Fixed log spamming when leaving Kerbin SOI Resolved weather toggling issue when FAR is installed. Removed unnecessary calls to FI.BaseFIUpdateThermodynamics(). Deleted unused classes. Corrected calculation of
  10. @Maple Kerman I checked out Gaseous Giganticus (GG) and was able to extract the velocity fields. It appears that with the aid of python it should be possible to project a velocity field on a cubemap to an equirectangular grid. If this was accomplished such a velocity field could be incorporated into a mod like KWP that just focused on adding wind. While @WarriorSabe is correct that the velocity fields generated by GG are probably not realistic, they appear to match the visuals pretty well.
  11. @ballisticfox0 and @eberkain . I think it would be neat to get KWP to the point where it could read in files of a fixed format. If this could be accomplished creators could generate 3-D cliamatologies for their planet of choice which KWP could read and apply to the game's aerodynamic and thermodynamic models. Now, the hard part is actually making those climatologies for planets that aren't Earth like! I mentioned the ROCKE-3D model from NASA which a is an actual GCM used for exoplanet simulations. @Shawn Kerman like MPAS, ROCKE-3D is a fairly complex model and requires some knowledge of FORTRA
  12. @FreeThinkerThanks for the information. Getting a working, easily accessible API, is a goal for KWP. I imagine, precipitable water estimates in particular would be a good way of estimating the amount of beamed power making it through the atmosphere. In meteorology, we actually use the occultation of radio signals from GPS satellites to measure the temperature and moisture content of the air. @dkavolis I think that would work. KWP currently uses FARWind as an interface to FAR. When FAR is installed KWP does not register modular fight integrator allowing FAR to handle changes to KSP's a
  13. @linuxgurugamer there shouldn't be much impact on the CPU. Since the weather simulation is offline and pre-calculated the most complex calculations performed by KWP are trilinear and bilinear interpolation. I've performed some preliminary performance testing on my desktop PC with the following specs: CPU: Intel Core i5 7600K GPU: GeForce GTX 1060 6GB RAM: 16GB DDR4 Storage: Kingston 240 GB SSD For performance testing I setup a repeat scenario wherein I took the Aeris 3A up to 1 km ASL and set atmospheric autopilot to fly east at a fixed speed of 330 m/s.
  14. As a newbie, I didn't do my homework to ensure KerBalloons was no longer being maintained. That's completely my fault and I apologize for the duplicate mod release. I've updated my original post for KerBalloons, as well as all references to KerBalloons on KWP pages to point towards @linuxgurugamer update of KerBalloons. His work is a significant improvement over previous iterations of the mod and should be the go to release for users looking to add balloons to KSP. Also, thank you for pointing out the missing dependency! I've since added Click Through Blocker to the list of required mods
  15. @linuxgurugamer my sincere apologizes. I didn't do my homework to check to see if someone had taken up KerBalloons. I've since followed you so I won't miss future updates and make the same mistake again! By the way, I've updated my original post for KerBalloons to point towards this forum page. Your work is a significant improvement over previous iterations of the mod and should be the go to release for users looking to add balloons to KSP.
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