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  1. i agree with you they seem pretty generous but as of now all we can do is guess. They havent released any recommended specs yet. this is from steam
  2. happy to help https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/requirements/kerbal-space-program-2/19071 i would also recommend a SSD
  3. yes please lock the thread as the OP answered his own question
  4. if you have to ask "will my computer run it?" You have pretty much already answered your own question. Remember a laptop is like a disposable lighter. when it runs out you pull the drive and the ram and throw it away
  5. Hey there im glad you replied! So as a modder how would you advise the ksp2 devs to implement this feature in ksp2? Add another layer in unity? Id like your input on how to go about it
  6. This is a feature ive been pushing for as well and if my understanding of modding is correct, and the devs would be so kind, would be as simple as adding another layer in unity. (in ksp 1 your typical 3rd person view was on one layer and when you switched to IVA went to a second layer in unity. What i am proposing here is a 3rd layer where you have a switchable 1st AND 3rd person perspective which will require needing colliders on the props in iva in order to interact properly)This example is for KSP 1 (shown below) that never got any further prolly due to ksp 1 limitations. But is this what you are referring to? If so make your voice loud push for it bring attention to it and who knows.......maybe! I would love to be able to walk around inside of ship and interact with the props whether thats a science experiment, or environmental controls, or engineering tasks, or simply monitoring a screen....or a emergency life support situation, eating , sleeping, etc... at least have that layer there so the modders can tap into it and .....can you imagine the good mods that would come out based on that alone? It would give a whole new feel and aspect to the game. And dont let no dev or user tell you they dont want to implement it because in their opinion its to much work for a feature THEY dont think will be useful or seldom used cause that is BS!
  7. Yeah i reckon towards the end if they even dev multiplayer you looking at 2 years at least for multiplayer which imo is bs
  8. I guess we shall see. Perhaps raytracing could be a solution for positioning if need be but lower end video cards not happening. They wont know until they get hands on game and start tearing it apart
  9. Yeah thats fair enough i get it. But for me it’s multiplayer and after squad burned us with ksp 1 multiplayer ill believe it when i see it. The fact that its not part of the base game early release or not has me HIGHLY suspicious. Im betting the modders will have to do it for them. Maybe thats the plan who knows
  10. And as a person that helped with the first ksp 1 multiplayer mod i can tell you that NO the foundations DONT have to be in the game it relied mainly on a bugged single player positioning system and the modding UI. “Hacks” if you will. Ill put a dollar on it that the modders will have to save the day again
  11. NO MULTIPLAYER NO MONEY! Multiplayer should be released with the game and developed in parallel or its just hacks! Was lied to with KSP 1 not falling for it again! Look at the roadmap! Multiplayer coming way down the road. NOPE!!!! not doing it!
  12. Once we pass on and our consciousness is no longer bound to this universe's physics then we can leave the black hole our known universe is in then all answers will come .
  13. we all know these people at work that pretend to be your friend but are secretly talking to the boss behind your back! Thing is...... boss tells me everything lol. Dont be this guy smh! This song went through my head as the co-worker is talking to me
  14. when you just wanna mow the lawn and pop open a cold adult beverage and decide to carve a figure 8 in the middle of the yard with the mower...
  15. @Just Jimhey thats a good post! I like how you and the team is keeping the feel and spirit of the original ksp alive. Playing ksp 2 should feel like a continuation of a more advanced version of ksp and not a whole new game (which it is) but it will give it a more familiar feel. What you ate doing is very important to that “feel” thanks man i know trying to do that just for 600+ parts cant be easy trying to keep everything from becoming redundant and boring. Trying to keep it fresh and original. You got your work cut of for ya thats for sure. Thanks for all you do. You guys should do a thing here on forums and get some audience participation on the more known parts from ksp 1. Just a thought. Throw out a list and pick the best quirky and funny user made ones. But dont tell which were picked they will know when the game comes out
  16. I like this thread. And turning my KSP2 into a type of realistic flight sim has always appealed to me. Failures are indeed a part of that. It could be a structural failure, electrical, life support, or just making bad decisions . Either way i think all play a part in the real world so why not in KSP? I vote yes on all the above with the option of course to have the freedom to turn them off as well. Space is hard and i want that aspect or feel in my game as well. I would also like the ability to mod the 3d Kerbals model with modern day astronaut 3d models which we could not do in KSP1 (sorry kerbal lovers but thats just me. No hate please!)
  17. im going to test out the multiplayer and goto the mun, get a feel for the game, fire up blender, and then MOD THE HELL OUT OF IT!
  18. damn the rainbowing effect of the metal after heating is very realistic nice work
  19. @Vl3dsorry i wasn't trying to ignore you. I was just trying to stay on topic. Im trying not to derail the thread but at the same time it is the multiplayer "MEGATHREAD". i originally started a new topic or thread called " my thoughts on multiplayer" but the mods saw fit to just merge it in here so it could get lost with all the other crap. But i will answer your question.... The kind of multiplayer i want is ANY that i can share with a group of people. I would love most of all to be able share the same craft with a person or persons. A launch,the trip to orbit, on orbit coop because if we are going interstellar its going to take a group of people to construct something in orbit to achieve this. Some of these interstellar engine bells are 16m in Diameter. Just the engine alone. I prefer a coop of players working towards same goal to build that bad boy. Someone else asked me the same question you did a couple of weeks back. A more detailed overall answer to your question can be found here. There are sooooooo many things I want to do. I want to share the cockpit with someone. (Extra can be done with mods if need be just give us the API to write the mods for it. I want to traverse inside the ship. A enhanced IVA if you will. Sleep,eat,research, do experiments inside the ship...etc etc) My main thing is to share the experience of space flight with a friend or group from launch to landing and everything in between. 2 astronauts walked the moon didnt they with a third in orbit? Only thing that was ever singleplayer or solo in real life was orbiting the earth everything else in real life has been 2 or more people doing it. Am I right? So why wouldnt this game be the same? Who the hell goes into space alone (unless you are testing like alan shepard) much less a planet alone. Never heard of such nonsense. Why would we want to do it in the game? :shrug: Ive said it a thousand times i dont understand the debate over multiplayer vs single player...... If you want single player then play in offline mode. WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO COMPREHEND PEOPLE? (not directed at you personally VL3D) put a check in the GUI box and be happy........ I just dont get it. Why are we STILL debating this? EDIT: this guy even seems to get it
  20. Yes i get that but the problem is they are not saying or communicating anything. What makes people more angry? Being ignored or simply saying its in the works and posting a screenshot. I mean say something. Wheres the transparency?
  21. Ummm.... well it wasn't in the factory if it was already at the jobsite and working. But lets use your analogy. Lets say its at the factory still. The engineers (devs) know why its not working. Somebody knows and the problem is they are not telling. why?
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