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  1. @Vl3dsorry i wasn't trying to ignore you. I was just trying to stay on topic. Im trying not to derail the thread but at the same time it is the multiplayer "MEGATHREAD". i originally started a new topic or thread called " my thoughts on multiplayer" but the mods saw fit to just merge it in here so it could get lost with all the other crap. But i will answer your question.... The kind of multiplayer i want is ANY that i can share with a group of people. I would love most of all to be able share the same craft with a person or persons. A launch,the trip to orbit, on orbit coop because if we are going interstellar its going to take a group of people to construct something in orbit to achieve this. Some of these interstellar engine bells are 16m in Diameter. Just the engine alone. I prefer a coop of players working towards same goal to build that bad boy. Someone else asked me the same question you did a couple of weeks back. A more detailed overall answer to your question can be found here. There are sooooooo many things I want to do. I want to share the cockpit with someone. (Extra can be done with mods if need be just give us the API to write the mods for it. I want to traverse inside the ship. A enhanced IVA if you will. Sleep,eat,research, do experiments inside the ship...etc etc) My main thing is to share the experience of space flight with a friend or group from launch to landing and everything in between. 2 astronauts walked the moon didnt they with a third in orbit? Only thing that was ever singleplayer or solo in real life was orbiting the earth everything else in real life has been 2 or more people doing it. Am I right? So why wouldnt this game be the same? Who the hell goes into space alone (unless you are testing like alan shepard) much less a planet alone. Never heard of such nonsense. Why would we want to do it in the game? :shrug: Ive said it a thousand times i dont understand the debate over multiplayer vs single player...... If you want single player then play in offline mode. WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO COMPREHEND PEOPLE? (not directed at you personally VL3D) put a check in the GUI box and be happy........ I just dont get it. Why are we STILL debating this? EDIT: this guy even seems to get it
  2. Yes i get that but the problem is they are not saying or communicating anything. What makes people more angry? Being ignored or simply saying its in the works and posting a screenshot. I mean say something. Wheres the transparency?
  3. Ummm.... well it wasn't in the factory if it was already at the jobsite and working. But lets use your analogy. Lets say its at the factory still. The engineers (devs) know why its not working. Somebody knows and the problem is they are not telling. why?
  4. So i see posts all the time regarding multiplayer and I wonder why they wont talk about multiplayer or even comment on it. Well as a field mechanic for a rental company I will get a call to goto a jobsite, lets say a welding machine for an example. Ill pull up at the jobsite. Put on the ol' hard hat open the door get out and walk up to the equipment and begin to look it over. Ill check the basics. oil, engine coolant, belts, fuel level, and just give it a overall look over looking for anything obvious such as fluids on the ground, melted wires, etc....anything that will indicate a equipment failure. Now keep in mind I've only been at this machine maybe 2 mins and here comes the customer walking up...." So what did you find wrong with it?" "I got a crew on the clock that needs this machine how long is it going to take to fix it?" At this point im thinking to myself "Is this guy for real? I literally just pulled up to the machine haven't even diagnosed it to know what's wrong with it and this guy expects me to predict the future!" So I proceed to explain to the customer I cant answer his question because I just got here and haven't had a chance to diagnose the problem. I don't know if any parts will need to be ordered or if its something simple I can repair quickly...again I don't know what's wrong with it yet! The customer depending on his mood may make a comment like "Well, I thought you were a mechanic? If you cant fix it perhaps we just need to get another machine out here!" Keep in mind we are at about the 5-10 min mark since I pulled up most of that time was spent answering stupid questions that could of been spent actually trying to diagnose the equipment in order to get answers to those previous questions. So with all that being said lets apply this same scenario to KSP2 and multiplayer where the devs are the mechanic and we are the customer. So we ask the devs questions about multiplayer such as will it do x,y,z? Or will it have x,y,z? We get no answers on anything and I think I know why. For one they are still working on it and trying to diagnose issues. Until those issues are worked out or diagnosed with a solution the question is not answerable. In short THEY dont even know. And hell if i was a betting man i'm sure the thought is or was in the past considered if multiplayer is even doable at all. But I think we have some other issues as well. The devs (mechanic) is not communicating that with us (customer) leaving us guessing. Why? Just be honest and state the facts and situation. Its not that hard or complicated unless YOU made it that way at which point you better double-down and put that fire out or the problems are going to start stacking up. So did the devs bite off more than they can chew by announcing the multiplayer feature before the netcode was even devised? Thats like the mechanic telling the customer " ill have it fixed in a jiffy!" before he even knows whats wrong with it. He would in essence be BS'ing the customer correct? So now 3 hours have gone by (3 years for KSP2) and the customer, who is now angry realizing the mechanic BS'd him, wants to know what's the holdup. You told me it would be fixed in a "jiffy".........well? Then the mechanic just ignores him. How do you think that scenario ends? So this is where we are at now with KSP2 and multiplayer. No communication. Customer left guessing. Time delays. And we are still no closer to getting that machine running and dependable. Would a simple screenshot have gone a long way to appease the customer? "This is what I found wrong. This is what I need to do to get you up and running. And this is the approx time it will take to make that happen" Why is this concept so hard? A screenshot takes a whole....what? 30 secs to take it and shoot email off to the community manager or just post it yourself? For a mechanic to tell the customer " It will be ready when its ready!" Is the same as the devs telling us "KSP2 will have multiplayer" 3+ years prior and now with yet another delay. The word "transparency " its a term or mantra we seem to use alot these days. So.....where is it? Or do we just use it when it's convenient?
  5. Sorry but i can not do that! The absence of information regarding multiplayer in ksp2 is non existent other than “multiplayer is planned “ but then again they said same thing with ksp1 and it didnt happen AFTER i had already bought it
  6. I told ya it wasnt going to be released in 2022 didnt i? @Nate Simpsonhow about some news on multiplayer. Can you talk any about this? A screenshot a couple of words on it? Please give us a little reassurance that take two wont do what squad did and promise multiplayer then not deliver. Multiplayer will be a part of base game correct?
  7. agreed! luna and dark both did a hell of a job with what they had to work with (mainly the positioning system) With the new positioning system in KSP 2 I hope they are able to exceed what theGimp,GoDarkLight,Dagger were trying to achieve
  8. simple! To be able to share the experience of a rocket launch to space with another person, a landing on a planet, building a space station, and just generally being able to share in discoveries and exploration of our universe even if its fictional with near future BELIEVEABLE tech and with all the trials and tribulations of successes and failures that make us human. EDIT: Also as far as the accuracy of multiplayer everybody talking about how multiplayer would work. Man there is no way you can simulate in a game all the special relativity and time dilation and all that complicated stuff...i get that! It dont have to be perfect in those regards for one it cant be. And for those who cant get past that then choose "offline mode" but for those of us that CAN deal with it then we shall be allowed to do so. Why does everybody think in terms of no multiplayer versus multiplayer? Why cant there be both a "online" mode and a "offline mode"? Then everybody is happy! I dont get why all the debate over this. To me the solution is simple....do what the hell you want
  9. ive been on these forums long enough to know that none of it matters. The devs are going to do what they want anyways doesnt really matter. what i DONT like is being played for a sucker and im still very bitter about squad lying to us about KSP1 AFTER i had already bought the game because i bought it BECAUSE of future multiplayer. So yeah I pay real close attention to what is NOT being said. And with that Ill end my 2 cents here
  10. and look it up. they promised it even before then well you have to know how to see through the BS. Also i dont think KSP2 will be ready in 2022 either. I could be wrong, but basic systems are still being worked on, then its all got to be put together, then sent out for marketing and all that stuff.....i just dont see it happening in 2022
  11. what this guy said! Seems awful funny no word on anything multiplayer? They promised multiplayer in KSP1 as well and we all know how that turned out right?
  12. My first thought on this subject is....why? Until we actually know we may be the only life in the universe. And if thats true you would be adding "fiction" to the game but then again kerbals are fiction so ehh whatevs. And just so you guys know i DO believe life is out there somewhere. My second thought is to each their own and therefore I support the idea just as i did in regards to multiplayer vs single player argument. Just do us a favor give us a tickbox in settings to disable this feature and the ability for the user to choose. Just because i will never use it doesnt mean NOBODY should have it. Give it to em devs! (or at least the possibility to do it in a mod which I am sure there will be tons of them)
  13. yes sir! Exactly what i was thinking as well. I will say this much...if they pull that crap like squad did when KSP1 came out and say multiplayer will be introduced later on in development and then not deliver on it (we all know multiplayer has to be dev'd in parallel with the game) ....they wont get a penny from me until they do. Not playing that game again! THAT is a promise come hell or high water! Not happening
  14. i totally agree. it will be interesting to watch the reactions from people that said "take your time, we want a good bug free game"
  15. Im curious why unity and not unreal engine with nanite? Was UE4/UE5 ever considered and why unity? What about vulkan? Also you are going to need a pretty stable positioning system especially in multiplayer. Things like being stopped on a runway but there is that ever slowly driff on the runway because the planet is moving. We saw that in ksp one using multiplayer mod and interpolation
  16. Or????? You could just enter a seat and not be thrown around Unity “builds” or compiles code to VR just like UE4/UE5 does. Wouldnt take that much more work to set up the keymappings for user VR inputs then rebuild it out. What i mean by all this is they dont have rewrite the game or anything. I was playing around in unity just last night. I have a lil planet game i made with a earth and sun and the XR2 from orbiter. Went down to the surface from orbit then i decided to see if it would build in VR or android and it did. Took forever for the shaders to compile but yeah wasnt nothing to it really . KSP2 in VR is TOTALLY doable imo and that in combination with this extra IVA layer and WOW what a game ksp2 could be huh? Add a lil camera shake on launch or during high g’s ……..man i could go on and on
  17. @Nate Simpson if my understanding is correct could the devs add another layer in unity for IVA and walking and or floating exploring internally a ship or base? also would you mind adding both 1st and 3rd person cameras during IVA exploration? And could you guys make a couple of interactive IVA props so the framework is there and the modders could take over from there as far as making and populating the IVA parts inventory? I would like to see this framework in place during initial development as it would be harder to add it later in game i would think.
  18. did is been done did! Yes sir! lol well said! :fistbump: i hope they dont port it over to ANY console game myself! They are just asking for a bunch of needless headaches
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