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  1. Our space program finished its first ocean lab and successfully deployed a probe to a depth of 900m on Kerbin's ocean floor!
  2. In a continued effort to better understand the Kerbin oceans our space agency have developed our first delivery drone. Its first mission will be to deliver 2 probes roughly 70km off the shores of the KSC.
  3. Tonight our Space Agency began working on craft to better understand the depths of Kerbin, before reaching further out in the star system!
  4. Tonight our growing aerospace company successfully sent a probe to orbit around the sun!
  5. I have one question, I searched the forum and never found and answer but was wondering. With Early Access releasing in just a few short months will there be any information on system requirements to run it? I am really excited to get my hands on the game and want to make sure my PC can run it before release. Just a though keep up the great work Intercept team!
  6. Tonight our growing aerospace company successfully landed its first Minmus probe. Getting us one step closer to boots on the surface of Duna!
  7. My son and I love the game so much my wife photoshopped us into the cover art to keep in his room. He would love this so much! #KerbalizeMe
  8. Today, my thriving Aerospace Company successfully completed its mission to set a satellite relay in a low equatorial orbit around Minmus.
  9. Tonight my growing Aerospace company successfully completed its first crewed mission to orbit Minmus and return home with Valuable science to helps us reach the farthest reaches of space! With a closer look at my custom Green Lantern suit in space.
  10. Tonight my growing aerospace company successfully landed its second probe on the Mun in an effort to gather important scientific data to allow it the capability of exploring the farthest reaches of space.
  11. Today my growing Aerospace company successfully placed a space station in an equatorial Mun orbit!
  12. Today my space program took a break from rocket development and space exploration to dabble in Kerbin aviation. The plane is nothing really special, and not overly fast, but its a stable platform that is fun to fly
  13. My new but developing space program successfully launched and orbited its very first satellite in LKO.
  14. So I got it working, Im sorry I am still learning the ropes. I reread through the rules and saw how to filter searches for past post. The source of my problem was that I did not realize that I had to install module manager to get MechJeb2 to work, I was under the impression that it was meant to support MechJeb and not a necessity. Thank you to the community for the help and patience!
  15. Today I successfully landed my first rover on the mun! I call him tiny tim!
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