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  1. Today my space program took a break from rocket development and space exploration to dabble in Kerbin aviation. The plane is nothing really special, and not overly fast, but its a stable platform that is fun to fly
  2. My new but developing space program successfully launched and orbited its very first satellite in LKO.
  3. So I got it working, Im sorry I am still learning the ropes. I reread through the rules and saw how to filter searches for past post. The source of my problem was that I did not realize that I had to install module manager to get MechJeb2 to work, I was under the impression that it was meant to support MechJeb and not a necessity. Thank you to the community for the help and patience!
  4. Today I successfully landed my first rover on the mun! I call him tiny tim!
  5. Sorry, I though that screen shot would show all the folder that were extracted along with the folder path, but I will get a screen shot once I get home. I have not installed module manager, but will if it is needed to make it work. I really appreciate the communities helping me fumble my way through this.
  6. I started my first LKO space station!
  7. Sorry for not providing enough information to better explain the issue I am having. I followed the instruction on how to load mods from the forum but, after I extracted all the files from the zip folder to the game data folder when I load a new game or an existing save I do not have access to the MechJeb parts, the tool bar or the menu. I believe I extracted everything properly, and this is my first attempt at mods so I don't have ckan or any other mods installed.
  8. So I have been playing vanilla KSP for some time now and decided to try my hand at loading some mods and am having some trouble with Mechjeb2. I have verified that all the add ons are current / up to date and have made sure that I extracted everything from the zip file in gamedata folder as instructed. Can anyone give some advise as to where I can look to see what my issue is, or is it just not supported in the current version of KSP? Any and all help from the community is greatly appreciated!
  9. I have been a long time fan of KSP and have enjoyed this forum very much, but never felt like I had anything to contribute until today. Id like to introduce the newest member of the Green Lantern Corp one Jedidiah Kerman! I have been loving the new suit editor and love that I can truly crteate my own space program now!!!
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