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  1. This is literally just a part mod, this should still work in 1.9.1 perfectly fine unless there's some other feature that isn't parts that I'm missing out on
  2. you like screenshots huh, well looks like i just made a multi launch space station around kerbin and have avp configs for eve installed
  3. Can you make the octagonal docking port from near future construction have a looser range to dock? If someone wants to have it at an exact 90.00° connection they can just get a mod like dock rotate, because I got tired of having to dock together to truss structures for half an hour
  4. This sounds pretty cool but can you provide screenshots?
  5. Once kopernicus 1.9.1 comes out will you update this to that version?
  6. i finished my space station, this is awesome!
  7. so i made a space station (wip, working on finishing trusses)
  8. I especially like how stock alike it seems, especially for a recreation, nice work!
  9. wish this mod kept getting updated, sadly now we cant even make a good looking iss replica i got that on the "stable" release aswell
  10. dont quote me on this but if i recall correctly the munar excursion module, or the sina as it is in bdb, didnt have reaction wheels so it needed to use its rcs in order to control its decent and ascent
  11. where is the download link? the only one i could find was that of kdex and the old 1.4.5 cls download
  12. If I use robotic joints will they stop working because of the auto stiffening?
  13. Most likely removed by the game itself because 1.8 changed unity versions and so caused some parts from part mods to go missing, just needs to be updated to 1.8 or 1.9 that's all
  14. I'd beg to differ, there's enough mods which aren't on ckan which for me makes spending an extra 30 seconds for installing it in gamedata worth it
  15. Can there be support for nertias mods and the dlc? Asking because sometimes I don't use the shaders on the supported parts because it would clash with the unsupported parts
  16. That sucks I was planning to get it on 1.9.0 since I already made a new save on this and I can't update it now
  17. i just installed a bunch of mods on a non steam directory so i dont want to have to go back to the steam version, make a copy of that, and then have to get the mod
  18. Really? I don't know what types of fuels it uses normally that's why I'm asking
  19. what does the extras in the near future spacecraft do?