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  1. So this works with 1.2.1? Edit: Nevermind I am dumb.
  2. Pretty please? ;-; Flight sims become infinitely more enjoyable with Track IR and I have been sorely disappointed to find KSP doesn't have it even after release...
  3. It's probably been asked a million times. Sorry. Does MechJeb have a wiki somewhere?
  4. Is your game installed in your main C:/ drive or another drive? Do all games load slowly or just KSP? I had an issue where games loaded slowly because I had them installed on an external hard drive which was very slow. Made one game unplayable. I never noticed the issue because it only happened in online games for some reason. KSP could be experiencing a similar issue.
  5. Realistic spaceship names. Not fantasy ones. I already Googled this... These posts are much more helpful. I especially like the last one.
  6. Because I'm uncreative and can't think of names for all the satellites I lob into orbit.
  7. "It works and we have no idea why." Are you sure this isn't a Kerbal part?
  8. Thanks for adding the links! I'll check out the mod ASAP.
  9. You've confused me. Requires Toolbar? What is toolbar? Is it not included in the standalone download? What is RPM? Do I have to download this too? What would have been better is to include links to the forum threads containing the required programs as well. Whatever toolbar and RPM is.
  10. Because @#$% you that's why. Okay seriously, not trying to actually insult you, just hope you know that. I literally don't have a good reason other than because we can. If you don't like it, don't download the mod and don't complain about it or you'll start pointless arguments that quickly spiral out of control. Why would anyone ever want to put heavy machinery in Minecraft? Or Ponies in Grand Theft Auto? Again, because @#$% you that's why.
  11. I clipped a mun base while landing and broke the panels, but I figure they have enough tools to fix it. But, currently, I can't right-click on the solar panels in EVA to fix them, so how do I change the save file to unbreak them?
  12. (Please no posts like "I've done everything! Brag brag brag." That's not interesting.) Anything in Kerbal Space Program you've attempted to do, but haven't yet accomplished? My list includes traveling to the outer moons of Jool beyond Vall and making manned return trips from every world. I think Eve will be the hardest for obvious reasons. I also suck at SSTO. But, really, I think the most fun I have in KSP is when I fail!
  13. I'll give you the long story short. The game is in alpha, meaning, this is the stage of development that they mostly add new features, ignoring all but game breaking bugs. Beta is when they fix the smaller bugs and polish those features and optimize the game, and occasionally add new features. As for the speed of these updates? At least they are coming out. I was quite irritated not long ago by StarForge alpha, because they weren't releasing even their first update on time, features were missing that were listed as already implemented, and so on, like WarZ was doing. Such is not the case here. Squad has a good history of updating their game consistently. If you lose your save files, oh well. Stuff happens. Can't help you there. I delete my save files every update and start over because I like to start with a clean install and reinstall mods from there.
  14. What am I good at because I'm terrible at something else? Building superheavy rockets and building ships in orbit. Why? Because I cannot be arsed to wait for a transfer window and do it the impatient/inefficient way by shooting out of Kerbin orbit and making Mechjeb do the rest. Also I am awful at planetary transfers, even before MechJeb could do it for me.