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  1. the game started crashing out of nowere, with a mod setup that always worked for me,the logs seems to contain something. game version is 1.8.1 , logs:https://we.tl/t-e2WVRuLetJ https://we.tl/t-bfPyZwbtOC
  2. i'm 100% sure that all the mods are compatible with ksp 1.8.1 , thats because the only compatible version set (from ckan settings) is 1.8.1 and i only install mods from the "compatible" section, also i can't find any mod that does the same things that realfuels does wich is allowing you to modify the fuel in any fuel tank. the only thing that i did to start a new career was just deleting all ro and rp1 related mods, i didn't change the game version. also, apparently saving the game without overwrithing the saves allowed me to load the saves again without getting stuck into the loading
  3. yes, i'm using ckan. i'm on 1.8.1 because idk if many of the mods i really like are avaible on newer versions and idk how to check if they are. The mods related to ro and stuff like that are there because i recently finished playng in a RP1 career, also im planning on installing jnsq so i might keep them.
  4. i tried removing spacedust but that didn't work. I don't have rss, ill pos a modlist here. https://we.tl/t-paBgzUJmbE log:https://we.tl/t-5PIwHZ0lEi
  5. The game gets stuck in loading when ever im trying to resume a flight, if i press any key , it crashes, it is really anoyng since im using many mods that improve science and i need to operate on my satellites even after they have completed their mission. my game version is 1.8.1 This is the log
  6. ok, thanks, ill try that, i should have posted the modlist, tho i don't think you got time to go trought it. does ckan also give the possibility to install outdated mods ? i don't remember installing anything on it that warned me about being outdated, still, i got some mod installed from external sources so ill make sure to check these out. Also, im sure that the game works just fine without mods because i made many tries and it always worked well, wthout crashing one time , so, i guess is literally something related to mod incompatibility. (sorry for bad grammar, i'm
  7. im using ckan , i have many many mods and thats why i havent sent here a list yet but i think there is a way to auto create a modlist form ckan , if u whanna check it out, i can create it. id be willing to switch from good old ksp 1.8.1 to 1.10/1.11 but i have many mods that i dont know if are avaible on these versions as well , mods like RSS, RP1, RO and graphic mods for rss are foundamental for me, ill check out if these are compatible with newer ksp versions. Also idk if ksp 1.10/1.11 has higer hardware requirements than 1.8.1 since is a newer version, if it does then im scared of
  8. okay. is jenitor's closet a mod that usually causes crashes when u get into the vab ?? i have rp1 that does strange stuff with part sorting so that may be a thing ?? anyway,ill check all my mods and see if there is some suspect one.
  9. okay ill upload the link using the file sharing site thing Edit : there it is https://we.tl/t-b1V2iIKOrc
  10. i checked , and this crash didn't generate any dmp file, but i found another dmp file related to another old crash that happened the 12 / 27 found it here : C:\Users\GutwPC\AppData\Local\Temp\Squad\Kerbal Space Program thats strange because that is where i also found these other logs
  11. is this usefull ?? (i had to translate something written in the log from italian to english, i hope it doesent matter)
  12. https://we.tl/t-9fsydaq4Mw does it work ? can u see it ?
  13. i found them , now i need to analyze them somehow ??
  14. uh, okay , problem is that i dont know where to search for it. Is it here ?
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