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  1. Anyone know of a dragon capsule mod supported by ro and rp1? I found the kk spacex mod and also downloaded the ro configs but theyre all in the non rp1 tech node. Maybe i installed it wrong? All i really want is the capsule, dont care for the full falcon 9 or anything like that.
  2. I havent played that version of ksp in a while, but i never found a solution. it didnt work if i put another probe core on it either.
  3. Why am I crashing? I thought maybe memory usage but its not that much, i already downgraded from 16k to 8k textures but nothing.
  4. (Ksp 1.8.1) im trying to do spacex style landings, with the tundra mod that adds a falcon style rocket. It works fine for the regular one with the single first stage, but using the heavy variant it doesnt work? It is controllable, with the probe core nose cone, but it just doesnt activate fmrs. When separating the central stage afterwards, it does activate just fine.
  5. I didnt know sigma dimensions is compatible with 1.9?
  6. Anyway to keep the surface features? Maybe reduce the amount of them? Even if there spread further apart than stock having them there is still a good thing.
  7. I have major lag around every body i have tested. Being the mun, minmus and duna. I heard it was something to do with terrain scatter so i turned it off, which helped ever so slightly but apparently its also the breaking ground surface features? I want to keep those but dont want it causing unplayable frame rate drops and time slowing down to a crawl. I looked in the debug menu and from 18km above the mun, there were over 30000 surface features. Orbital velocity was 1.4km/s so they should not be spawning at all. What can i do to fix this? Im using ksp 1.8.1, kopernicus 1.8.1-1 and sigma dimens
  8. I tend to run fairly heavily modded games, as ive exhausted the stock game and i need more to enjoy it and challenge me. However, with modded installs i tend to run into performance issues sometimes. I have a pretty decent pc, ryzen 5 2600, 2070 super, 16gb 3200mhz ram. With the stock game i can run it at max settings over 100 fps, but with modded installs it tends to to down, which is fine, but not as low as it is sometimes. With ksp being pretty cpu dominant, and single threaded at that, i imagine graphics mods wont affect me that much? As i have a powerful gpu with 8gb vram, and 1
  9. I have a bug that makes the game entirel unplayable. Ok so when i go to the mun, the closer i get, the more laggy it gets, and when i try to land, the altimeter at the top breaks around 2.5km above the surface, it just says 1, but mechjeb is fine so i continue. But about 20m above the surface, i just explode? I have all the indestructible cheats on and it still happens, i try minmus and duna and it still happens. On minmus and duna i also went through the ground amd exploded about 10m BELOW the surface. Whats going on? I thought it astronomers visual pack causing the lag, and the lag caus
  10. Anyway to make the lab less powerful? I really like the lab, as it gives a reason to build space stations and bases, and is a nice ad on for large interplanetary ships, but it produces waaaay too much science. 1 big mission with it and i can pretty much fill out the tech tree, given enough time warping so what even is the point? I was thinking to have it only be able to process the material science and the mystery goo, because things like thermometer, barometer etc are just a number, cant really get more out of it, and crew reports are the kerbal taking notes, so how can i do this?
  11. First off, my system specs. I have a ryzen 5 2600, a 2070 super, and 16gb 3200mhz/cl16 ram. I see no reason i should be experiencing this problem. When im in low duna orbit, i have a bad frame rate, when im falling through the atmosphere, i have an even lower frame rate, when im on the surface its basically unplayable, like less than 1 frame per second sometimes. I thought it was the graphics mods, so i uninstalled them, and turned all the graphics to the lowest settings, didnt give me a single frame. The problem is with duna specifically, i havent noticed it else where but it m
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