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  1. I really really hope that monoprop is gonna be more useful in KSP2. In KSP1 it was pretty much useless and that doesn't reflect real space flight at all since the reaction wheels were soooooooo overpowered and not fun at all. You could make it so that during rotation the RCS thrusters don't accelerate constantly like they did in KSP1, instead they accelerate to a comfortable speed, then precisely slow down. This would stop the RCS from overcorrecting and wasting fuel. All in all RCS thrusters are so cool and I think it would be a wrong choice to take ease of use over realism in this
  2. KSP 1 time warp is completely linear, speed in eccentric orbits isn't. This can be a problem as when you are approaching periapsis your spacecraft speeds up rapidly and that has made me miss my maneuver many times. The fix for this would be to make the timewarp non linear. So when you are approaching periapsis timewarp would automatically slow down. But yea, we definitely need a lot of timewarp improvements.
  3. They already said that they were working on a multiplayer feature video so maybe that?
  4. All of the parts in the trailer are actual game assets, we don't know if that includes the IVA views but I think it does.
  5. In KSP 1 aside from the initial launch, docking and landing you spend most of your time flying the craft in map view. It would be a shame for the developers to beautifully shade, light and texture the spacecraft parts just so we can spend 90% of our time not looking at them. This is a difficult problem to solve as it objectively is easier to fly the craft in map view. Maybe you could add a small orthographic top down view of your orbit around the planet, you could use this for simple stuff such as circularizing your orbit, and you can use the map view for setting up more complex maneuver
  6. There is an interview with Nate Simpson on PCGamer twitch. It starts at about 2:45
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