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  1. Bug: The flight computer is INVISIBLE on all probe cores, both stock and mod. KSP 1.10.1 with associated RT version. All other RT UI I am familiar with including the comm lines in map view and target drop down menu for antennas is present. Flight computer UI is absent. Signal delay is also absent.
  2. I was able to narrow it down. BDB is fine and works well with all other mods but there appears to be a conflict with the B9ProceduralWings mod. I don't think that this is a problem with BDB, only B9 procedural wings.
  3. 1.10.1 I'll try running the game in a different folder with just BDB as my only mod and see if I can narrow it down.
  4. I'm having consistent problems with starting the actual game after the "Loading Asset Bundle Definitions" part of the load screen. It will get stuck on a part, so I'll delete it, restart, wait another 10 mins for the rest of my mods to load, then it will just get stuck on another. KSP version 1.10 The parts it wouldn't load are: - bluedog_castorSRB (Under OldParts/EarlyRockets) - bluedog_Agena_AInterstage - bluedog_Apollo_Block2LES I gave up after this. There are probably other parts that won't load but I simply do not have the time to repeat this process again an
  5. Thanks for replying Roverdude. I took your advice and copied my KSP folder into a new location and deleted all the mod folders in GameData except for the ones you mentioned. I then launched the game in that folder, started a new career in sandbox, and verified the other mods I had removed were not present. The problem is still persisting with the Akita rover parts being present but not the construction ports and a handful of the crane parts. At this point, i dont think it is a mod conflict issue.
  6. After several hours of troubleshooting, I am unable to find the source of the problem so I am wondering if any of you might have a possible solution or encountered something similar to this. Problem: Many of the construction parts including the ports and many of the crane parts cannot be found in the VAB/SPH. For some reason, the Akita rover parts are, however, still present. Before you ask, yes, this issue persists even in sandbox mode so it is not an issue of not having unlocked the tech yet. I am currently running KSP 1.8.1 with Breaking Ground DLC installed. Things i have tried h
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