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  1. Honestly, I don't want them included in the base game. Personally, I find joy in the challenge of making something that I consider 'looking good' from a limited set of parts. I feel like it forces me to think creatively and use parts in creative ways. Luckily for everyone here, the game is being designed from the ground of with mod support in mind. Not a shade of doubt you will be able to use procedural parts in KSP2 sooner rather than later.
  2. Launching an interplanetary mission from Kerbin to grief another player. I wouldn't even be mad, that's some hardcore dedication there. On a more serious note, things like this will allow for some awesome roleplaying. Additionally, I'm really looking forward to playing with my brother again. I really enjoyed just building communication/resource infrastructure networks together using DMP. The idea of being able to do something similar in stock KSP2 just brings a smile to my face. "Hey bro, I wanna fly a mission to Jool with this sweet spaceplane I just made, anything I should kno
  3. Honestly, I think the that splitting liquid fuel types is, among a lot of other suggestions I'm seeing for KSP2, a great thing to add as a difficulty option. Keeping it simple for onboarding newer players, leaving it disabled, or enabling the option as a way to add more depth to advanced players. I see the community being really divided over these kind of things. Makes me think "why not both?". If the game is build from the ground up with mod support taken into account, I would assume that it wouldn't be too hard for the devs to allow options in the base game to increase/decreas
  4. I like the idea of having the option. I do like to play Stellaris, and enjoy playing on Iron Man mode. For me, I notice I approach things more sensibly than I would otherwise knowing I can revert/reload a game. Having the option, in my opinion, would be great as long as it's easy to implement. If it isn't, I wouldn't mind if it's not there. In that case: time to work on my self control I guess...
  5. Thanks for the info! I will give it a shot once I get home. Hats off to you sir!
  6. I hadn't thought of that tbh, I guess you would use conventional thrusters for finetuning instead then. Would also not exactly make sense to blow nukes to circularize an orbit, more to brute force a brachistrochrone trajectory.
  7. What about tinkering with the timer? Nuke explodes further away, you get less momentum
  8. Still hyped. Can't wait to see what KSP2 plays like. If I don't like it, I have many saves to fall back to in KSP1 until the mod community catches up.
  9. If you have cloud saves enabled and just the local save is affected, you can try the following on hyour PS4: - Go to "Settings" > click "Application Saved Data Management". - Select "Saved Data in Online Storage" > "Download to System Storage". - Find KSP in Online Storage > click "Download". - The console will download the save from the cloud storage, assuming you have been using cloud saves. No guarantee, but definitely worth a try - I would also suggest getting in touch with Sony Support with this, they are the most well-equipped to help you out with this m
  10. I miss the days when all games had playable demo's. Honestly, I really like the idea of a demo being released as a teaser.
  11. To whom or what? Do you mean the Kraken?
  12. This thread as a whole is making a very strong argument FOR optional features - People with less time can play with more casual settings. I don't have a lot of time either, but I rather enjoy seeing my craft go up in very hot flames after losing commnet access, or being pinged into deep space because my deceleration burn was poorly planned. Sometimes I just wanna mess around and build stupid things, I load my secondary save with the most casual settings possible and off I go. No player plays the game in the same way, optional features as described are an amazing way to cater to this.
  13. Amazing this happened to me too after trying to install AVP (including Scatterer of course). Spent a few hours flying around admiring the view. In case anyone is wondering - there are workarounds available to play with Scatterer enabled again. Links to the workarounds are found in the OP With Scatterer "patched", I'll stick with 1.9.1 - starting a new (apart from visual enhancements) stock playthrough
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