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  1. By the way know im not on a good trajectory in this this video i wanted to see how it did without touching throttle or stick and it worked flawlessly . I have noticed there are obviously not too many good players on ps4, as the trophies for visiting jools moons and returning have a percentage of players of 0.4 and even 0.3 on one. The patches you get for them are neat.
  2. It took me a long time and alot of trial and error. But i got it. Im on ps4 so obviously no mods here. I figured out how to stop the craft from flipping after dropping tank by setting to turn off my 2 tilted vectors and only leave the one straight one on at that point. Im proud i got it to fly without having to even touch the stick so i made a video.
  3. I just survived entry at 9500 m/s . Aerobrake set periapsis for 35km and i slowed down enough to have a decaying orbit
  4. I just lost all my save data after a crash. Ive spent days working on my orbital platform with independent rover launchers . Annnd its all gone after a crash on ps4. I have breaking ground and whatever the other one is. Im so mad right now. All my crafts... everything... gone. What can i do please help. Usually when this happens it uncorrupts
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