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  1. Question for anybody using the current dev build...a good portion of the Apollo/Skylab antennas don’t extend in the VAB and are locked in flight at all times. Is this normal?
  2. Doing it as 2 launches is what I'm leaning towards. Also thinking about lowering the dry mass of the Kvant-1 parts via the CFG files. I live in this crazy world where i want to do replica craft and missions but i don't want to go full on realism overhaul. Because of that, I'm no stranger to tweaking individual configs to suit my specific needs.
  3. I appreciate it, Ill give that a try. theres no career save to break yet, as I'm still going through the design/test phase of the craft i plan on using in a sandbox situation. -edit- I went through a few different config values between 0.1 and 0.27 for SMURFF. but i think the approach I've decided to go with is to just have the Kvant lab and the FGB launch separately and go from there. SMURFF throws too many of the other craft i use out of balance. not worth it for a single proton payload.
  4. I occasionally use PVG with mechjeb, but I've attempted many manual launches of the proton-kvant set up as well. Wouldn't using SMURFF cause some of the parts that are balanced well in JNSQ to be out of balance again?
  5. By nature, i am a lurker on any forum. However, i have reached the point where I felt it was necessary to create an account, joint the community of the game I love, and ask this question.... I play a Tantares-JNSQ game, and am currently attempting to get the Kvant module into orbit with a Proton. The most I've been able to achieve orbit with using the proton was about 11t. Kvant with the tug weigh in at around 16t without any procedural fairings added. is it even possible to use the proton in this scenario or should i put together a Vulcan-Heracles and just call it a day? Thank you all in adva
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