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  1. I finally revamped my Mungate Station, which has been sitting around the Mun since Year 2. For reference, my save is almost at year 10. With all my focus on the Mun again, this old station really deserved some love. Like usual, an ANTS nuclear tug brought the new station segment to the mun. Docking in the dark (has anyone ever docked in daytime?) The old station segment is removed and moved out of the way (it was hard to see anything) And, docked. The ANTS is moved to another docking port to open up that port for a future lander. The old station segment is deorbited. By coincidence, it happens to crash on the rim of the exact same crater as homestead base.
  2. I haven't been here in a while. Some pictures from various missions of mine:
  3. Nothing much, but screenshot tax must be paid: This shot I am proud of. Finally managed to capture that moment of separation. Anyway, excuse the mediocre screenshots, these are all in preparation for more Homestead base! Cleanup and chores have to be done.
  4. Yes! I should be doing homework @Caerfinon
  5. I also designed a thing and I am kinda proud of it. Obviously, inspired by The Martian. I finally got a paper copy after re-reading the online version twice, and watching the movie 3 times. The Martian is great. I haven't used the Rhea pod since the Icarus. I've been needing an excuse to use it. The thuds broke the delta-v readout.
  6. Today I launched an SRTM tanker to refuel an ANTS tug (acronyms, yes. they are the best)
  7. I can't spam showcase all of the pictures I'd like to on the WDYDIKSPT thread (As much as I'd like then not to, images take time to load. Maybe I should start putting stuff in spoilers.) Anyways I've been quite busy continuing work on Homestead base. Ah yes E N G I N E. Enjoy that sweet sweet radiation. Astronomer's terrain looks absolutely gorgeous. I'm quite pleased with the location I chose last time, as this crater is incredibly scenic. This shot is reminiscent of one of my 'originals' Extreme zoom in/out are great. Perspective means a lot. Even with Mechjeb, you can't land them perfectly where you want them. Turns out that the RCS thrusters on this are very weak. However, with enough coaxing I did move it to the proper, intended position (Yes, I had to do it for each one, even the first. Yes, it was pain.) Okay maybe a bit too much zoom... I also tested a new HLV. Ultimately turned out to be a flop, but it looked great. (Guess what this was inspired by) Vacuum needs ore too!! And last but not least, something more successful. Ah yep S P E E D Okay... not that successful. But close enough.
  8. I have been quite busy continuing work on my new Mun Base, Homestead. It's been quite difficult to focus back near Kerbin SOI with all the flashy interplanetary missions and stuff taking up all my time, but I've managed to refocus (I have to wait for the transfer windows anyway, so why not do something?) mmm yes waterfall Homestead, just missing the greenhouse module. In total currently there are 4 habitation modules, an aquarium-thing (fish farm) and a laboratory. I am planning to land the greenhouse module after the infrastructure is actually set in place, including a new system of ANTS nuclear tugs and refueling stations. I also took a new rover design for a test: Need that speed. Barely enough to push the rover forward in Kerbin's atmosphere, but hopefully it'll be more helpful on the Mun (and Minmus, we'll see) I absolutely didn't break anything by going at a super high speed and flipping out. Nope, totally not me! I might have went a little too fast...
  9. wow for once I actually made it @AccidentalColonies
  10. Looks like I've been neglecting this thread.. for nearly 6 months. Time flies. School, homework, excuses, yada yada yada. I think it's about time I start this again, with renewed drive, energy, and passion to actually do stuff, instead of just sitting around, twiddling my fingers, and claiming to be 'waiting for the transfer window'. A lot has happened. I've gotten a new Macbook Pro (the M1 chip is absolutely INSANE), and now for the first time I have actual graphics, and, KSP is actually playable and not a slideshow anymore! I've also made some changes to my long running save, the KEC, or Kerbal Exploration Corps. Spectra has now been replaced by AVP (It was nice, but I never really liked how Kerbin was pink and how everything was do dark), I've installed Waterfall (but kept Realplume for those extra plumes) and I've removed a bunch of mods that I didn't even remember I had installed and I didn't use, like Trajectories (turns out rendering the trajectories really decreased performance, even on the M1) and some other mods that I forgot about. So before I get into the image spam as usual, I'd like to make one (small) change. I'm no longer going to write the little captions for the screenshots (because they usually turned kinda badly, and I post context in other places anyway). If you need context for these screenshots, I usually post them in my discord server, (link in the spoiler below), or on the WDYDIKSPT thread, since I feel like this has pretty much become the 'Misguided spams pretty screenshots thread'. Anyways, without further ado, here we go!
  11. Indeed, KS3P is quite nice! Though if you can, TUFX is always the better option. As I promised (mainly to myself), I have gotten back into KSP recently, and after finishing up just marveling at my new graphics capabilities and doing some chores, it is finally time to actually make progress! First I designed a whole new module for a whole new base. I've been focusing too much on interplanetary stuff like Eve and Duna so I haven't really done anything on or near the Mun. But with the Mun looking so pretty now, (and I had been neglecting it for a long time too) I had to do something. Enter Homestead: the new, permanent Munbase. I didn't want to get too ahead of myself and then quit, so I began by designing a habitation module (way over-engineered, as per usual). I didn't realize exactly how bad my heavy lift rocket, the Griffon, was designed until now. The boosters buckling, I managed to get it off the pad. Engine shots are the best. Once in orbit, I sent one of my ANTS nuclear tugs, docked at the refueling station OFD-1, to retrieve the Homestead module and tug it to the Mun. ( I didn't take any pictures of the docking, so sorry about that.) Again, the Homestead module was way too over-engineered. I could have probably done without the vernier-powered braking stage (seen here) Final descent was way easier than expected: the 6 terriers had more than enough thrust to slow it down, and I packed way too much fuel. This picture wasn't actually of the first touchdown area, I originally came down on a slope but I managed to maneuver the craft to a spot pretty much in the center of the crater I landed in. More modules, and crew will be joining it soon! In the meantime everything is extended and it'll act as a target for the next module to arrive. Also, here's a random screenshot I took of Mungate station:
  12. AVP, Scatterer, EVE, Distant Object Enhancement. I actually use a custom KS3P config as well as a Kopernicus sunlight booster config.
  13. I have done some more stuff! (though mostly just messing around and marveling at my new graphics) First up, cleanup. I had left a Callisto-Thunderbird in orbit as a test launch, and so it was time to deorbit it, as it had nothing else to do. Completely unplanned, I landed within range of the KSC Still having the graphics bug, I itched to do another launch (getting stuff done was a secondary objective). Turns out, with better framerates it's actually harder to control this rocket, the Thunderbird. I didn't realize exactly how insane I had set the TWR and so I burnt most of my fuel going straight up and attempting to do a gravity turn. I ended up almost in orbit, with about 100 m/s left on the maneuver. Which I could fix with the spacecraft itself of course. However, I didn't realize that my throttle was still on full, and when I tried to transposition it ignited the service module's engines on full blast, and exploded the second stage and the orbital module. I was going to do a Mun Mission, having the Callisto dock to an ANTS nuclear tug and send it around the Mun, but with my rules of 'Realismtm' (also known as Realism when convenient and as an excuse), 3 crew would be pretty cramped in a Mun mission without an orbital module. So it was reentry, again. The area the capsule landed in was absolutely gorgeous, but it gave me quite a scare. I had accidentally cut the drogue chutes (action group 1, I meant to press 3) so we were coming over faster than usual, and over a mountain. Fortunately the chutes fully deployed about 100 meters from hitting the ground. Completely unrelated, I went for a drive! I never knew that external seats could just eject kerbals if they were flipped over. You learn something new everyday.
  14. I've been gone.. again. School messes with your free time. So does procrastination. But in the meantime, I got a new laptop! I heard rumors about the new apple M1 chip being good. It has literally transformed my KSP install from a slideshow to a game. a solid 60 fps, and that was only because I capped it. With demanding visual mods. And while being emulated by Rosetta 2. How, I don't understand. But it looks great. Same old save of mine that's been going on since forever. I finally installed waterfall. No regrets. I kept realplume for the SRB effects though, they look awesome. Full throttle Nuclear plumes are amazing. I regret not installing waterfall earlier. I also installed AVP. My old Macbook couldn't handle AVP, but with this I can finally upgrade from Spectra. It's nice to have a change for sure. No words. Looks like something out of EVE Online. I had returned the crew of Ares 2 back to orbit, and so I had left the lander nearby, uncrewed of course. Having a little degree of probe control, I decided to do a flyby. I hoped you guys enjoyed, and I look forward to actually getting back and playing ksp againtm
  15. Yeah, I stopped working on it a long while ago. I think I even cleared the files from my computer in an attempt to save space.
  16. Sure, you can have the whole thing. Some of the assets aren't mine so you're probably better off starting from scratch.
  17. *Screams loudly* I win, by the sheer number of decibels pounding into their eardrums.
  18. I have joined [ rather late but it's the spirit that counts right? ] @Spaceman.Spiff A P P E A R
  19. Thank you! I'll try and incorporate that into a future project. Yeah I'm afraid this was just a futile exercise in planet modding for me.
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