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  1. Ooh new scansat parts, hard to tell what sort of updates mods get around version changes not sure what's going on with the restock stack adapters, they've always worked in my games. Checked the cfg and restock doesn't seem to use textures it uses GAMEOBJECTS which I think are build into the model
  2. I have not had this problem in 1.10 all the nodes are fine with or without restock not sure how the game generates the vab tiles, if you can fine out the name you could probably add excludeMesh = (VAB Tile name) Oh yeah, there is 2. I think it was meant to be for the old bi coupler but I hadn't noticed anything funny because the part is usually depreciated It's back, 1.10 broke all modded fairings so I took it out. 1.10.1 added modded fairing support so it works again after some changes Probably a conflict between the two configs. The stock cfg in magpie mods was basically an updated & tweaked version of the TU Default Stock config, the default stock doesn't have BG or any parts past a fairly old version not sure which. There's a gold variant? May have to start using those wheels more. I will fix this , for the impaitient add; excludeMesh = SteeringPivot_gold excludeMesh = SteeringPivot_silver excludeMesh = body_gold excludeMesh = body_silver
  3. Colour tinting is an option Ooh Tantares updated I will make an updated cfg for it, just waiting for 1.10 so i can see what needs to be changed to update to 1.10 Tanatres is a hard one to find stuff in, I'll try to explain the easy way: Boot the game & watch the load bar First it will load textures then it will load models, after models it should change to run Loading Asset Bundle Definitions close the game, open the log scroll down to Load(Model): Tantares Copy this into a word doc and remove any errors: ([ERR 13:19:43.382] Texture 'Tantares/Parts/ANY/CONTROL_CORE/OLD/Texture_Castor_General_1' not found!) If using notepad++ hold alt to highlight one side and change them all to model = Tantares/* copy into a bank config
  4. Oh yeah does look abit strange I've mesh mapped it now so it matches the tanks Yeah I put the 3m and 5m tanks in a less metal section so the Saturn 5 tanks would stay more white, didn't realise I'd missed the 2-3m adapter Thanks, I put SXT in its own cfg in the update. If you're using your own cfg, I don't think you need propHub but add propBlur1 for the double bladed engine
  5. Detail keeps the bumps and detailing above the smoothness or things can start to look a bit waxy shininess helps things with a lower smooth value still catch the light
  6. Everything in the photo has a metallic shine??? Please use ctrl F model = ReStock/Assets/Aero/restock-nosecone-0625-1 model = ReStock/Assets/Aero/restock-nosecone-1875-1 model = ReStock/Assets/Aero/restock-nosecone-1875-2 model = ReStock/Assets/Aero/restock-nosecone-5-1 model = ReStock/Assets/Structural/restock-nosecone-125-1 model = ReStock/Assets/Structural/restock-nosecone-125-2 model = ReStock/Assets/Structural/restock-nosecone-125-3 model = ReStock/Assets/Structural/restock-nosecone-25-1
  7. That just sounds like an extras folder with extra steps I'll can add a sectioned config or a less metal config in the extras folder, that's alot less confusing for me. Most of my time is spent playing with cloud textures at the moment so learning how to add full ckan integration won't be high on the priorities for a while. move everything with; model = ReStock/Assets/FuelTank/ into the second section then they will all be like the LF tanks Ctrl F "nosecone" in restock as they're split between aero and structural Engine shrouds will be linked to the engine model, so you may be better changing the top sections Property values to make everything less metal
  8. It's split in two sections for easy shuffling, so you could have a more metal section for engines and a less metal section for things you don't want full metal for example: model = ReStock/Assets/Command/restock-probe-hecs2-1 & model = ReStock/Assets/FuelTank/restock-fueltank-125-1 Is easy to see which parts these are referring to, so if you wanted you could just ctrl X ctrl V them into the less metal section and keep two sections Or you can change the values at the bottom to change the whole section. The mapped sections are the ones with lines like; excludeMesh = obj_wheel excludeMesh = Tire mesh = MotorMesh mesh = obj_bracket mesh = obj_mount I'm not sure how that ckan thing would work from that. What it says its doing with scatterer, it's splitting the original mod into separate folders, so it can delete them to stop conflicts when two mods do the same thing. The example is for SVE overwriting scatterer but, this isn't two mods being compatible with each other, this would be one mod overwriting itself with folders that usually come in the folder that goes in gamedata, which would be bad for everyone without ckan deleting folders for them. Do you have an example of a mod doing it to itself? Like from an extras folder in the zip
  9. Each config is split into 2 sections, top instance is set to more metal the second is set to less metal. To make it less metal simply change the metal value in each section Restock & Stock have more sections because more parts have been mesh mapped, this is so only certain parts of the model get shaded while others are ignored. I recommend leaving mapped parts in their sections to avoid strangeness. Restock & Stock also have a bronze section that is currently ignored, but is there to show people how to recolour things if they want to. Gold decouplers anyone I've never used ckan myself, if you know how to set up the options i could look into it
  10. the configs are in Gamedata/MagpieMods/TU_cfgs the part to change is at the bottom of the model lists: PROPERTY { name = _Metal float = 0.75 } PROPERTY { name = _Smoothness float = 0.75 } PROPERTY { name = _Detail float = 0.85 }
  11. I think it's a spacedock server problem, I had trouble downloading stuff a couple days ago too. I just left it for about an hour then when I came back and it was working again tried it now and it was working fine, guess the servers just get overloaded sometimes
  12. If you get the latest version Nova Punch & KW should be in it Missed before the edit , guessing launch Clamps
  13. That's alot of models Thank You that's awesome I shall add them in the next update, I have ones for NovaPunch, KKRocketry, EL and Luciole I need to add too. Plus one for an RO install but so many MMpatches, testing has been a bit slower
  14. That's strange, I did have a similar bug once, turned out I'd forgot KittopiaTech on a new install, that's the only time I've seen it happen though?
  15. no worries I'll always give credit if someone sends me a cfg yeah think you're right the stock ones seem to just be a flat texture layer you can kind of get a shine if you use a really flat texture but the they look a bit odd haha i should have cfg for procedural fairings soon been working through making my RO game look shiny, bug tests are going slower due to the load times haha
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