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  1. Hi everybody. Thanks to the help of hraban it turned out, that I had the wrong unity-version. It works now without problems.
  2. I am using Unity 2019.2.20f1 Can I send the files to someone here, who has experience in creating add ons?
  3. That checkbox is not even shown in my unity. How do I even make it to show up?
  4. I tried but the textureformat does have no influence on that it does not get exported.
  5. Hi, I am attempting to make my first mod. I tried to export my fueltang from in unity and it exports my model but not the texture as seen in the following screenshot. The error as shown on the buttom left reads: TypeLoadException: Failure has occures while loading a type. I am copletely new to modding KSP and working with unity. Can anyone help please?
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