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  1. I had this, using the x2.5 config with sigma. To rectify i adjusted the "@repositionRadiusOffset" in the 2.5x config to =385. The only other issues i've noticed so far is that KSC is located in what appears to be the French Guiana lol. I have no idea whether that was intentional by the devs or not? I'm using the mod on 1.11
  2. sure, that's understandable. But I was unsure if it would be BC with like 1.9.1-1.11... EDIT - also has does this get around Kopernicus version compatibility if its not even officially on 1.10 yet nevermind 1.11.
  3. Do any of the ISS modules have a crew hatch? I am unable to EVA from any of the modules. thanks
  4. Hi, could somebody help me with a tweakscale patch that would allow me to tweak the scale of the Apollo LEM ascent stage, the LEM descent stage and the Apollo command module. The rest of the Apollo/Saturn v has the ability to tweak the scale but these 3 don't. Help would be appreciated.
  5. I cant even download this? none of the dropbox links work. how come its not on spacedock/github? anyone have another link?
  6. anywhere I can find the Zarya craft? the MIR one is included within the craft files but don't see one for Zarya. thanks
  7. ah that's why I couldn't find it then. thanks. I'm also having some issues with joint stability, any ideas? it just rocks up and down whilst sat on the run way....
  8. hmm, crafts wouldn't connect to each other with the same port. also, where is the config file for the port as i cant find it in my files...
  9. does anybody know which docking port the c-100 androgynous petal dock connects to?
  10. Guys, my LOC parts have no texture to them and keep showing up like this. what's happening?
  11. Hi, I wondered if I could get help with something I'm trying to achieve. I'm having a play at replacing the Saturn V parts to match their real-life counterparts in terms of weight, mass, thrust, Isp, volumes etc. now I have configured the F-1 engines, the J-2 Engines, the SIC tank mass & volume, but the S-II is giving me a little trouble. I believe it may have something to do with B9Partswitch config but I cant quite put my finger on which config I need to edit. Now I know the LH2/LO mixture is roughly 3.3/1, respectively. But I'm a little unsure of how many litres/unit KSP uses for LH2/LO
  12. Hi sorry to bug you again, is it at all possible to adjust the vectoring of the draco thrusters? The crew dragon module is quite unbalanced with the center of thrust being a little further forward than the center of mass, causing big spins when trying to execute maneuver nodes.
  13. I think the most important upgrade needed with this mod currently is to make it compatible with 1.9 onwards. @tony48 any news on the version compatibility with the upcoming update & timescale? Mars in that teaser video looked awesome.
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