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  1. I believe the rescale configs are for stock sized parts. To match, you would have to see what tundra's are scaled at but you would also have to change the nodes configs also to suit. the only other way around it would be to change the rescaleFactor as this not only changes part size, but also changes the nodes to match. Use with caution though as its quite easy to mess up parts if they have other things built into them such as fairings.
  2. For those wanting configs to build the ISS in RO, here are configs I made and have tested in 1.11.1. Please be sure to read the 'Readme'. https://github.com/si2504/Habtech2-RO-Configs I am also in the process of creating configs for the Tantares Russian sections.
  3. which mod/mods are the best to use for Proton rockets with RO compatibility? thanks
  4. I'm using 1.11.1 and RSS/RO works fine so long as you have the latest versions of does. Also the latest BE Kopernicus. The only thing I've found you need to do if you have ROEngines installed is to get rid of the patch manager configs for the RS-25 and the AJ10-190. If you don't, the space shuttles SSME and OMS engines will be hidden in game. I would like to try and get the shuttles docking system working correctly as 'control from here's doesn't work correctly for it and isn't recognized as a docking port, even though it has a Module docking port config.
  5. Benjee shared assets has the APAS, it's a newer V2 version.
  6. Hey guys. I wanted to know if I need permission from the author to post a link to RO configurations I have put together for Habtech parts based off of the dead RO ISS parts mod? They're still WIP atm and being tested but also hoping to do configs for Tantares russian segments also.
  7. That just tags the part as WIP for RO.
  8. Could one of the guys that's good with RO configs give this a check over for me please. I'm doing a few configs for the Tantares modules, which I have done and seem to be working fine. However I'm trying to do one for the S5.79 engines that go on the Zvezda module and it doesn't seem to work. I'm hoping someone could point me in the right direction as to what I may be doing wrong for it to not show as a WIP RO part in game. Here's my config... @PART[eridani_engine_s0_1]:NEEDS[RealismOverhaul] { %RSSROConfig = False @mass = 0.04 @MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX] { @minThrust = 0
  9. Guys, none of my models are working for RO Tanks. I have the latest version and have the TU & ROLib dependencies, but the thumbs in game and models aren't there. Any ideas?
  10. As title really, looking for some good mods that add additional satellite parts.
  11. So would i be right in thinking that where the craft file says Tantares.MOE.3.E, the new name for this particular part is "octans_moe_srf_3_extended" this particular one is located in the "any_rcs" > soyuz folder.
  12. yeah Habtech2. when you download the RO file, inside all the folders there are recommended mod folders with configs, and suggested mod folders with configs. Habtech2 is in there but as I say, very limited configurations of parts. I will see what the RO guys say...
  13. Hi all. I am trying to locate a part that seems to be missing from one of my craft files. The part named is "Tantares.MOE.3.E". I would be grateful if somebody could point me in the right direction, i am using the latest versions of Tantares, LV & SP. Thankyou
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