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  1. You'll need to be a bit more specific than that if you seek to get help.
  2. Hey, loving EVO after crossing from RSSVE. One slight bug that seems to be occurring, which only started after installing EVO, are highlighted areas in KSC view. Also get them around launch sites when i have a ship on the pad or runway. Is this anything to do with different PQS configs? Thanks
  3. I have severe issues with the rotators not rotating on their axis properly. They sort of skew to the side as you get around to 180 degrees, and then start to straighten back up as you come back around to 360, really weird. Any fix for this?
  4. Do you have your staging organized correctly? It's really no different to how you launch anything else
  5. Could someone tell me why when using some cameras, in particular the aero cam, once the ship gets to a certain altitude and does a gravity turn, the view from the camera clips inside the vessel as the turn is performed.
  6. Aside from the JEM EF, is very easy to mock up your own for the trusses using structural panels etc, then place science experiments on to them.
  7. My configs scale the FGB, Service module, Soyuz and Progress all to real life scale. They do incorporate Realfuels and life support systems also though. I'm currently in the process of putting all my rescaled RSS/RO configs for Tantares, Habtech and a few other mods onto my Github page. If @Bealewould like any of the configs for rescaled parts for RSS/RO configs, maybe he could link them for people in the OP?
  8. What exactly was the rescale patch supposed to scale it to? I have a bunch of rescaled and RO configs for Tantares that I created for my ISS build project.
  9. How difficult is it to make mods with robotic parts compatible with IR? The only current Module in the parts config is an MuMechToggle. Could I not just add a IR Module to the part and if so, would anything else need to be added to ensure compatibility? Thanks.
  10. Yeah that's what I was missing, same vessel interaction. Got some brilliant gameplay of undocking unity node using the arm.
  11. @benjee10 HTRobotics........how the hell does the LEE and the grapple fixture dock together? its driving me crazy lol. they are perfectly lined up and they just wont attach to each other.
  12. cool. What I would like to see, what I could not find anywhere so I had to sort of mock up, are Zarya's correction and docking engines (KRD-442). On yours they're just the squad spider engines, but we have the s5.79 for MIR so would be cool to see the KRD-442 engines.
  13. alright thanks guys. I figured it would be linked to Isp and thrust somehow.
  14. Yes just drop the .cfg file into Gamedata. Your best bet is to look at examples of other parts that have configs for real fuels and then you will have a rough idea how you need to write it.
  15. hey @Katniss218, I'm try to get KSCSwitcher working correctly and with the default launchsitespatch in your configs, the screen is black and no amount of back scrolling brings it back in view. Now, i've looked at the configs and you have "@Site[us_cape_canaveral]". In KSCSwitcher, Site name = ksc. Once i set the @Site to "@Site[ksc]" in your configs, there's no longer a black screen, however for some reason the position of KSC is placed somewhere around the position of your LC-39 pad and raised slightly above the rest of the terrain. I have been using your cape mod for some time now with no i
  16. I believe you would need to write a patch for the part you want to add it to. Something like @PART [xxxxxx]:NEEDS[RealFuels] Other things would probably need to be added like a modular fuel tanks module.
  17. Good day people. I'm after a little help with a Zarya craft I'm putting together in RO using RF. so according to a NASA source, Zarya has 16 fuel tanks filled with NTO & UDMH with a total mass of 5,760kg. Eight tanks holding 400litres and eight tanks holding 330 litres. This should give me a total of 5,840 litres. However, when I take the mass of the tank out of the equation in game, the mass of the total fuel in the tanks is weighing more. Where do I see what the masses are for UDMH and NTO in the configs or does anybody know why this may be occuring? By the way I use a bass mass of
  18. The capsule isn't tagged as a RO part that's why. to tag a part for RO it has to have the tag "%RSSROConfig = True" or False for a WIP part. Also the capsule isn't using its RL propellant of MMH/NTO, its using normal monopropellant. So the configs are what they say they are, Work In Progress and not fully finished.
  19. Hi guys, I'm trying to figure out which config in an engine file determines how much fuel a particular engine burns per second. I'm using RO if it helps. Thanks
  20. @pmborghas RO configuration files for KK Space X pack.
  21. what are the model sizes of the MIR & FGB crew sections out of curiosity, 2.5m? Always good to know what the parts are modelled at so people like myself that like to make RO configs can do so accurately.
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