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  1. The only thing I have issues with with this version is reEntry without using a KOS script, and a functional, non buggy, up to date canadarm. Other than that it's fine. Although updated versions are always welcomed if they improve upon the original.
  2. Canadarm looks sweet. I think the canadarm is the biggest thing needing a revamp.
  3. How does this mod benefit from a new model?
  4. I would recommend trying it with KJR to see if you get the same results. Does the station sit ok on the runway before you alt f12 it? I'm using it in 1.11.1 and have absolutely no issues with it.
  5. What version ksp are you using? And how are you putting the craft in orbit? Do you use alt f12 to place the station in orbit or have you built it in orbit? Also are you using KJR and if so which version of KJR are you using?
  6. SOCK is still being fully maintained, SSS isn't to a certain extent. But it definitely works, i'm using it in 1.11.1.
  7. you definitely have something missing or done something wrong.
  8. https://github.com/DylanSemrau/Space-Shuttle-System Use this. Ensure you have B9partswitch and KSPWheel. Make sure you are using the correct versions for your game version! Obviously you'll need the correct ModuleManager too. 4.1.4 is the latest.
  9. any way to reverse which end of a robotic arm is the root part? I'm trying to make a canadarm2 and the mesh base of a part has to be placed facing the root and the rotating end facing away from the root. The issue with this is when you have two LEE on an arm, once the opposite end has been attached to a docking port, this now becomes the root but now the rotating parts are facing the wrong way to move the arm and the nodes become detached from joining parts when you try and rotate a joint. What can I do to over come this?
  10. how so? landing gear works fine in mine. And MLP adds a node to the bottom of the external tank to attach to the shuttle launch platform...
  11. I only wanted the Runway statics mainly...
  12. yes it is the correct log file. I installed Kerbinside Remastered, noticed that I couldn't bring up my KK static menu so I then deleted Kerbinside to see if that was the issue. Booted back up and then indeed I could once again open my KK statics menu. And yes, this is an RO save so which may also explain it. I also have absolutely no idea why FAR is having such a mental breakdown in the log all the time.
  13. does this work for you? I wouldn't have the foggiest of where to start looking in this LOG https://1drv.ms/u/s!AuRAkFEm5wXghgSMNt3FzegIy2mn
  14. what's the best method to upload the KSP.log file?
  15. If I install the latest version of KSR, it breaks my KK and won't let me open the KK statics menu. I'm on 1.11.1 but others said that KSR works fine on 1.11?
  16. I too have had this happen. Albeit the RO fork of KJR....
  17. The issue is, they both aren't cross compatible. If you have an item in stock inventory, you cannot use KIS construction mode to remove things from it to build. Items that have a KISinventoryitem Module in their configuration file can be used in KIS inventory and also will work in the build mode.
  18. It's not ridiculous if the latter vastly improves upon stock. If you look past the inventory side of it, the other aspects of the mod make life that bit easier.
  19. It's been a known issue on KSRSS for donkey's now. If memory serves me, it's something to do with the texture quality in settings menu. delete the settings.cfg file, and when you reload the game, try choosing medium texture quality. Also if not that, there was something mentioned in the thread about 2.5x SD scale possibly causing a bug, I'm not sure if it got patched though. Also KK has been known to cause headaches in KSRSS, that's why KK-KSRSS was dropped for the time being...
  20. Is the new version of the falcon9/dragon now fully configured for RO? I know the previous release still had a little work to be done on the dragon etc for real fuels and engine specs. Also is this one scaled true to life size? The reason I ask is because I have submitted a pull request on the RO Github page for full RO support for HT2 ISS modules, which means near on real size modules, PMA ports and life support systems. With the new version of RO Falcons, basically will the crafts be dockable with real size ISS modules? I have done configs for Tantares Russian segments also but as Beale is updating his Library, I may hold off submitting the Tantares ones for now.
  21. I'm on 1.11.1 myself, and can assure you that the construction mechanics of it OUTSIDE of the VAB is far superior to that of the stock EVA construction mode. Its just easier to use and it adds parts for your Kerbals to use to carry out those tasks of attaching parts or detaching parts via use of electric screwdriver/wrench. It also adds containers you can place in your crafts to store parts in order to build and attach parts for bases/stations. Dude, just try it out for yourself, the documentation it comes with explains everything you can do with the mod and how to do it.
  22. So try it for yourself then and find out, you can always delete it if it's no use to you. There's plenty of youtube showcases/reviews of KIS that shows you exactly what it is capable of and what new features it brings or what features it builds upon.
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