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  1. i don't know if anybody else is having this issue also but i am unable to quicksave unless i'm at the KSC?
  2. i dont know how your files are different to mine because even with KK-KSRSS not installed, im still unable to do anything! VAB doesn't work, SPH doesnt work, tracking station doesn't work, nothing does. so strange
  3. Do you have KK-KSRSS installed though? That seems to be causing the most bugs because it isn't updated. I really like using the modular launch pads with tundra space station so I may just stick to 0.5 until KK-KSRSS is updated and the bugs ironed out.
  4. No problem, it's not an inconvenience at all and I understand there may be slight issues that need ironing out. Thanks
  5. @Kierra 0.6 has totally broke the game for me. All old files was uninstalled before the 0.6 versions was installed apart from KK-KSRSS. I,ve tried with graphics settings set at default high, and KSRSS. I cannot enter the VAB, Tracking station, Map view and when i click on the red leave button in the top right hand corner and try and choose exit to main menu, it does nothing, just reverts back to the KSC view. this is what the KSC looks like with graphics settings on high and this is what it looks like with graphics settings set on KSRSS Regardless though, nothing in the KSC view is able to be interacted with correctly. I've tried deleting settings.cfg numerous times and tried different settings but nothing works. I've even tried different quality texture files, 16k, 8k, 4k etc.
  6. just installed, will let you know of any issues, if any at all. great job
  7. yes so have i, but there was a cumulative update, KB something or other, and for a little while my issue was resolved. However it is back doing it again now and im now at a loss as to what causes it. i've literally tried everything short of re-installing windows, which i would do if i was 100% sure it would resolve the issue. Its just strange how its only started doing it over the last month or so.
  8. When my KSP is loading, I get a "B9Partswitch serious warning". Any idea what causes this?
  9. So for anyone else having this issue, first make sure all Windows updates are downloaded and installed. I updated windows 10 last night with update Windows 10 1903 and 1909, and the issue no longer happens.
  10. I have this exact same issue and its really starting to p*** me off. I have gone through everything, from thinking i had malware on my PC, corrupted registry entries, RAM issues, conflicts with GeForce Experience, Mod issues, BIOS issues, corrupted installs, ... you name it i've tried resolving this issue. Glad to see that it is an ACTUAL KSP issue, although as of a week ago, it never happened. I know when its going to go t**s up because i get one of those spinning not responding circles come up. Sometimes during first boot up, sometimes when loading my game save and sometimes when entering/exiting the VAB.
  11. Does anybody else get a trojan warning pop up with realchute? my malware program really doesn't like the realchute.dll file
  12. Can you not just replace the textures with the 4k RSS Textures?
  13. ok thank you, keep up the great work! edit; also @tony48, ive just tried the 2.5x resize and even with KSRSS texture quality set to "KSRSS high" in settings, the ground is still appearing sunken and trees vanished.
  14. @tony48 This is the cities issue i mentioned above. possible cause? just using the stock size, not 2.5 scale, KSRSSVE 16K textures. thanks
  15. Is there an issue with the configs that makes the city lights textures still appear on the daylight side of earth? I installed and played yesterday ( very impressed btw) but this was one issue I spotted, whilst above the earth, the ground city textures appeared yellow/brown which made for a quite unappealing look. I'll try post a picture later but maybe you might know what I'm referring to. Thanks
  16. Hi there, I'm having a go at putting a basic planet mod together to try and learn the ropes of using textures, maps, kopernicus coding etc, and I'm trying to find out if there is any particular file type that KSP prefers for height maps/normal maps etc and also if there is really any cap on the texture file dimensions, just so I know what my limit is to the amount of detail I can have in a texture. Thanks
  17. So I've been having a little issue with EVE not loading my configuration settings correctly. EVE recognises that I have a cloud config file installed, but when I start the game, it doesn't load the settings set in the config, I do only have one cloud config installed btw. I press alt+0 to bring the manager up and the clouds and aurora altitudes are way off to what they are set at in the config file. I do have the latest version of EVE. Does anyone know what maybe causing eve not to read the config correctly? Thanks
  18. Hi everybody. Can anyone tell me which file I would need to alter to change the size of the moon when viewed on the ground from kerbin. I'm using a stock scale RSS mod and want to change the apparent size of moon and sun when at the KSP. Thanks
  19. For some reason this isn't working for me. I'm on 1.8, have all the dependencies installed, is ksc2 shows up on the globe in tracking station, but I have no way to switch to it and also when I press ctrl + k for kerbal konstructs, nothing happens. I have dependencies installed for all mods that require dependencies.
  20. Hi everyone, as per title, I'm looking for help altering planet .cfg files. I'm running on 1.8 running SSRSS mod and I'm a little confused with Earth info that is displayed by kerbal engineer. Its telling me that the minimum safe orbit altitude is 188,400m, low space altitude 112,000 and atmosphere 40,000. Does this sound correct? With kerbin I believe min safe orbit altitude was about 80,000m? And as I understand it SSRSS just scales everything down to stock size. So if possible I need to know which cfg file holds the relative information for setting these altitudes. Thanks
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