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  1. hey @Beale, how can the drag be increased on the Soyuz parachute? It doesn't slow the descent of the capsule down and end up hitting the ground at about 130m/s lol. Bear in mind I have also increased the mass of the descent module too... Thanks
  2. So basically a parachute I have configured for RealChute deploys upside down, without Realchute it doesn't. I have posted this issue in the RealChute thread also but had no response as of yet and I've wasted nearly a full day trying to find what is causing this issue. I can't see anything obvious in the configuration file and the RealChute module doesn't have a line for "invertCanopy" so that one is out. Anybody know of a solution or a config line that can be added to @RealChuteModule to resolve this? It would be greatly appreciated and save the last few locks of hair I have left in my head. Thanks!
  3. Cool. I have the module now working via the actions group, but is there a config line that can be added to RealChuteModule to flip the parachute? Basically my parachute is deploying inverted below the craft. There is a line for this in ModuleParachute but it appears not in RCM. Can one be added to perform this action and how should I write it that RealChute will recognise? thanks.
  4. What is the difference between the configs in RSSVE and EVO that causes the shadows not to work though? It would be better to correct the configs in EVO rather than installing a dll that isn't needed.
  5. Hi, i'm trying to add a Realchute/Procedural chute MODULE to a non-RC configured part. What is the correct way to do this? In VAB the part info tells me that the part has a Realchute module and Procedural chute, but when I try to open the options via action group, The Realchute window doesn't pop up, and also if i just place the part on a pod and drop it from a set altitude and arm/deploy chute, nothing happens and the chute doesn't open. Any help on configuring parts for realchute would be greatly appreciated. If it helps, the part i am trying to add realchute to is https://github.com/Tantares/Tantares/blob/master/GameData/Tantares/parts/core_soyuz/_tantares_parachute_s0_1.cfg Thankyou
  6. Just checked, this happens in my save too. Saturn doesn't cast a shadow on its rings nor does it block sunlight to moons behind it.
  7. I have TAC LS for Soyuz TM, Zarya & Zvezda. Along with RO/RF configs for them. All part of the RO configs I have been working on for your ISS russian segments as well as RO/TAC LS for HT2 ISS modules.
  8. Ah I didn't realize you was using RO.
  9. @PART[*] { @MODULE[ModuleEngines*] { @minThrust = 0 } } Try placing this config into your Gamedata. It 'Should' give ALL parts with an engine config full throttle control from zero to maximum.
  10. Was it the RO configs from pmborg? If so those configs aren't fully RO compatible and are still a WIP, hence why the Dragon capsule is still configured for Monopropellant. I don't know if he is working on completing his configs for KK Space X pack or not, and as far as I know, there isn't any other configs for KK's pack atm. I'm currently working on RO configs for Tantares Russian ISS modules and Habtech2 ISS modules, but once I have those wrapped up, I'm going to have a play with some RO configs for Falcon/Dragon if pmborg doesn't plan on getting his out of a WIP state.
  11. dude, just take a pic with a mobile device if you have to. Literally all you need to do is make sure you have downloaded the latest release from Github or Spacedock and drop the contents into your Gamedata folder. Make sure to also check the latest releases of the dependencies. What version KSP are you on?
  12. Is there an IVA for SSS? and how do you toggle the camera views using RPM?
  13. I cannot even see a Scaled Space config line in any of the config files. Where should it be?
  14. You'll need to be a bit more specific than that if you seek to get help.
  15. Hey, loving EVO after crossing from RSSVE. One slight bug that seems to be occurring, which only started after installing EVO, are highlighted areas in KSC view. Also get them around launch sites when i have a ship on the pad or runway. Is this anything to do with different PQS configs? Thanks
  16. I have severe issues with the rotators not rotating on their axis properly. They sort of skew to the side as you get around to 180 degrees, and then start to straighten back up as you come back around to 360, really weird. Any fix for this?
  17. Do you have your staging organized correctly? It's really no different to how you launch anything else
  18. Could someone tell me why when using some cameras, in particular the aero cam, once the ship gets to a certain altitude and does a gravity turn, the view from the camera clips inside the vessel as the turn is performed.
  19. Aside from the JEM EF, is very easy to mock up your own for the trusses using structural panels etc, then place science experiments on to them.
  20. My configs scale the FGB, Service module, Soyuz and Progress all to real life scale. They do incorporate Realfuels and life support systems also though. I'm currently in the process of putting all my rescaled RSS/RO configs for Tantares, Habtech and a few other mods onto my Github page. If @Bealewould like any of the configs for rescaled parts for RSS/RO configs, maybe he could link them for people in the OP?
  21. What exactly was the rescale patch supposed to scale it to? I have a bunch of rescaled and RO configs for Tantares that I created for my ISS build project.
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