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  1. Yes its quite similar to that but it doesnt look as severe and it only occurr for example when im looking at distant terrain. When im doing eva the ground near me doesnt do it. Id record it but i dunno how easy it would be to see. actually im pretty sure its the same issue, mine doesnt flicker as bad as that but its the same effect. Is it quite a uncommon issue? Was this in 1.9 before 1.9.1
  2. Dunno if im being dumb but i dont remember this ever happening before. Basically there seems to be a blindspot when in orbit of kerbin with extra groundstations enabled. I know because my space station and probe are currently without single. Its only brief but i thought extra groundstations made this problem go away?
  3. no not like that, its more in the distance. It doesn't happen close to your ship or Kerbal. It kind of looks like a shadow glitch but there isnt any shadow its the actual planets texture thats flickering.
  4. Hi I havent played since 1.7 or whatever so i started a new game. Loving the new graphics for KSP on 1.9.1 however i got a problem. At low altitudes when the textures are higher res, the planets surface flicker, its quite distracting and i never had this problem before i cant really find any other posts describing the same issue. Same PC. Help please? really annoying.
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