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  1. I know. Thats the problem that it doesn't work in flight.
  2. Hi. For some reason my ctrl+k dont work. I mean they do but just to show me what is what (the first tab) and when i want to spawn new or move others the tab is just empty. I cant spawn anything or move anything around.
  3. Hi. I have this problem where the parts are not visible in the VAB or SPH. I play science mode and have all parts unlocked and when i got to check in the Research Facility (im not sure for the correct name basically the place where u unlock parts) and i saw that Starship parts are deprecated. How can i fix that? And i dont have textures unlimited. Is it required?
  4. Ok thanks but will the 1.10 version of Kopernikus work on 1.12.2 ?
  5. Yup same problem! I also have everything on max but yea... Well the best fix so far i found is quicksave and load. I guess we will hope for @Gameslinx to update asap!
  6. Ow ok. So we all are waiting for Links to update. Well we will make a bit more (hopefully not too much)
  7. Ok so i play with Beyond Home and most of the space centers are underground, floating, underwater and anything in between. I thought that was because of KCSE os for Kerbin and now i read its comparable with BH how can i install or fix these issues?
  8. There is a bug that is just hyper frustrating for me. The parts are jelly. Literally long rockets will just snap and destroy. And I'm not even talking super long or complicated craft. Just a regular rockets just snaps. Docking ports are not even a question since they behave like liquid and just wont hold anything. I'm talking about 1.12.0 update though! So if this is fixed please let me know!
  9. Hello. I have this issue where terrain scatters will just spawn mid air or sideways, like fallen trees or both. How can i fix this? KSP version: 1.12 Beyond home: 1.5.2 Kopernikus Planetary System Modifier: 2:release-1.12.1-55
  10. So first do i have to use restock waterfall configs and stock waterfall configs to get the jet plumes? And second well... How do i do that?
  11. when will the new version with colligable parallax be available to Beyond Home?
  12. is there a way of using waterfall jet engine plumes with resock? im currently running both waterfall restock and real plume so my jet engines and SRB are realplume. I dont mind the SRBs but jet engine plumes look really cool with waterfall! How can i run make jets use waterfall? Also instead of the smoke of the engines can you add fire textures at the end? I love what realplume has done with the flame effect. and since i have both mods installed i get some engines to have both the plumes! It looks good in atmosphere but in vacuum waterfall definitely wins. So just add flame particle effect at the end of the plume trail that disappears as we go higher and leave the regular vacuum waterfall plume.
  13. I think i fixed it. I reinstalled the mods and it fixed itself. But thanks for the help! Also when is the dual sun support comming?
  14. Ok i will. The thing that i did that may cause the 3 preset thing is when i installed the latest version on CKAN it replaced the "pre-realise scatter" folder that i installed manually. When i got in the game i saw that i dont have godrays. So i installed the pre-realise again but it still didnt work. So i changed the version to the previous one in CKAN. But still no godrays. I deleted the folder in Game Data and re installed pre-realise. This time i lost atmospheric effects. So i thought maybe a problem with BH scatter configs. I replaced the scatter folder in BH folder from a backup install that i keep. And it fixed the atmospheric effect but the godrays are still absent and i have 3 copies... probably.
  15. I fixed the planet atmospheric effects but god rays are still absent even on the max preset. Also i have 3 times all presents. Like i have 3 lows 3 mids 3 very highs.
  16. I installed the newest version on CKAN and i cant see godrays. Is there a way to fix it? Also the atmospheric effect is not visible on the map view nor in space. Just visible when landed on it.
  17. Ok well nope. This just isnt working. I really like the mod but i cant get it to work at all. In Syock it works but not with Beyond Home.
  18. Same man! I really want it to be updated with KSP 1.12 update and BH 1.6? Maybe? By the way this is still the same for me. Any ideas how to fix it?
  19. Well... I have it installed successfully but the space center is just stock. How do i fix it?
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