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  1. I believe the answer to this is no, but it’s well worth going regardless. I just got back from my first visit to the Joolian system on the PS4 and I don’t regret it, new textures or not (although try it in an SSTO if you enjoy having a bugger of a time getting there and back)...
  2. This I had not yet considered here - thanks for the suggestion!
  3. I find myself in need of a pointer or two getting back from Laythe, and I do know this is one of the more challenging things to accomplish. PS4 so this is all stock - I’m at that stage you get to where your tech tree is maxed out and have moved into to SSTO infatuation. Using ISRU and have been wheels down and back from everywhere in the Duna and Kerbin systems, and have now worked my way out to Laythe via refueling at Minmus-> Dres -> [forced to learn about gravity assists here] -> Jool -> Laythe. To hopefully make it easier to get back I refueled on Pol (probably m
  4. I posted this same advice elsewhere recently too but something similar happened to me and I was able to recover my game from the PS4 menu in Settings -> Application Save Data Management somewhere. Find KSP and get in there, find your game and it has an option to ‘restore from ‘ or something. No guarantee it works for everyone and not sure why no one else seems to know to suggest this but if you have nothing else to lose, give it a whirl. Hope that helps!
  5. All that other stuff aside, this happened to me and I was able to recover my game from the PS4 menu in Settings -> Application Save Data Management somewhere.
  6. Did you check the tracking station? On more than one occasion I’ve found ships full o’ Kerbals just drifting out in space in places I hadn’t realized they’d wandered off to... My step 1 of any mission now is to create a quick save right on the launch pad, which took me far too many Kerbals to learn to do...
  7. I’ve been meaning to follow up here for 2 reasons: to say thanks for the suggestion and the reply above, but also to report that this is now fixed as far as I have been able to determine. A huge thanks to the dev team for the update!
  8. PS4, Radial preset, in career mode. For context to give some idea where I am: n00b, maybe a month-2 months in (they're still reviewing my posts I'm so new, ha), having a blast - flags all over the Mun and Minmus, one unmanned rocket currently stuck around Duna (in accidentally polar orbit, probably enough fuel, and ferreting out how to get back). So I'm on a mission that requires a surface sample from 3 locations on the Munar surface (Alpha, Beta, Gamma), being quite new to this still I don't yet have a rover and not yet dialed in on landing at a desired spot, so on a mission like this I'm
  9. Same for me, playing on PS4. Test criteria are both checked green at the launch pad, as soon as you stage the booster (or click the test button) you lift off, the green check for the ‘launchpad’ goes away, test not completed. Things I’ve tried with no success: Staging normally from launchpad Using test button from context menu Staging with full fuel tank and thrust limited to zero (to stay on the pad) Staging with full fuel tank and thrust limited to 5% (to stay on the pad, and ran it to empty/burnout) Staging with empty fuel tank and thrust set to 100%
  10. If you’re still stuck I spent a good long while on this one and was able to do it by launching straight up (liquid rocket engine and 2 solid boosters attached), and then decoupling at just the right spot to be at the correct m/s at that altitude, rotating horizontal and then firing the flea at the right altitude. You’ll probably have to do it a few times to get the height just right but it’s how I was able to do it.
  11. THIS. Came here for this exact issue, at this same exact place, the advice above took 10 seconds and worked for me. Dude, thanks!
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