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  1. Thank you for the advice! I don't have the time to work on this right now, but I'll see what I can figure out. Re "," for @RESOURCE: I tried that after I posted this, but it seemed to apply to only the first resource listed (and yes, this was with only 1 part being patched).
  2. Ever find yourself tired of calculating life support stats for pods? Had enough of copy-pasting from spreadsheets? I present my first modding-related release, a TACLS config generator! $ python3 --help usage: [-h] -p PART -c CREW -d DAYS [--partial RESOURCE [RESOURCE ...]] [--day-length HOURS] [--for MOD] [-o FILE] TACLS config generator v0.1.0 optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -p PART name of part to patch -c CREW number of Kerbals to support -d DAYS number of days (6.0 hours by default) to supply --partial RESOURCE [RESOURCE ...] generate configs only for the specified resources; cannot use with -o --day-length HOURS length of a day, in hours --for MOD add a ModuleManager :FOR[] flag -o FILE output config to file in create-or-append mode, print to stdout if omitted $ python3 -p DummyPart -c 3 -d 5 --day-length=24 --for DummyMod @PART[DummyPart]:NEEDS[TacLifeSupport]:FOR[DummyMod] { %RESOURCE[Food] { %amount = 21.9375 %maxAmount = 21.9375 } %RESOURCE[Water] { %amount = 14.4998 %maxAmount = 14.4998 } %RESOURCE[Oxygen] { %amount = 2220.7446 %maxAmount = 2220.7446 } %RESOURCE[CarbonDioxide] { %amount = 0.0000 %maxAmount = 1918.7868 } %RESOURCE[WasteWater] { %amount = 0.0000 %maxAmount = 18.4650 } %RESOURCE[Waste] { %amount = 0.0000 %maxAmount = 1.9950 } } In the future, I plan to add support for other life support mods and possibly other types of configs. Suggestions are welcome. Source Code and Download Version History v0.1.0, 2020-05-13 Initial release License GNU GPLv3
  3. I'm attempting to write some life support patches that doubles the amount of resources packed, like so: // JNSQ days are twice as long, double resources to compensate @PART[Part1|Part2|Part3]:NEEDS[JNSQ&TacLifeSupport]:FINAL { @RESOURCE[Food|Water|Oxygen|CarbonDioxide|Waste|WasteWater] { @maxAmount *= 2 } @RESOURCE[Food|Water|Oxygen] { @amount *= 2 } } However, it does not do anything. Is it possible to specify multiple nodes at once, or must I write each resource and part out separately? The ModuleManager wiki says that wildcards can be used, but does not mention explicitly specifying multiple parts. Thanks!
  4. The framing of the shots are great @DylanSemrau! If I may ask, where are the engines used on the RLTS and the pod from Chapter 3 from?
  5. Nertea, this looks wonderful! Some observations: The ER-U1 adapter's bottom attachment node is in the wrong place: The Merlins seem a bit undersized compared to other mods' renditions. Below are some comparisons with SSTU and Tundra Exploration: Edit: the forum disappeared my table, so here's a screenshot: And a screenshot (in order from top to bottom: NFLV, SSTU, Tundra Exploration):
  6. Shadowmage, thank you for making such a wonderful mod. However, it seems like it doesn't properly respect screenshot supersampling (by configuring the value of SCREENSHOT_SUPERSIZE in settings.cfg): while the resolution is increased, the effective resolution is not (ex. for a 2 times upscale, while the dimensions are doubled, the pixels are in units of 4, effecting making the resolution the same as before). Here's a screenshot that was supersampled from 1440p to 5120x2880:
  7. Here is a patch file that should do the trick (save to GameData/patch-sstu-restock.restockwhitelist):