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  1. Do you have Kerbal Konstructs (as stated in the main post)?
  2. I'd need to perform a Convex Decomposition of the entire thing, which depending on precision, might result in over 1000 mesh colliders for this specific case (and it computes in "just" a few dozen hours using a Blender plugin I have found that does it, so it's pretty much out of the picture for those 2 reasons). You don't have the pads installed (as to why, that's a mystery). Please copy the files to your GameData once more.
  3. Can you send a screenshot of the KK menu?
  4. Which RSS version do you have? Make sure you're using 18.1.2 (and RSS-Textures 18.2, other aren't compatible).
  5. Thanks! No, not really, unfortunately. You can use Tundra Space Center to get more pad assets, and place them with KK menu (Ctrl+K in flight scene).
  6. Verona Rupes, the highest cliff in the Solar System
  7. My own fork of EngineLight, custom parts mod (RO only), custom launch towers mod (RO scale), custom plumes and engine sounds, Katniss's Cape Canaveral, RSS, RO, TUFX, SSTU, EVE/Scatterer with custom configs, BDB, probably some other too.
  8. Launch Towers. Because launch towers are awesome! Everyone, have a launch tower! Also "featuring" EngineLightRelitKatnissified
  9. Does anyone know what are and how to open the .half files that are used as ? assetPath = RSSVE/Textures/ScatterTextures/Titan