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  1. By default, RSS's "KSC" is placed very close to the LC-39A. Because of that, I had to move the KSC out of the way in the config. You changing this config told KSCSwitcher to stop modifying the position for us_cape_canaveral, and it reverted to the usual "at LC-39" position. As to why you can't scroll out far enough, I unfortunately have no idea, whenever I, or any other person I talked to used KSCSwitcher, we were always able to scroll out and see.
  2. Nope, the cape only exists at Cape Canaveral, any other launchsite is unaffected.
  3. This mod only works with RSS. Tbh, I'd love to, but I'm already past these with my timeline and I'd rather work on making videos than launchpads I'd never use. I struggle with finding time to work on things already.
  4. I currently don't have a way to make a collider that conforms to the shape of the terrain, unfortunately. The only tool I found for convex decomposition was pretty sheit. My best guess would be that you have an older version of RSS that tries to load the heightmap in a different manner (real issue with RSS). In retrospect, I shouldnt've modified the heightmap and just used the PQS decal. That will be dealt with in the future. Probably when I finish Baikonur.
  5. Copy the files that are included in the downloaded .zip into GameData, and click overwrite once it prompts you.
  6. Left to right: Saturn V (cargo) MLV Saturn V-23-L MLV Saturn V-24-L MLV Saturn V-5 MLV Saturn V-25-L https://katnisssspaceprogram.fandom.com/wiki/KatnisssSpaceProgram_Wiki
  7. Sorry for late reply. You need to overwrite the default Earth heightmap with the custom one provided with KCC.
  8. I'm not sure if you can set them as default, but to launch from a pad, there's a menu in the VAB. You click it and another menu with the launch pads will pop up. When you select the pad, it *should* launch from it until you select a different pad, even after rebooting, but I've had some issues with that.
  9. Most likely you don't have Kerbal Konstructs. It's needed to spawn the actual launchpad objects Colliders aren't broken. The spawning system in KK is. Instead of using the position of the spawner it moves the bottom of the craft as low as it can go. The only way to "fix" that is to cover up the trench, and that's not gonna happen. And it does work, if you attach an actual launch clamp (the stock ones work for example) to the rocket.
  10. A bit late, but: Add a normal launch clamp to the rocket and move it up about 15m in the VAB.
  11. Nice! Are the pads based in reality or just random pads placed in the locations one would expect a pad to be?
  12. There's nothing in KCC to port, really. If you can manage to run RSS and Kerbal Konstructs on 1.10, it will work.
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