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  1. Likely not, I haven't tested it, but there are 3rd party versions/patches to make it work with ksrss if you look for them
  2. That is a problem with RSS (and possibly KSP itself) unfortunately.
  3. Im gonna reserve this comment for later, if that's okay. But, so it's not just a blank comment, Nice job, now try making stock configs for KPP
  4. Have you "opened" it in the KK menu? KK launch sites need to be opened before you can launch from them
  5. It is not and will not be. Feel free to rescale and position it yourself
  6. Currently working on Baikonur, as you've probably seen on Discord already
  7. Ayyy! Nice to see it getting a forum thread! Best of luck, and hopefully I can focus mostly on my own timeline now
  8. Thank you for nominating my KCC mod. I feel humbled, even though I did not win
  9. By default, RSS's "KSC" is placed very close to the LC-39A. Because of that, I had to move the KSC out of the way in the config. You changing this config told KSCSwitcher to stop modifying the position for us_cape_canaveral, and it reverted to the usual "at LC-39" position. As to why you can't scroll out far enough, I unfortunately have no idea, whenever I, or any other person I talked to used KSCSwitcher, we were always able to scroll out and see.
  10. Nope, the cape only exists at Cape Canaveral, any other launchsite is unaffected.
  11. This mod only works with RSS. Tbh, I'd love to, but I'm already past these with my timeline and I'd rather work on making videos than launchpads I'd never use. I struggle with finding time to work on things already.
  12. I currently don't have a way to make a collider that conforms to the shape of the terrain, unfortunately. The only tool I found for convex decomposition was pretty sheit. My best guess would be that you have an older version of RSS that tries to load the heightmap in a different manner (real issue with RSS). In retrospect, I shouldnt've modified the heightmap and just used the PQS decal. That will be dealt with in the future. Probably when I finish Baikonur.
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