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  1. Like I would not be a youtuber with my 220 subs made in last 4 month, but I definitely have some tips. And I am totally not doing KSP content, I am doing Path of Exile, so it is gaming. https://socialblade.com/youtube/channel/UCssdrokzKxDfUVxkPOK-4WA Maybe one day I would do KSP xD 1. Youtube do not care. Youtube started to "push" one of my new videos (250+ browse feature views a day), when I already had around 15 "passable" videos with 50K total views. And they came from YouTube search, Google Search, Reddit, Another Reddit and mainly from official forums (40%). 2.
  2. some station porn xD https://imgur.com/a/kaOpx9o - STS-6 https://imgur.com/a/IJTIS7h - STS 7-8 As before full stock STS and station commander entries. Now I know that one can use vanilla flags as stickers. Love that current KSP addition. Since I am in Soviet mood named my two shuttles after Soviet sweets: Barbaris candy and Montpensier candy. Станция Рокот (Thunder Station in English) is sitting at 309 km orbit. Core module feature Science lab with Hitchhiker container and docking adaptor that can be accessed by up to 3 shuttles. Launched second is Habitat
  3. Thanks! I think I am doubletracking a bit. Made whole different shuttle with insane balanse... since it technically have the same amount fuel and weight on both ends of cargo bay. Faring and white flags is really cool way to build a hull xD My STS-1T full stock entry
  4. Went for modless commander STS-2b, recovering fuel pod and had an excuse to start building modless station (STS-5). I want shiny silver station xD Landing was a bit harder that usual since I no linger use large landing gear in front. But after several attempts I now can deal with medium landing gear not snapping. Shoots for the style do not really need them xD https://imgur.com/a/3riB5W4
  5. I totally forgot that you can do that most likely in the mod toolbar... thanks for the tip. Decided to master my STS skills with modeless craft, and I still have some commander mission to clear. Quite happy how it turned out. Have a question for future missions. Is simple Fuel switch allowed for stock craft? Simply do not want to have bunch of versions of craft with different tanks and extra clipped tank, since there is no nose tank with liquid fuel. Here is my entry for STS-1b commander full stock. 90km orbit for fuel pod with 21m margin achieved. https://imgur.com/a/yxO
  6. Ok. For some bizarre reason when I wanted to make non nuclear Mun Shuttle mission, I stumbled upon this thread xD And I took on a spin totally overkill machine. It is iteration on mine original STS challenge vehicle. Shuttle itself clocks more than 120t fueled without cargo and have 4 dual Rapier / Panther Engines for powered atmospheric flight with ability too boost itself from gravity wells on Rapiers as well as 4 Torch engines for orbital maneuvers. Munar Decent Trunk ( MDT ) carry large refinery with semi hollow design fitting 3 drills, numerous radiators, 2 large fuel cells an
  7. Technically it is 8. Panthers are clipped together with Rapiers. That STS system is absolutely can lift itself vertically from Mun just only on 4 Rapiers closed cycle. I think I would use that for Lunex challenge. Lift-off from Duna is also 100% on checkbox and certainly Laythe where only 4 Rapiers were not enough even for 60t Shuttle. On Kerbin I can cruise around mach 1 when Panthers are not in the wet mode and go to mach 3+ with wet mode. Honestly since atmospheric trajectory calculator mods kills my FPS I just cannot fly unpowered gliders. I am used to have all that insane horse
  8. It takes practice and fine tweaking of aircraft. I literally spend 90% the time creating the shuttle while tweaking control surfaces and center of mass to get good plane. Also I remember how many times it took me to start getting consistent landings... like 30+.
  9. Jesus that delta wing should able to do cobra stop if you add some stability with forward control surface. Why bankrupting Kerbalkind with so many shoots. xD Ok I was chilling, relaxing and just constructing new beauty shuttle full of lessons learned from my STS challenges. The main issues that I run into with my previous designs was inability to really do high velocity capture on 3km/s+ due to bunch of part sticking out like engines, docking ports and solar panels. Basically it is evolution on this post design: Faring to have heat resistant nose full of batte
  10. Nice to hear that. Looking forward to some new stuff. Hope to see some new Laythe and Eve stuff one day, maybe submarine mission? Regarding to Minmus proposals, I would most likely have another bonus multi-mission installment with Kordon Jamsey. Chef definitely needs posh restaurant. Also this Nasa article from April just blew me away, and I want to try to make shuttle mission with construction of telescope on far side of the Mun.
  11. Made an updated version of my SMM. Now it is finally 6! cargo segments, fully versatile and capable to take off from Duna and Laythe in standard configuration. The major thing is me tweakscaling wings, aligning center of thrust and getting more cargo capacity. And here is my continuation of Minmus saga. I present Minmus STS-1K as an additional proposal to my Minmus STS-2-4. This time around it is more ridiculous and rather challenging. Somewhat similar to STS-2b, but technically harder (51t to land). I consider this to be a bonus mission after completion of potential Minmus STS-2.
  12. Couldn't you just lunch it with sepatrons from the ground and use shoots to land package? Also... launch abort system could be a thing for that if you can rotate payload ... Like my whole paradrop reason is because I "lack clearance" with bottom doors and felt like totally new thing to do in KSP. Could done some weird sideways deployment or just put huge telescopic piston. But it is a bit unrealistic... lifting 120t shuttle to deploy stuff. Otherwise I most likely would be just releasing two layers worth of modules to clear them with current design. The plane and rover were part of initi
  13. This one took me a while. I never actually did gravity assists in Jool system before. Aero-breaking is way easier. Used some tweakscale to bring down number of engines on launch vehicle. And now LAME use 9 upscaled Nerv engines instead of Restock+ ones. At first I had bad plan with Minmus pit-stop, witch added extra 600 delta V. Then I upscaled my launch vehicle to 2 stages and added drop tanks for initial 2k Jool burn. And return took a week. I tried not to use my main "backup" plan with Bop pit-stop and slingshotted from Jool using combined liquid and monopropellant trust and very
  14. Never actually thought about sending support package to the destination. Crap. Nice one. I actually redoing my Jool mission since on the first try I was going to delta V stuck in Laythe orbit due to my error in planning and not accounting that Minmus pit stop is an actual extra 600 m/s toll booth to Jool...
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