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  1. I prefer not to talk about my stupidity, because maybe I'll receive an award for it hahaha
  2. And also the concern about saving funds hahaha TKA is not willing to invest too much :p You did it well, budy. I left the plane flying with Kramax Autopilot until it almost ran out of fuel hahaha Shame on me! It's my fault :p
  3. OMG! I love your review! I can assure you that the aircraft can exceed 3300 km of range, however, it may only be achieved by using the Kramax Autopilot to keep the aircraft at the desired altitude, optimizing its fuel consumption. Maybe I should have taken screenshots of that. Hahaha. But I understand that without the help of the Kramax Autopilot it is more difficult to control the plane's performance. Thanks!
  4. Clouds, rain and wind would be awesome on Kerbin, Mars, Eve, and Laythe.
  5. Finally the Kerbals may know how to use a computer :p
  6. USAC A7-1100P "ASTRAL PLANE" (Long-haul, low-capacity airliner) http://kerbalx.com/SarionKerman/A7-1100P-Astral-Plane The "Astral Plane", a new generation airliner, designed by the union of Kairbine, Kerbolair and Jebedastar, under the name of USAC (United Sarionan Aircraft Corporation), for the Regional Jet Challenge 2. Manufactured with a custom pressurized cabin without windows to avoid dizziness; winglets, high-bypass turbofan engines, flaps, APU, communication antennas, and an advanced remote control system in case the pilot dies, the "Astral Plane" proved to be quite safe, effi
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