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  1. I'm having an issue where the plasma nozzle is unable to have attachments on more than one end of it - making attaching a decoupler to it impossible. Basically if I have a plasma nozzle at the bottom of my stack, I cannot attach a decoupler. I thought to workaround this by taking the nozzle off, attaching a decoupler to the bottom of my stack, attaching the plasma nozzle (flipped 180 degrees) to it, then taking the decoupler + nozzle off, flipping it again and reattaching to the bottom of the stack. While I could attach the decoupler to the nozzle this way, I couldn't then attach the nozzle + decoupler back to the bottom of the stack! Here's an image to demonstrate the lack of attachment, notice the TD-25 decoupler at the bottom of the nozzle that isn't attaching: And the attempted solution (nozzle + decoupler after doing some flippy-dos) Pretty annoying issue. I'm noticing that the nozzle still has the green/black spheres that I assume represent attachment points on either end of it, indicating that attaching things should be possible. But it's just not working.