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  1. I have a question about Kerbalism: I recently asked about Kerbalism and NFE compatibility, and after looking around in the configs, it appears that the changes are all made by MM patches. If I were to remove the NFE patch, would I retain the default behavior of reactors? I know I would lose background simulation, and I'm fine with that. (I already set crews not to require any EC for ECLSS) Also, a few years ago I tried a different version with SSPXR, and the centrifuge rings appeared to lose their animation. Has this been fixed yet? Thanks for the wonderful mod!
  2. Thanks! I guess what I really meant is: -Does Kerbalism change other mods' PartModules? -If I delete the NFE patch, will I get the default NFE behavior back, just without background simulation? Also, I have a question about radiation: Is it possible to edit the configs to make CMEs happen on the surface of bodies? And is there any "default" radiation outside of solar storms and radiation belts?
  3. Hi, I'm interested in using this mod, but I don't want the resource processing. Is there any way to make it run without messing with other mods' modules? Specifically, I want to use it with Dynamic Battery Storage, and I have configured all of the ECLSS processes to not use any EC to run for compatibility. Unfortunately it appears that it still modifies other modules even with "enforce coherency" off, and there's no way to make EC coherent like DBS does without using Kerbalism's custom PartModules. Is there any way that I could still use Kerbalism without having to edit the code and compi
  4. My updated STS-1a submission: After this I hope to try the Skylab boost mission. But it turns out Halo solar panels are too heavy for Kerbals to lift, so I'm working on an MMMU (Multiple Manned Maneuvering Unit) to bring two of them without the hassle of keeping two EVA Kerbals in range at once. It's actually two modules, because otherwise it seems weird to make part of the habitation module detachable. The station will be boosted by my standard ion tug, and the whole thing will be launched in S-1, a Mk3 shuttle derived from my much older Charon. edit: the emoji are back! I wr
  5. As for the cryo and methane jets, it's just a MM patch that adds a B9 Part Switch module for switching between LH2, LF and methane. I kept the stock stats for methane, and increased the Isp a bit for the cryo versions. I can PM you the patch if you want. And it's fine I only got Pilot, I'm planning on moving the CoL forward and trying again today.
  6. Here's my entry for Kerbin STS-1a: The Charon S-0, a simple mk2 shuttle mounted atop a small cryo booster. I didn't land on the runway at first, but I did manage to land in Research and Development, taxi to the runway, and use the sloped ground to do a quick "hop" and land on it. Not sure if it counts for Commander. Also, in "preliminary testing," I found out that the fuel pod likes to explode itself unless you autostrut it. I'm currently working on STS-1b, and it involves a very big booster, a big 5-meter one that would put a Clydesdale to shame. I'm actually thinking ab
  7. I fixed it, turns out I extracted into ToolbarController. That happens to me a lot.
  8. Oh, that's fine. My old KSP install was so unstable that I wrote a batch script to copy my entire GameData folder from a backup and I literally trimmed every part I didn't think I would need. I managed to free up quite a bit of RAM using DX11, so I don't have to anymore. But I should stop before I jinx it.
  9. Thank you so much for clarifying. Based on earlier threads, I was terrified that T2 was trying to stuff YOUR game full of microtransactions, DRMs, and paid mods. You have reassured me that KSP 2 will likely be even better than the original.
  10. I think I'm going to do the Shuttle Challenge and go to Eeloo and Dres (don't tell anyone, Dres isn't supposed to exist), then I can probably work on this 2 or 3 days a week. Now that I realized I could do the writing offline, I have Chapter 5 written. I just need the screenshots, which I have to redo because my screenshots folder got eaten by the Kraken. Thanks for understanding!
  11. It might be a while. I have way too much to do and not much time to do it, so for now I've been working on my sandbox save. And I need more RAM. 8 GB probably isn't gonna cut it.
  12. I'm having the same problem, running on KSP 1.9.1. I'll try a clean install if it's any mods I have, but I don't think it's mod interaction. The modules just disappeared.
  13. Chapter 5 coming next week. This is the last week that I don't have very much time, and next week I should be able to finish it. Some progress: You will not go to space today. Here's a better banner I just made with Pixlr.
  14. THIS IS NOT DEAD! I just needed to fix a bunch of errors and now I have no time. Chapter 5 coming probably in 2 weeks with the amount of time I have.
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