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  1. It's finally harvesting season, and I need to drink from some skulls... ;)

    But I will definitely be back to blow up more rockets.. shoot up I mean... into space you know!?

    Stay healthy fellow Kerbonauts!

  2. Nothing... IT'S FINALLY HARVESTING SEASON!!! To quote a well known cyborg: "I'll be back!"
  3. This morning the nyan cat flew across my loading screen. At first I thought it's a virus!!! But luckily it was just an april fool. Phew... Take care of your Kerbals and stay healthy!
  4. Thank you for your quick replies. And yes, it was mystifying to see it fly across the screen... Stay healthy!
  5. This... pink-sponge-cat-rainbow-tail thingy appeared on my loading screen. Never had this before. At first I thought it's a virus or something, but it only appeared in KSP so far. Does anybody know what this is related to? Or what it means? Keep it real and stay healthy, fellow Kerbonauts!
  6. No need to say sorry, RoninFrog... Jeb has died a billion times by now, he's used to disintegration. Social distancing... Kerbal style! Why would a Jebi need the cheat menu... use the Korce! To top it off you could try to add other games' DLCs. How about The Witcher 3's Blood and Wine? You could fly to Toussaint for some monster slaying... Gravity assists are an incredible feat! On the other hand, it's pretty lazy to let gravity do all the work... It's true art... to make an outpost look like a scrap yard. With best regards from isolation. Stay healthy, fellow Kerbonauts!
  7. Greetings from outer space fellow Kerbonauts! My KSP always crashed from time to time, a game crash every twenty gaming hours or so, no problem to me, I never cared. But recently it started crashing pretty regularly, and it always happens when I try to enter or exit the VAB (not every time I enter/exit VAB, but every five or so attempts). I used to play vanilla for quite a while, but a few days ago I finally added mods to the game and started a new career, and I unfortunately added so many mods that I don't know where to start looking for the problem. Does anybody have a clue what kind of problem would cause a crash when entering/exiting the VAB? Or which mod could be responsible? Or can such information be found in the error.log file? Here is the error.log file (I really hope the player.log is not needed for this, I tried uploading it, but even divided in parts it was too big for a free-to-use file uploader ) Here is a list of all the mods I've installed (sorry... it's pretty long): Any kind of help would be appreciated, these crashes are pretty annoying. And, as always these days, stay healthy! [EDIT]: Also, this (or something similar like all buildings vanishing) happens sometimes since I've added the mods. It is somehow linked to savegames, because even after a full restart of KSP it does happen again when I load the particular save, while quitting to Main Menu and reloading the persistent save solves the problem. That way it's not a big deal, because the newly written persistent save is the same game progress as the corrupted save, but I'm a bit concerned that this might happen with the persistent savegame one day, and that could end up do be a game-breaker:
  8. Re-entry speed was above 3000m/s and the overheat bar of the science junior filled up and it exploded. I guess it's difficult to keep the science module protected behind a heat shield of the same diameter, especially without auto-retrograde. A pilot might be able to do it.
  9. On return from a science trip to the Mun, re-entry heat destroyed the science junior module connected to Bob's command pod. Luckily the heat shield got stuck underneath the capsule and saved Bob's life...
  10. Dear fellow Kerbonauts, for the sake of your own health: Please keep a distance of at least one and a half meters between your comments! Thank you!
  11. Hello fellow Kerbonauts, I get this message when KSP crashes: "Unexpected Mark Stack Overflow". Google search made me think it's related to insufficient memory, but I'm not sure about that. Can anyone tell me if the solutions suggested in this thread would help preventing this?
  12. I love this mod, timeless classic. Scatterer for your ears.
  13. Toilet paper, of course! Isn't that how stock markets work? Everybody's buying, so others feel the urge to buy, too. Before the price increases, you know! And then, all of a sudden, people realize they can't dump enough mulch in the porcelain throne to ever use up this pile of paper, and the stock price crashes...
  14. Northern Germany's current state: Everything is closed except supermarkets, banks, delivery services and drugstores. Only half of the trams are going, it's kinda creepy in the streets. And we don't even have a curfew imposed yet! Toilet paper is out of stock, of course. I don't get it, if neccessary I can just hang my butt over the bathtub rim, as inconvenient as it is. But there is no plan B for having no food! Okay, I could eat my neighbours, the loud TV's all day long are beginning to get on my nerves. Corona is very bad, no question, but I try to maintain a positive attitude and enjoy life's little pleasures: I'm new to KSP and love it, what a perfect timing for a game like this. And I have all the time and every excuse to play it all day long. Besides, my internet provider made me a little gift of 5GB download volume "in the light of recent developments", isn't that nice? I'm making use of it right now... So, stay healthy! Wash your hands regularly! And always, ALWAYS check your staging before takeoff!! With best regards, fellow Kerbonauts! This is Sepone, last survivor of the Kostromo, signing off...