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  1. It looks very nice and reminds me of kurzgesagt. Some people love tutorials!
  2. You should change the download link in the OP to nvm, thanks for the explanation ballisticfox0
  3. Did you try holding down the mouse button and dragging the item into the KIS inventory? The way items are placed in the KIS containers are different from the stock containers. Also I'm pretty sure the greyed out boxes are just how the KIS ui looks.
  4. Is anyone having issues with this mod in 1.11? Edit: it is working duh
  5. These maps are so useful! Thanks very much. Also, I was wondering, what is the program that you used to create it?
  6. Where can I find an accretion disk texture that'll work with this mod? Or is the texture already in it?
  7. Does anyone know if this mod is working with 1.10.1? It made me feel so cool when in IVA mode. Edit: yes it does
  8. The tube kerbal is so cute! I can imagine having one of those on a refueling station.
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