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  1. I’ve seen that thread but I done everything on a console that I can. I bought the game and the DLC’s at the same time together . So it should have worked in the beginning. I’ve started a new savegame but it doesn’t work any differently.. if I didnt have 800+ hours on this career game I’d just deleted everything and try reinstalling and see what happens then…. I was just hoping there would be an easy fix that someone might have known
  2. I’ve looked through the setting for something that would control the ground scatter but not found anything. It’s almost like dlc is partially installed, my career game has about 500 hrs in total. The scanning arms were first unlocked at the 250 hr mark but no contracts for surface features have appeared. Where as once the deployable science parts got unlocked those contracts appeared right away. Since documentation is sketchy I have no clear way of knowing if the dlc installed correctly or not. @Curveball Andersbut thanks for your comments…
  3. Xbox one x, Latest updates on the console and the game. KSP was purchased with both dlc’s and installed at same time. I can see and used the BG parts in a career game. BG contracts for deployable science experiments come up but I’m not seeing anything related to the surface features. Ive spent a lot of time with rovers on Kerbin and the mun but have never come across any surface features. Have tried starting new game but still nothing ever appears. So any thoughts about how I can get them to appear?
  4. Pretty much due to science n fuel.. still developing different techniques in the game so still including a large safety factor in vehicle design until I get better.. the lander was an attempt to have a common platform that could be modified for duna down the road
  5. @Mikenike Both times I was switching back to small utility vehicle that I was using to deorbit old boosters from early in the game.. that vehicle is about 20 parts. The mun station is well over 300 hundred parts when everything is docked to it... I went ahead and placed updated crafts similar to the Mun station around Minus and there hasn’t been a noticeable drag with those added.. So I’m at a lose about the cause of the crashes as I’ve got some rather large part counts now..
  6. XBOX one X, Radial control preset.... I had been playing just fine (as newbie) in a career mode at day 299 when I suffered two crashes. Either time happened differently but with common characteristics.. The first one happened in the tracking station and I had just chose a vehicle to control... I restarted the game with no apparent issues but that Jeb lost his experience some how.. Attempted to do same steps prior to crash but everything worked. The second time happened shortly there after but while in map mode and again attempting to switch to another vehicle... Just before the first crash I'd created a reusable lander and had docked it to a station around the Mun.. There were two other vehicles docked as well to the station and after the lander docked the system got really slow... The lander is on the mun right now and things seem to be working ok but with me saving every time i do something now... Play the game for a bit today and it seemed like it was normal.... So I wondering if the console version creates a log file or something?
  7. Is there anyway to change the flight controls that are mapped to the left joystick? I started playing this a few months back on my Xbox(never played the pc version) and I’m struggling to fly anything with wings. Right now pitch and yaw are on the joystick, roll on the triggers which for control of rockets is fine, but flying an aircraft is just painful this way. Is there a setting that maps pitch and roll to the joystick and yaw to the triggers? I’ve tried what I think might impact it but documentation for the consoles is not really helpful and nothing tried seems to make it better..
  8. On a Xbox one X It’s more than finicky, I’ve try more times than I can count and have tried by staging, by pressing run test, no fuel, one percent of fuel, pointed downward, horizontal it just doesn’t matter... once you have all the conditions with green check marks and stage it should work.... And the flea isn’t the only engine that acts this way, hammer does the same thing. The only engine test contract that has worked so far was an experimental engine that had to achieve escape velocity. So far any other engine test with multiple parameters just fails... And honestly on the Xbox these parameters need to be a little more lenient as you just can’t move that quickly due to the way the controls are setup
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