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  1. That finally worked! Thank you very much! Finally i can use that awesome mod
  2. The Navball dont show up in IVA. In exterior mode or any other RPM IVA everything works fine. Just in that one pod it wont work.
  3. Aaaaand does absolutely nothing. Okay, one more time: Every time i tried to install it i used a factory version. No Saves, No changes in anything, nothing. Straight from the Store.
  4. why? its still dont work properly. No NavBall.
  5. Okay. I installed RPM, ASSET and the Replacer with 1.0.4. No NaN Error. Now i'm exactly where i've started. edit: since i'm only using completely clean saves straight from the KSP store there is not much i would miss.
  6. So i tried again. Thats exactly what i've done Clean KSP 1.0.2 Install copied Asset Props 1.3 to Gamedata copied RPM 0.21.2 and Module Manager 2.6.6 to gamedata copied Vesselviewer 0.71 RPM Version to gamedata copied Docking Port Aligment Indicator 6.2 to gamedata and integrated it into the JSI folder copied Nav Utilitis 0.51 RC repacked to gamedata copied ScanSat 14.1 to gamedata copied Mechjeb2 to gamedata integrated the MK1-2 Pod IVA replacment 0.1.1 into the Asset folder The Gamedata folder: The ASSET folder: edit: Now i get NaN errors on almost every god damn display. COME ON! is this so freakin hard to install?
  7. I already installed everything. The IVA replacer, Asset, RPM, Vessel View, Docking Port alignment, Mechjeb, SCANsat, Navutilities.
  8. okay. I tried a complete clean install only with the necessary mods for this to work.KSP 1.0.4. RPM Version 0.21.2 installed (according to the .version file) but notching works
  9. First of all. Amazing Work. Everything function so far. Only problem i have: The Navball wont show up. Its just black. I use the following mods: ASET Probs, Docking Port Alignment Indicator, Fusebox, Kerbal Alarm Clock, KAS and KIS, Kerbulator, kOS, Mechjeb, MK1-2 IVA Replacement (of course), Module Manager, RasterPropMonitor, RasterPropMonitor Core, SCANsat, Toolbar, Vessel Viewer. Thanks for help. I really want to test this baby in flight. But i must say. My flight skills are not so great that i can maneuver without it.
  10. Hi, i'm having some issues with the mod. After a lot of fiddling my Game doesn't crash due to Memory issues. But now it just freezes when reaching the Interstellar Mod to load. No forward, no backward. Memory usage dont change, game dont change. Nothing. It just freezes.
  11. Okay... i now have an virtual com-port COM1 and a Program which reads out the Values send over the port... but the values pretty much makes no sense. I've got 190,239,4,0,1,2,3,4... I think i got the System totally wrong. Am i right. Science the Com Port is a serial Port with only 9 Pins it have to send the Values one after another. So in the end i must pick up 45 data packages.
  12. Hi, i have a question about that mod that is pretty likely already answered but i'm to stupid to find it... So i looked through the thread and installed the mod. Now my problem is that i tryed to read the data from the Com-Port and here is already the problem. I have no Serial ports on my PC. I tried the Settings File but it only says "Com1". I dont use an Arduino board intead i want to use the Raspberry but for that i first want to read out the actual Values via a small C# programm. So my question is: On what Com Port does the Plugin write the Values and how can i read them out. Also ingame my whole console get spammed with "active vessel not found" messages.
  13. I've got an Bug/Feature. I can activate all Fail things manual. Is this suppose to be so?