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  1. So I'm one of those horrible people who likes IVA flying. I know I should never ask, but are there any plans to make the NX IVA more interactive? Examples: Using the engineer seat to execute the Warp Drive activation sequence or allowing the science seat to plan maneuver nodes via MFD? I'd alter it myself but I am still a novice at modding and that bridge interior looks complicated when it comes to placing MAS/RPM/ASET etc. assets. P.S. I've been waiting for a mod like this for years, so if nothing else, congratulations! It is incredible!
  2. So if I am getting this right: If ragdoll_OnEnter() Then Science 1 If ragdoll_OnLeave() Then Science 0 I look at the KSP API and I am at a loss on how to incorporate science. Ideally I don’t want the experiment to be repeated over and over again, just to gather one science point per rag doll activation and deactivation cycle. Also what is the () for?
  3. Stupid question (I'm not from a coding background), would it be possible to code an addon so that I generate one science point for every time I ragdoll a kerbal (i.e. they fall, or crash without dying)? Been watching all the ridiculous contraptions of SWDennis, Martincitopants, and Nexter's Lab too much. Looking for technical answers ideally, thoughts also welcome. Best I can think of so far is an if then statement (again not a coder). -If ragdoll animation triggered + if get up animation triggered -then generate one science point -If ragdoll animation triggered + kerbal destroyed -then generate no science point Did I just write nonsense or am I getting somewhere?
  4. No problems I've noticed. Btw is your giant flying saucer mothership going to be a submarine now. Cause I'd super enjoy that! I eagerly await the day I can explore the stellar odyssey star systems in that thing.
  5. I only have the historical background and research skills, best I can do is convey ideas using other people's pictures and my limited ones. I was able to pick up design software really quickly in high school though.
  6. Might have been answered already, any conflicts with other suit mods (Benjee10's historical suits for example)?
  7. I've been noodling on an idea. Would it be possible to make a mod that covers all the parts of a ship (like in Children of Dead Earth) in a metal skin. Instead of armor as in CoaDE it would reduce the part count (anything underneath would become a wireframe or something). Maybe it could be armor too. Thoughts on feasibility?
  8. How did you build the Express pallets on the trusses and the Platform attached to JEM? I don't recognize the things that look like white bags/experiment containers.
  9. @Benjee10 have you seen Boldy Going on AlternateHistory.com? https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/boldly-going-a-history-of-an-american-space-station.502152/page-29 The Enterprise Station is brilliant! http://americanrocketnews.com/Boldly/15_05_station_enterprise_layout_diagram.png If I wanted to add cupola covers to the shuttle cockpit how hard would it be? (This is the best image I could find). http://americanrocketnews.com/Boldly/10_02_SolarDeploy.gif I'm still figuring out how to turn the External Tank into a Wet Workshop.
  10. If you are thinking about doing science, why not make each payload on the racks in Near Future Props an experiment, it gives us another reason to be inside the spacecraft or use FreeIVA. Have someone whip up a UI that looks like the slots they use on the ISS rack, then all we do is fill it in in the VAB. The ISS documents are full of stuff about the racks. This link is for two NTRS documents about how the racks work and experiments onboard them. https://ntrs.nasa.gov/citations/20140011636 There are plenty of other documents there, I've seen them going back to the Space Station Freedom days when there was a central U.S. laboratory to go with the ESA and JAXA (NASDA) ones. Hope it helps, definitely an idea I've never seen someone try in Kerbal, could be exciting.
  11. See how the covers are the same shape as the windows? Weren't the front windows on the lander supposed to have slideable covers, to protect the glass during reentry? Anything we can do to make that work?
  12. Craft files? the planes in the cover art are the prettiest.
  13. Would the technique you used work on Laythe? I don't know its atmospheric composition. Or how to export its topography.
  14. This is the last time someone tried a big ground based mass driver. I think it was before kerbalkonstructs and pathfinder's mass drivers. Might offer clues to what you are looking for. Good luck, this game needs more megastructures.
  15. Do any of the plumes react dynamically with atmospheric pressure? Dramatic examples would be the Falcon 9 first and second stages. S-IVB I think did that also.
  16. Is the mobile servicing system in going to be included in the mod? The parts by infernal robotics seem too short to move the arm down the length of the entire truss. Additionally, if I wanted to edit the truss to include an invisible ladder (to avoid adding 100 parts worth of Nebula handholds) any suggestion on how I would code that?
  17. Love that someone is finally doing the X-33. This is a bit of an epilogue but I have designs for the crew section from the last Venturestar incarnation that Lockheed was playing with. I'm still trying to figure out how to upload photos (help please!) but if you have seen the version with the hump (i.e. the last version), that was to be a cargo section , a crew modules with its own propulsion system could be put inside the payload bay, complete with its own APAS docking port. Still trying to figure out which document it came from, but It seems they wanted Venturestar to operate autonomously when the crew module was removed. The capsule probably serves as launch abort too.
  18. Not sold on the "boom events." I think I prefer the more freeform approach involved in the tech tree.
  19. Will the mod be compatible with your cloaking device? Is it getting a redesign?
  20. Image of the problem? It is kind of hard to picture.
  21. Can we have a 20m to hold the smelter and reprocessing plant? I wanna remake the Michael! Park this thing in front of a Class E for UNLIMITED BOMBS!!! P.S. B9 weapons, just sayin'
  22. I'm so glad someone is doing Alternate Apollo this is amazing and the quality is the same as Blue Dog and Near Future, flawless. Have you looked at the expansion section of NASSP's wiki? http://nassp.sourceforge.net/wiki/Future_Expansion There are tons of original technical drawings on Apollo concepts that might help. Alternate history also has "Eyes Turned Skywards" which hypothesizes what a continuation of the Apollo program might look like. Its even approved by Atomic Rocket! I've included its image section. https://www.alternatehistory.com/wiki/doku.php?id=timelines:eyes_turned_skyward_media P.S. I research this stuff as a hobby to let me know if you anything specific.
  23. Can we add the old Kosmodrome mod to Kerbinside? I love the assets with the giant pit in the ground.
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