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  1. Nice! You found it. Ironic the tiny thumbnail caused a 100 km wide light...
  2. Last several days... LJP410 left Minmus, went to the Mun for the first crewed mission there. It just finished biome hoping to collect science. The science lab is packed full with 400 experiments (many duplicates to get within 0.1 point of maximum). Meanwhile another "fire mushroom" ship was launched with a fuel cell to repair a rover on the Mun and 6 junior Kerbonauts needing experience. It picked up Piper stranded in LKO, then proceeded to low Mun orbit where it is waiting for LJP410. 6 contracts have been combined: rescue Kerbal from LKO explore the Mun return Mun stone return 2600 ore from Mun to Kerbin* get deployed goo science from Mun repair a rover on the Mun *I will need to use Alt-F12 to "not cheat" again to finish the contract... there's no stipulation about transferring the ore between ships but the contract fails to complete when that tactic is used. They encountered a very strange gyroscopic rainbow phenomenon on Minmus... More Minmus pics: Mun pics:
  3. I'm seeing the anomalies are not shown in the correct positions in a new session until I change ships. It looks like the fixed position anomalies (e.g. black monoliths) are showing 90 deg west and the variable anomalies (green monoliths) are random I guess. Here's an example from JNSQ. Spoilers...
  4. Yeah me too... first Vizor 100 spawned 100m from where I left it... then the ground was moving after I took off and the map doesn't match what I see. I reload, and then plane is now 100 km away from the airport and it airdrops over the ocean! It was high enough to recover and pretend like nothing happened. More Vizor 100 pics... I combined contracts to take 10 tourists to Minmus, rescue a kerbonaut and return 2400 ore to Krebin. I used LJP410 lander to haul the ore up to LMO along with the tourists (it launched with them aboard). Then I launched a return probe "Fire Mushroom" and met them in LMO. 2nd bug happened with the inflatable docking port placed in EVA construction wasn't a port at all. No magnetic attraction, wouldn't connect. So I had to use KML to hack my save file to change a spare docking port junior in storage into a full size port and then replace the inflatable port with that one... then it worked. More pics from the mission:
  5. After about 8-10 launch attempts, I got my big lander on Minmus. It's named LJP 410... I started the build as a "Little Jool Probe" and it became the complete opposite, but the name stuck. 2073t at launch, 120t on Minmus 7686 m/s vacuum at launch, 32 m/s on Minmus !!! More pics and failed attempts link here.
  6. Hello. Welcome. The BLSG version you have is 8 months old. Scroll up to see release notes. I always launch KSP with CKAN to check for mod updates. deployable experiments work without that mod in 1.12
  7. Last few days... Finished a 4-leg circumnavigation trip with JNSQ-KSRGAP with 80+ PAX. Also flew by 2 anomalies. I got a satellite to Sun orbit and tested a 3.75m fairing and a wheel... that advanced the space program somehow. "Discovered" several new planets with RB telescope... that were clearly visible with the naked eye using DOE I've never been able to launch a rocket without fins. They're unstable, especially transonic. SAS alone is usually OK at first but then trying to use keyboard to turn makes it tumble. Could you shut down the opposing engine in the pair so you don't have high torque? I haven't seen that since KSP 1.11. I had a kraken drive after attaching something once but it's been better on 1.12. KSPCF has something that is supposed to help too.
  8. So I did miss the note about deleting the previous version - I simply updated it with CKAN. So today I removed it and then reinstalled (with CKAN). Same result. I tried deleting the smSetting.dat, no change. Note I'm using 4kSP_Expanded if that matters. I found more mods with text or buttons affected but SM itself seems most wonky. I can't resize the window at all. It just flickers rapidly between 2 different vertical heights when I try to resize it and when moving it. Baseline collage with SM Same collage with SM Changes circled:
  9. @linuxgurugamer It's missing the DLL... Folder missing: GameData\SoundtrackEditorForked\Plugins Got it from Github I assume it was just an oops when it was uploaded. Standby
  10. @Papa_Joe thanks but I'm still having trouble with It's resizing text in Waypoint Manager so text is being clipped and it's resizing buttons (but not text) in Principia. I also can't resize the SM window... when I grab the bottom right corner it just flickers between the present size and a vertically smaller size but won't actually change size at all.
  11. You could add a nosecone... you can use a docking port like a decoupler. The airplane wings are bigger than the booster fins... that's not aerodynamically stable. Use the yellow CoM and cyan aerodynamic center marker. The fins need to be about 2-3x bigger or build the booster up around the plane so the wings are lower like this https://imgur.com/a/J83omQa Imgur is making you disable ad blocker or it hides the login button. I launched this weird probe to test a 3.75m fairing and a wheel in sun orbit. There's also a bunch of science stuff inside. Been flying Vizor 100 a lot. Mostly passenger flights but detouring to anomalies after finding them with a probe in high polar orbit. I actually found the green monolith on Kerbin and got a free tech unlock.
  12. Nice! I appreciate it for 4K. However it seems to be applying the UI text scaling to other mods. Specifically I see it on Pilot Assistant v1.13.4.c. I installed v6.0.7.0 from CKAN, then PA text was larger but that's a problem because the way the text overflows and wraps to the next line and how the window autoscales the boarder assumes standard text size, so some is cut off. I reverted to v6.0.6.0 and PA UI was back to normal. I didn't go back to v6.0.7.0 again (too late today) but I have the previous player log... doubtful but maybe some help. I have a lot of mods though. I have UI Scale at 170%. player log link
  13. Pics from the first revenue flight for Vizor 100. Took 100 kerbals on a 4 leg trip in JNSQ. >>> album <<<
  14. Like Fulgar said... there's a button when you right click the elevon to switch it. And be warned there's a bug in KSP (well one of many) that randomly switches the deploy direction... like when you revert to the SPH or you move the wing the elevon is attached to. I always have to check and check again. You can switch it on the runway if you need to. I use the low tech approach... I set the angle increment to 1 degree... I don't remember if you can do that in stock or if you need Editor Extension Redux - I always use that anyway. Then zoom in and put your finger on the screen (or a post-it works too) at the tip of the leading or trailing edge. Then grab the wing with the rotation tool... it will jump all over the place but that's why we marked the original position, so while holding the mouse button move your mouse pointer to the edge of the screen so it's more precise, rotate the wing back to the original position first, then just carefully count how many degree "steps" you want as you rotate it. Then do the same process in the opposite direction to rotate the engines back to 0 deg. How do you set the optimal angle? Just experience. Start with 3 deg. It's not super important to set this angle unless you're going for range or supersonic, but it helps.
  15. Try disabling the reaction wheel in the probe core 80 m/s is 155 knots. That's pretty fast. Are you using flaps? I usually use action groups to activate deploying flaps (down) and elevator (up for conventional tail) with the gear button. It doesn't look like you have any incidence angle on the wings. There's no airfoil shape in KSP unfortunately, so adding about 2-4 deg of angle on the wings helps a lot. And a couple deg down for the stabilizer. Otherwise the fuselage is always at an angle to the airstream and it creates a lot of drag. Got it. Thanks guys! One more mod to add... Just finished a test flight of Vizor 100... should be the final test before actual customer service. Left in the afternoon and flew about 7000 km east through the night and landed at S00A in the morning. Could have made it back to KSC easily but that will be another day. More pics: >>> album <<< Airport map
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