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  1. I had my first comet rendezvous. 7 hours away, closing at 5.6 km/s: I have a short video up close but I don't want it to be a spoiler, and I'm lazy. The vapor effect is pretty cool.
  2. Right now planets can be seen through the plume. I'm asking if the plume could obscure the planet. In this picture, the dust is very thick so I think we should not be able to see Duna. Ideally the planet brightness would vary with the dust density. (Like the previous request where a planet can be seen through the atmosphere in orbit or through the sun.) But this is a rare use case!
  3. This is really trivial and you should ignore it... but could you make comet tails translucent to planets? This is near a comet looking backward through the tail (while hovering the mouse on Duna). Ship is retrograde to the comet.
  4. I node-fiddled to get a prograde-only burn from Minmus to Moho. I should get 100 reputation points for this. I used Alex Moon's website but it's still not easy. Also note the bass ackwards purple orbit of the satellite contract I mentioned yesterday.
  5. I'm using to transfer individual science experiments between containers. My goal is to separate experiments that can be returned to Kerbin for points. These get hopelessly tangled when using the "collect all" function. I see SM can transfer a single experiment - yay! But it would be nice if the mouse-over info showed all the data in the stock panel, like this: As it is, I need to scroll through both menus: stock to see the recovery value and SM to transfer it. Also the "xmit value" is a bit misleading - I'd call it xmit ratio. What does transfer processed / not processed mean? It has been processed in an attached lab I suppose? But I have multiple labs so does it mean processed in one lab or all labs? Thanks
  6. I haven't tried it. Looks like Papa Joe has an update coming so I'll wait for that to try it out. Thanks
  7. Neat folding wheels. Are you sure you have big enough solar panels for Duna? Only 43% of Kerbin's intensity. Maybe use the new panels in 1.12?
  8. I suppose others are also annoyed by this... The science containers have a "collect all" function but no way to move particular items out of the container. It's a science black hole. It would be nice to have a mod to remove one item (I'd call it "science popper") but it probably wouldn't be easy to add a button on the science review window. An simpler way would be to add a PAW function to collect science only from sensors and crewed modules - anything that does not have a "collect all" function itself. Or just modify the stock "collect all" this way. Then there would be zero UI changes. There's already a transfer function, so the stock collect all function isn't needed.
  9. Yeah, it's a new part so I wouldn't be too surprised if it had some completely new bug.
  10. I've had lots of explosions in EVA construction but never this. Are you on 1.12.2? 1.11 was really bad.
  11. I made a giant klaw ship to push class E asteroids... and I found a whale. 4230 t. This ship has a 7.5m klaw... and it's just so small. #notGilly
  12. Grabbed a golden class C asteroid at the edge of Kerbin SOI. I need to push it to the Mun and it's at 72 deg. inclination.
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