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  1. The thread you linked was started before 1.11.2 was released and EVA construction was horrible before that. I got all kinds of explosions when placing parts. But this time I just removed the part from inventory and got the Null Refs before I could even try to place the part. It's probably still a core game bug. I also installed other types of lights and they worked. I tried the same Mk1 Illuminator again and it gave the Null refs again. I might try it in stock if I find motivation. Thanks
  2. Well, everything was working smoothly until I I blew up the log with Null Refs and had to Ctrl-Alt-Del. I was on EVA on the Mun beside a ship with cargo storage and I tried to remove a light from storage. It looks like something on Recall or TweakScale? I was using older versions of Recall and maybe TweakScale when I launched the ship around 2 months ago. Just before this I did EVA construction with a probe core, a command seat, a strut - no problem. It didn't like the light. [WRN 23:06:43.184] [Part]: PartModule indexing mismatch at spotLight1, index 1. Node 'ModuleCargoPart' found in loa
  3. Hi all, I had a big ship hit within 200 m of a passive seismometer on the Mun and only got 3 science points- very annoying. I'm not the only one. @RizzoTheRat Perhaps we should read the directions: What point? I did some trials: My best effort was >0.9999 at 3978 m. It impacted >1000 m/s and I got >100 science. That's more like it! Using the Impact Marker in Kerbal Engineer Redux is very helpful. I don't know if the optimal distance is the same for other celestial bodies. Please report if you try it elsewhere. Good luck! 5/9/21 update:
  4. You can try Planning Node - it's a pretty new mod that lets you use a maneuver node in Sun SOI and based on that it puts a 3d bullseye to aim for at the edge of the planet SOI you're escaping from. Gives a time to hit it and a dynamic deltaV display to get the speed right. Makes it much easier but doesn't do the burn for you. PS I'm not sure if you're doing a specific challenge but the Caveman Challenge doesn't allow ANY maneuver nodes or even KER. So I expect that means Planning Node wouldn't be allowed either.
  5. The Alt-F12 AeroGUI has "sideslip" and AoA if you can access that. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/105524-105-aerogui-v30-14-nov/
  6. I'm trying to get the resource panel to open automatically when entering flight scene. Seems simple enough, but without any plain English descriptions in most of the KSP API "documentation", I'm just guessing how to do it. I'm trying to use ShowResourceList but it doesn't do anything. I'm using Update(), which starts before the Resource app is launched, resulting in some initial Null Refs, but once it's loaded, then it does nothing AFAIK. using System; using System.Threading; using UnityEngine; using KSP.UI.Screens; // has class ResourceDisplay namespace Rememberer { [KSPAddon(KSP
  7. @linuxgurugamerIf/ when you you get around to updating this for 1.11 it would be nice if it tracked EVA Experiments.
  8. Hi @Lisias I noticed Recall is still at on CKAN.
  9. Here's the one up above I posted. I didn't capture the one I saw recently. So far, the triggers and errors don't seem consistent. 1 in 3 might be exaggerated. I'll see if I can break it.
  10. Naw... it still blows up about 1 in 3 sessions. Why would there be rumors?
  11. The only issues I've seen are: what @Hyperspeed1313 reported above Friday for the alternate launch sites. post here I did not retest this with the latest but since he just reported it and I saw it before and the rev history doesn't mention it, I assume it's not fixed. bubbles sound doesn't play when changing biomes. I can play "bubbles.wav" sound file directly in Windows. Log error: "[LOG 19:12:00.960] [4/20/2021 7:12:00 PM [x] Science!]: <Debug> (Noise) - No noise to play!" KSP.log player.log
  12. Umm. Yeah. I'm blaming github ... somehow. Thanks. BTW it still doesn't play the bubbles sound. I'm not sure if you saw that I mentioned it before. There's no issue in github and I really don't see how to add one. Are you using that to track?
  13. @linuxgurugamer Me too. I "strongly suspect" it is because there is no .DLL here or in subfolders: KSP-X-Science-master\GameData\[x]_Science!
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