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  1. Well, I didn't know when to stop I guess and I have another level 3 submission. I made another SSTO rocket about 1/2 the size of 2 by 4. I followed a somewhat more difficult moon sequence and used Principia again. Encore 242: Recoverable SSTO rocket. 2 Mastodons, 4 Darts, 2 NERVs. 5 crew and full size ISRU. Under 250 tons at launch. Used Simple Fuel Switch to change some tanks to LF. Album with captions I'll post the ship on KerbalX - link in signature.
  2. I didn't check mine but just looked at your pic. Cd 2.1 seems too high in any orientation. That's like a parachute or something designed to have high drag. The reference you pasted on the right probably used very long test objects, maybe spanning the whole wind tunnel between the side walls. The short Mk2 piece you used would probably have worse Cd due to flow around the sides, but I'm not sure how FAR calculates this.
  3. Hi @blackrack I'm getting constant NRE log spam. It's writing every frame, so I want to fix this. Scatterer 0.0838 on KSP 1.12.3 with several other mods (Spectra, Parallax, Kopernicus, Principia...) First exception: [EXC 22:37:01.836] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object scatterer.OceanNode.OnPreCull () (at <684aa87c0d2345f8a9e4739403f4afff>:0) UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object) Later: Player log KSP log
  4. I'm 1/2 way through a second Jool 5 with Principia. I still have to wait a year to get to Bop. I'm over 1.1 Gm from Jool now. Why ALT-F12? You can just set the location before launching from the VAB...right? This reminds me of my "no orbit" challenge for Making History (it's posted in here in the forum with other MH missions but I'm too lazy to link it). Just go to the Mun and back without ever being "in orbit". Only suborbital or escaping is allowed, or the Orbit Kraken will blow up your ship.
  5. Started another Jool 5 with the Encore 242 ship from my last post. So far I went from Minmus to Vall to Tylo. I tried at least 7 launches from Val to optimize the fuel. As expected, landing on Tylo was a challenge for fuel management, descent trajectory and not tipping over at touchdown without landing legs. There were 6 failed attempts... most tipped over, one crashed at <100 m/s, another ran out of fuel at about 20m up and broke 3 of 4 fins but did not tip over! that figures. But then I finally got it. Tylo landing video. Next up... Laythe. Tylo to Laythe with a rocket. This is the way.
  6. After doing a Jool 5 with an SSTA rocket, I built another rocket 1/2 the size with the same ISRU parts and crew of 5. For a test, I took it to the Mun and back. This is MUCH more difficult than going to Minmus. It will be able to go from Val to Tylo directly if it can do Kerbin to Mun. Dry mass: 66 tons Fuel mass, including ore: 197 tons Fuel mass landed on Mun: less than 1 ton Album link with captions
  7. Thanks for the info. "refresh" does not change anything. I saw your EDIT... OK. Spectra 1.6.3 seems to be working fine at the moment so I think I'll wait for the next CKAN release unless you think it would help you to know now. I'm on CKAN 1.31.0.
  8. Hi @eggrobin I did a Jool 5 with Principia. Thanks for a great mod. I found a problem with burn time calculation with engines that are in "flame-out!" status. The burn time calculation in the Flight Plan window uses "active engines" despite being flamed-out. The navball timer (correctly IMO) ignores flamed-out engines. I made an SSTO with FL-C1000 tanks which have solid fuel thrusters. Solid fuel engines cannot be deactivated. I expect any depleted SRBs in space would do this. Jet engines could be disabled but it's a potential pitfall too (I haven't tested a jet engine). Picture below shows Flight Plan duration uses both the LV-Ns and FL-C1000s (about 5 minutes) and navball uses only LV-N (almost 10 minutes). 9/4 Update: I was able to hack my save file to rearm the solid fuel engines in the staging, so it did not include these in the time calculation in the flight plan.
  9. Thanks for the update. I will second this: ...is a bit annoying. I use One Window mod for this.
  10. Nice list... I'd add KER: vertical speed and slope help a lot. I usually use a lander with ISRU instead of driving more than a few km. Except trying to hop close enough to do an arm scan is hard.
  11. A Panther in "wet" afterburner mode should go supersonic. I'd dump those rocket engines and try again.
  12. So, I'm throwing this one in the ring... not sure about the rules but I decided to do it anyway. I used Principia. I just searched this topic and "Principia" has no hits. Nobody even mentioned it? Well here it is... SSTO reusable rocket-lander called "2 by 4", with ISRU and crew of 5. Used KSP 1.12.3. I have many QOL and visual mods but no part mods. Besides Principia I used FAR. (FAR was a nuisance anyway because parachutes deployed early and failed.) Album here with a couple video links in the captions
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