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  1. Last week I tested more seismic impacts on Duna. I transferred a heat shield to the last probe and tried several different approaches, burning varying amounts of fuel. Basically it doesn't matter how much fuel you burn... if it's going faster and has less fuel, it has more deceleration from the air drag. So it's basically a wash when there's an atmosphere. It peaked at 43 G drag when I burned all the fuel and 16 G in freefall. Makes sense... kinetic energy is V^2 but drag is too. So I'll try a long skinny stack of ore tanks with a heat shield next time. Like the concept of using tungsten rods falling from satellites. Has anybody actually done a seismic impact on Laythe or Eve? Eve is going to need a comet. Today I found the last anomaly on Duna and it's actually a double...
  2. 1.5 TWR is about optimal I think. Actually I would consider scaling back the tanks to get 1.5 TWR with 4 Wolfhounds. It would drive better I think.
  3. I built some big rover/ rockets and the hardest problem with stock parts is the wheels. They just break under the weight or don't have enough power to get up a hill. So I use TweakScale'd wheels. Here's some pics of Gigarover and Space Utility Vehicle Gigarover uses Rhinos and NERVs. It really needs both for interplanetary travel and Tylo launch. SUV uses Cheetahs and it's only for Mun/ Minmus/ Ike. If you're using it for Mun then Wolfhounds would be good. I wouldn't bother with 2 different engines. If you're going further than Ike then I'd add NERVs or consider NERVs only. For NERVs the stock LF tank options are limited so I use Simple Fuel Switch. In your picture... why does it have parachutes? I wouldn't try a flying rover in atmosphere. Duna maybe but that's much harder than the Mun. Edit: the TWR is shown in the editor lower right corner when you expand the stage view. Set it to Mun in the "body" pull down in the deltaV menu. I'd aim for about 1.5. @king of nowhere 0.5 on Kerbin is 3 on Mun... too high I think.
  4. Thanks for reviewing this. So I have TweakScale and TweakScale Redistributable. I believe I only had TweakScale before. I clicked "no", right-click reinstalled TweakScale then TweakScale Redistributable then FAR Continued, then closed and reopened CKAN... got the same message. The last couple KSP sessions I just clicked "no" and it seemed to run OK.
  5. Got this loading CKAN... yes... Why did it try to install Tweakscale? I already had TS, but *.12 not *.13. I tried CKAN update and I have the latest CKAN version. Restarted CKAN, same thing. @LisiasCan I blame TS somehow? So third time I didn't retry the FAR install, CKAN finished loading (it showed TS *.13 is available for update) I quit and reopened CKAN... and it opened normally. I updated TS and KSP launched normally. So "nothing to see here" ?
  6. Alternate Resource Panel and TiggerAu Flags. I think the latter is suggested when you install the former with CKAN.
  7. I got Gigaklaw launched without aero forces destroying it by reducing the 12m Clydesdale thrust to 90% and taking a more vertical launch arc. I probably did 100 contracts to get 12 M funds to pay for this beast. The left ship has a 5m core tank
  8. I'm trying to launch a 21 kt ship with a 20m klaw to push a class E asteroid out of the solar system. The largest fuel tank is exploding at 400 m/s. I believe it's due to axial aerodynamic force. I guess that's why real rockets throttle back at Max Q. For size reference, that's a stock docking port senior on the side of the tank I'm referring to. The klaw is 300 tons! I haven't played OPM but I don't think you need that much dV. If you're at LKO you'll need around 2300*[1-sqrt(2)] =943 m/s to escape Kerbin and then to escape the Kerbol system it's about 9285*[1-sqrt(2)]=3.8 km/s. So under 5 km/s total, unless you're in a big hurry. What's "NSW-ES+"? Google lead me here: http://www.kspcounselling.com.au/ Pics or it didn't happen.
  9. I'm anomaly hunting on Duna. I found everything on Ike, Kerbin, Mun, Minmus and Moho In 1.12 they tried to make it easier to drive without flipping over by making every surface like ice... and now everything slides downhill. Right click the wheels and in the PAW select manual friction control and make it a larger value, 2 or 3 maybe. It will help but everything still slides a little in this game.
  10. I had a small probe on a collision course near a seismometer on Duna. It was going about 5.4 km/s... mach 28... with no heatshield. However, Duna's atmosphere is only 0.067 atm at sea level. Did it make it to the surface? What's your prediction?
  11. Hi @HafCoJoeAt least 3 of the custom Scatterer settings are not being loaded from the scatterer config.cfg file when Spectra is installed. Please see diagnosis over on that thread.
  12. I'm having an issue with scatterer not loading all the settings from the config.cfg file. The changes I made are being saved correctly in the config.cfg but they don't all get loaded after restarting KSP. Specifically: ocean underwater caustics, ocean sky reflections and long distance shadows. I have to enable them manually every time I launch KSP. Here's my CFG file. The CFG path is default, gamedata\scatterer\config. I removed scatter and purged contents in KCAN and redownloaded - same behavior. Steps: Do not open the KSC blue circle icon, use KAC to "jump to ship", then ESC to go back to KSC, then open the blue circle icon and check the 3 settings above. (maybe switching to a ship isn't needed; just what I did) I also see an EXC in the KSP log when the blue circle icon is clicked. It's not the only EXC though and I have a lot of mods installed. Forgot to get Player.log. Let me know if that helps.
  13. Why must I do this? Escape velocity equals sqrt(2)* orbit velocity... Kerbin is about 9.3 km/s, so I just need to push a class E about 3.8 km/s. With ISRU it should be doable, with many burn/ refuel cycles.
  14. With TAA (default settings), I'm noticing fairly obvious jittering on the map view. The whole scene is jittering randomly a pixel or 2. It's a bit nauseating. However, it does not do this at all in the tracking station. I switched to SMAA and the map view is OK now. I found that under Long Distance Terrain Shadows changing the 3 Shadow Cascade Splits settings from 0.015 to 0 pushed the shadow transitions out to farther distances which I prefer. With 0.015 settings, the closest and 2nd levels happen within the normal view distance of a ship and the abrupt edge between sharp and blurry shadows is distracting. Is certainly nice that all of these options are available to experiment with. KSP 1.12.3, scatterer 834. I've got a GTX1060 with a 1920x1200 screen.
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