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  1. OK... I suppose I'll check the bug reports for this one. And the jetpack fuel not refilling. "EVA Destruction" seems to be covered already. Oh good. I was starting to be optimistic. I'll sleep better now.
  2. Fastest stock null ref ever...? In 1.11.1, start new sandbox game in VAB build: MK1 pod with Octo2 cargo put Bill inside Mk1 with a cubic octagonal strut in his cargo (no jetpack needed) launch EVA Bill press "i" pick up strut and drop it on the Octo2 to swap them (strut now in capsule cargo, Octo2 active part) place the Octo2 on top of the capsule Null Ref error It seems benign but still SMH. Right. It has that force imbalance issue with 3-fin rockets without all the extra wings. They roll when they should only yaw. Hm
  3. I don't know about the .CFG file but I just noticed they added a green text display in the lower left when in "I" mode that shows how many kerbals assisting and max part mass. 1 engineer, 0 assisting shows 0.06t moving capacity on KSC launch pad.
  4. Interesting. What about 3-fin vs. 4-fin rockets? Most of my 3-fin boosters have awful roll coupling. Trying to tilt over to do a gravity turn with a 3-fin rocket and it rolls inexplicably. Like, yaw East 10 degrees and it rolls 10 degrees. SAS doesn't help much. It's an absolute battle to get some of them to orbit. It's not a CoM / CoL type of instability. 4-fins boosters don't do this. Only small roll corrections are needed. I assumed everyone experienced this. The worst visual "bug" for me is the how the terrain morphs violently. I hate how the hills and valleys jump up and down and h
  5. @Lisiassounds like Jules in Pulp Fiction
  6. It was not working so great in 1.11.0 to begin with, but in 1.11.1 it's broken beyond use. I just met the EVA construction kraken myself. Just terrible. Furthermore, EVA jetpacks are sometimes not refilling fuel when entering a ship. Just walked 250m on the Mun. How do you even break that? Is this a game or an affliction?
  7. Oh... bummer. I've been mostly playing with rovers and landers on the Mun. It seems much better there. I have had trouble with really big TweakScale wheels vibrating and skating all over on Kerbin - there's more discussion over on that thread. If the gear are vibrating constantly, even slightly, it can slide around. You probably tried this but it might help to turn off the automatic spring/ damper and make the damper value greater than the spring value (like 1.4 / 1.0). I believe there's some complex oscillations with the invisible landing gear autostruts, the bending of the airframe, springs
  8. All true @VoidSquidDidn't mean to argue... just frustrated with the path the game is on.
  9. Why go back when every version has bugs? Older versions had bigger bugs I think. 1.10 broke fuel transfer. The editor is broken in every version. On the bright side... 1.11 fixed craft drifting on the ground. EVA construction does add a new dimension to the game. At mid-career being able to pull a gravioli detector off a satellite and stick it on a lander is great. You can launch with fragile stuff in storage and put them on in space or vice versa. You can build an entire tiny probe to return science. It would be hard to go back. I had "glued" docking ports in KSP 1.8 - disast
  10. On KSP 1.11.1 I got an exception that looks like KAC is implicated. It was working well for a few sessions. Looks like this happened after "jump to ship" KSP log player log
  11. There was a pilot in an external command seat hiding behind the Sci Jr. All the science stuff showed in Here and Now except the desert site. I just added a lander can but same result at the desert site. Added second photo. Anyway I think think I flogged this one enough.
  12. Confirming for beta on KSP 1.10.1 after cleaning goo or Sci Jr. with an attached MPL, those 2 experiment buttons in Here and Now window stay inactive (black text) even though there is available science (with value greater than the slider filter threshold). A biome change while in orbit (Minmus space high) does not return those 2 experiment buttons to normal operation, but EVA and reenter does.
  13. I could NOT find any problem with biome in "Here and now" window failing to update when changing to a new ship with beta on KSP 1.10.1.
  14. The bubbles sound does not play when changing biomes. It is not muted in the "here and now" window. (It does not play when it is muted either) It was playing in the prior non-beta. I can hear the music playing. From Windows, I played the bubbles.wav file in the mod folder and it works. KSP log says "No noise to play!" :
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