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  1. Preview looks great. I see v4.0.1 in CKAN. Is it ready? The CKAN links are broken: https://github.com/AdiriKSP/RSMP One above is empty: https://github.com/KochieBR/Avalanche-Plumes
  2. Comets are a nice addition to the game. If you can rendezvous with one inside Kerbin's orbit, the tail effects are worth the effort (at least once). I wish they worked with JNSQ. Yeah... I once ran out of fuel, sent a rescue ship... without parachutes. Today I landed on Mun in the dark - not worth a picture. I overshot the landing a few km because I came from Minmus and still had 3/4 fuel left. So I'll have to hop back to pick up the deployed science equipment before departing for Dres. I had plenty of storage to launch with 2 sets of equipment... but no.
  3. ICYMI there's another config for Scatterer 0.08+ https://github.com/coldrifting/JNSQ_ScattererPatch Of course I hope you continue working on your own it but it may help to reference it. That one also does not have arouras or lightning so I really hope someone can figure that out. BTW for the stock JNSQ config I changed the aroura height to 70 km... it was 20 km before and I could fly above them which wasn't realistic. Arouras video1 video 2 It's in the github bug reports. Also my last post: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/topic/184880-1121-jnsq-0100-23-sept-2021/?do=findComment&comment=4390556
  4. @boriz well I really don't know about the forum... at least it looks like KSP2 is kaput. Follow the link above to the IGN link.
  5. Today I wondered what's up with KSP2 and discovered it's all in flames. Even this forum is possibly doomed in 4 weeks. So anyway... back to Vall... the Laythe SSTO ship (yet unproven namesake) refueled. The crew observed a transit of Laythe but even more extraordinary, Bop and Pol were both visible between Jool and the horizon. Bop is retrograde using Principia so it's a brief alignment.
  6. I'm seeing this message spammed on the screen continuously in flight and in the logs once per second: Material doesn't have a texture property '_MainTex' I've been seeing this error before but only once not constantly. I can't tell much from the logs. Just "(Filename: Line: 1462)" ... in Player log. ksp log player log Restock+, JNSQ or Scatterer would be my first guesses.
  7. So annoying... all contracts for Eve and then Moho. Well, that's... creative. What the what. I'm dreading JNSQ Eve. That's also 10 ATM but "only" 1.4G. After the crew finished hopping around Duna, they went back to Ike. Repacking the drogue in the pic below. The mains won't deploy on JNSQ Duna... min. deploy pressure is 0.04 Atm and that's also the zero altitude pressure. Lesson learned. They found the Ike anomalies: Now they are waiting almost a year for a transfer window to return the science to Kerbin. The final challenge will be sending an impact probe from Kerbin to strike Duna for seismic data. The atmosphere will make it difficult. Mission control has shifted focus to Jool. The original 4 kerbonauts have arrived and landed on Vall. Unfortunately, the scanner probe is a year behind due to absurd planning. Fortunately they landed in a biome with enough ore to refuel. (Roughly 1.5% ore is the minimum needed to refuel using fuel cells.) Kuston told them to wait for the scanner probe and not risk hopping to another biome. Jeb has insured that message was not received, retroactively. @king of nowhere I'm amazed you could build your ginormous ships in the stock VAB. Make sure you're using the latest LGG version: HangerExtenderExtended
  8. The visual stuff is JNSQ (with the included sunflare), Scatterer (0.0838 with Coldrifting JNSQ config), Distant Object Enhancement, Planetshine, DF skybox: large Magellanic Cloud, Restock+ with Waterfall expansion.
  9. I'd revert to previous Restock+ to prove that fixes it, to get a good baseline. I also have KSPCF, Hangar Extender and RCS build aid. I don't recognize all your mod icons. Post logs. No doubt I can help, but no one can without logs.
  10. Just checked the engines only (with MH) and they seem OK. Using CKAN. KSP 1.12.5
  11. LJP410 crew is about half done hopping around Duna for science and anomalies. I can't be lackadaisical with nuclear engines, an annoying atmosphere and JNSQ size. I have "not landed" several times. To stay stable, I need to transfer fuel forward for ascent and pump it aft when flipping at AP. Long distance flights take up to 4 km/s dV. Got many nice screenshots though.
  12. Well... depends what you mean. Possible answers are: The other way around. KAC came long before the stock clock in KSP 1.12... so the stock clock was supposed to replace KAC. But devs didn't directly adopt KAC, instead went off and tried to develop something functionally similar. Many people (like me) prefer KAC to the stock clock. Yes. KAC and the stock clock are intended to have (basically) the same functionality No. KAC code does not disable or replace the stock clock. Both run independently in-game. You decide. You can install Stock Alarm Clock Disabler and KAC. Then effectively KAC can replace the stock clock.
  13. I've been exploring Duna (JNSQ). Relay-scanner sent first...
  14. I'm only using basic Scatterer 0.0838 from CKAN, not the early access volumetric clouds version. Link to my KSP install notes. Scatterer is at the bottom. Hope that helps.
  15. Maybe someone can come up with at least a partial fix here... super annoyed trying to scan a surface feature with a scanning arm: "vessel moved, scan aborted" or "arm hit object, scan aborted" The KSP sliding bug combined with extreme sensitivity to movement makes it almost impossible to finish the scan. My ship was moving 6 mm/s and it still failed. Is a workaround like giving science credit at the beginning of the scan possible? Or somehow disabling the check for movement?
  16. Also recommend Simple Fuel Switch. Optimizing the LF/ OX ratio for SSTOs is usually iterative and the limited selection of stock LF tanks is annoying. So is rebuilding the whole ship to swap a center tank. Try Improved and Updated Chase Camera for flying planes in general. And Trajectories for reentry is gold, along with the landing target in KER.
  17. CKAN is indicating TweakScale has an update available but the installed and new versions are the same.
  18. I thought I already posted this.... There are no Ridgelines on Gilly. I landed at least 5 places and used the surface feature finder and there are none there. They work on the Mun, Minmus and Moho but not Gilly. https://github.com/Galileo88/JNSQ/issues/57 I also had to remove Parallax and the config linked above because it eliminates all BG surface features, not just on Gilly. https://github.com/coldrifting/JNSQ_ParallaxScatters/issues/2
  19. I tried it but no change. Kerbals still have default chutes in the editor. I just followed the OP... saved in .CFG file in a folder under GameData. I'm using Texture Replacer too if that matters. KSP1.12.5
  20. Wow, just found this thread... these little QoL patches are great. Any way to disable Kerbal parachutes by default? It's a waste of a cargo slot?
  21. I'm not the expert here but I think you have the right dependencies installed. You exited the game after your ship crashed. It's a good practice to exit KSP entirely before uploading a log. There are a couple exceptions right at the end but that doesn't tell me much. Only guess is it might have some conflict with Deployable Engines or Eve Engines. I haven't used those before.
  22. USA Reinstalled v2.0.6 (obviously). Found missing value, set =8. That seems to work. No issues. Just browsing the JNSQ files I noticed in JNSQ_Default.cfg line 225 doesn't follow the pattern of starting with @. Maybe typo? No idea what I'm looking at however. @LindorInSpaceHigh = #$@RR_SCIDICT/RR_Class_AtmGasIIHigh$ @LindorInSpaceLow = #$@RR_SCIDICT/RR_Class_AtmGasIILow$ @KrelInSpaceHigh = #$@RR_SCIDICT/RR_Class_SrfIceMethaneHigh$ @KrelInSpaceLow = #$@RR_SCIDICT/RR_Class_SrfIceMethaneLow$ $@RR_SCIDICT/RR_Class_ExoNone$ @AdenInSpaceHigh = #$@RR_SCIDICT/RR_Class_SrfIceMethaneHigh$ @AdenInSpaceLow = #$@RR_SCIDICT/RR_Class_SrfIceMethaneLow$ $@RR_SCIDICT/RR_Class_ExoNone$ @HuygenInSpaceHigh = #$@RR_SCIDICT/RR_Class_SrfIceMethaneHigh$ @HuygenInSpaceLow = #$@RR_SCIDICT/RR_Class_SrfIceMethaneLow$ $@RR_SCIDICT/RR_Class_ExoNone$ HuygenSrfSplashed = #$@RR_SCIDICT/RR_Class_OcnMethane$ @RigaInSpaceHigh = #$@RR_SCIDICT/RR_Class_SrfIceMethaneHigh$ @RigaInSpaceLow = #$@RR_SCIDICT/RR_Class_SrfIceMethaneLow$ $@RR_SCIDICT/RR_Class_AtmIceNitrogen$ @TalosInSpaceHigh = #$@RR_SCIDICT/RR_Class_SrfIceMethaneHigh$ @TalosInSpaceLow = #$@RR_SCIDICT/RR_Class_SrfIceMethaneLow$ $@RR_SCIDICT/RR_Class_ExoNone$
  23. Sorry to say I'm getting log spam and major lag. I have JNSQ and was orbiting Minmus. Didn't try elsewhere. Reverted to 2.0.4 and it did stop BUT I think it still did it the first KSP session after reverting RR and the second attempt was good. That seems krazy; just full disclosure in case it matters. The logs are 80 MB for a short session. KSP log Player log
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