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  1. Hi @Lisias With the new release I tested the doubled text and... it's better.. but not perfect. It seems to be good for objects inside the set render distance (750000m default) but for objects further but within SOI it shows them doubled still. I saw it on probes too, not just asteroids. I'm not 100% sure about the distance, didn't test it a lot. Maybe it should only show the names outside the render distance for CBs only? I think I see a new issue... The skybox dims when in low orbit at night (eclipsed) and looking at the planet (which is also in the direction of the sun). It's like you're looking at the sun without the planet blocking the sunlight. I don't think it did this before but maybe I'm wrong.
  2. Very nice That's all? OK understood. If I get ambitious I might take a look. I've got electrical problems, no heat in my bedroom so "I suppose" I should work on that first... Thanks!
  3. Hello. I just got a 4k (2160p) 28-inch monitor and several mods have very small text or buttons that are hard to use. I know... everyone cry for me. But I'm sure I'm not the only one that has/ will have 4K. The stock pause menu has a UI Scale slider that works for most stock things and some mods. I have it set at 160%. Sorry if this is a duplicate or covered in mod threads. I thought it would be better to keep it all together. Maybe everyone can adopt a common framework? Stock: The text and icons in the map view do not scale using the stock slider @linuxgurugamer Waypoint Manager: no scaling TAC Fuel Balancer: no scaling Haystack Recontinued: no scaling, very small text Better Load Save Game: no scaling Quick GoTo: small icons but not too bad [X] Science!: A mix of things... the main window and Here and Now window text and button sizes scale with the stock slider but the button icons and tooltips don't scale the mod's UI scaling slider set to maximum is just big enough for the main window experiment green/ yellow text the settings menu doesn't scale the [X] Science Selected Object window in the tracking station does not scale. Maybe those could use the stock slider. @Lisias DOE/L: no scaling in the settings menu, but not used often. The Alt-RMB text overlay in flight does not scale (but neither does the stock text in the map view... so it's sort of consistent at least) @TriggerAu Kerbal Alarm Clock: The main window scales nicely with the stock slider, but the pop-up alarm windows do not scale. (I also mentioned in the KAC thread the sub-menus go off the screen to the right) Transfer Window Planner: no scaling option Alternate Resource Panel: no scaling option... really too small to use it. Also when using "replace stock resources app" the horizontal position is overlapping the enlarged stock icons. @Papa_Joe Ship Manifest: No scaling, small text. Also cannot stretch the window horizontally- most other mods can, so maybe you could copy their code/ method? @zer0Kerbal Precise Maneuver: the small menu that opens when you click the tray icon does not scale but it's not used very often. The Scale GUI slider in that menu makes the maneuver node window scale very well. @jrbudda KER: the menu that pops up when you click the tray icon does not scale (everything else does scale using the setting tab in the VAB/SPH) So what DOES work well? @DMagicContracts Window+ is great. It has many options for scaling. The stock scaling is multiplied by the slider in the mod or stock scaling can be ignored.
  4. This is a long shot but I just had a problem sort of similar to this with my new 4k monitor and HDMI 2.1 connection... the problem was the Xbox game bar. Try not using any performance monitoring software, if you are.
  5. I'm grinding like this too. The deployed science experiments run autonomously... why can't the lab? Additionally or alternatively it would be nice to remove the 750 data cap. Then what about the data processing rate above 750? Well, it seems dumb to me that the processing rate changes with the amount of data loaded... just make it constant equivalent to 700 data loaded (about average if it stays between 650 and 750 typically when transmitting 500 science periodically)
  6. Yes, but it was greatly improved... the planets are OK and spacecraft generally are OK too. I could only find one doubled label on an asteroid that I klawed and put in Mun orbit. Another asteroid that has a probe still attached is OK. So... reeeeealky minor now. Edit: I'm using Alt-RBM to display the names. I actually I found some more spacecraft. Hmmm... some do, some don't.
  7. @TriggerAu I just got a 4K (2160x3840) monitor and now the second panel (settings or alarm details page) always goes to the right of the main panel, even if it goes off the screen. On my smaller monitor, it would automatically switch to the left side. KAC v3.14.0.0 and KSP 1.12.3. UPDATE: this is related to the stock UI Scale setting. Left/ right automatic switching works at 100% scale but not 160% @LordFerret I hope you found this already... in Settings > general... "max alarms before scrolling the list" I have it set to 15. Maybe you have is set to 1? If not then there's a "double caret" button at the top of the window to minimize/ maximize the list.
  8. I think it's time to try JNSQ. I just made the jump to a 3840x2160 monitor from 1920x1200... 3.6x pixels. So I figure 2.7x planets will help balance things out. I have been making self-imposed rules to make stock harder... like everything must be SSTO; boosters must go to orbit and be recoverable. Stock Eve is always hard but it's time for something new. I'm really glad it works with Principia. The change log says Kronometer is now needed but it's not in the required mods list. Anything else I might be missing?
  9. Wow... what service. You read my mind. Or I didn't scroll up to see the prior report... Any chance the doubled/ spherically mirrored mouse-over text I mentioned above will be fixed? It's very minor. I'm just curious. Related to: https://github.com/net-lisias-ksp/DistantObject/issues/8
  10. hi @Lisias Ever since the last update to my settings are not being saved. I have to enable display name on mouse-over and distant vessel rendering every game session. Is it just me? I'm on KSP 1.12.3.
  11. You click the speaker icon for the mod, usually on the right in flight or bottom in the editor (VAB or SPH) or KSC overview. Then it opens the User Interface. The "player" window was what I was talking about. Actually the "quote mark" button for pause toggles to an arrow to play. From the OP:
  12. @linuxgurugamerI've been ignoring this but yes sometimes it only plays one song and stops. I believe I've seen it happen in every scene (flight, editor, KSC) However, all I need to do is press the play arrow or, oddly, the stop box button and it will then continue to play continuously in that scene. Unfortunately I haven't noticed a definite pattern for when it does/ does not play continuously. And my install has about 70 mods now. So not the best place to start troubleshooting. I'm using version and KSP 1.12.3. @BobbyGamez when it stops playing, have you tried opening the UI and clicking the play arrow? I haven't noticed the editor music continuing in flight (launch).
  13. I've been mostly wasting time running science labs, waiting for interplanetary ships. I'm converting all science to reputation... 500 science transmitted to go from 975.50 to 975.52 rep. Wow... inflation is bad these days. And cursing KSP bugs... ship starts accelerating (engine disabled) when I EVA. Also half the time I jump to ship on interplanetary intercept with a planet, orbit changed and I have to do another correction burn. Or there's some kraken drive on and orbit is changing with no thrust so I have to quickly jump to the tracking station and when I jump back to the ship it's back to normal but orbit changed. So annoying. I just finished Jool 5 in career and left for Kerbin. I'll post pics later. I haven't played JNSQ but thinking about it. I wonder what a JNSQ gee definition is... isn't the surface gravity on JNSQ Kerbin more than 9.8 m/s^2 ? Are the planet's densities the same as stock? Doesn't landing on JNSQ Kerbin feel like landing on stock Eve? shouldn't Duna feel like Tylo?
  14. You have at least 8 GB of RAM? You're at 1920x1080 I guess... you shouldn't go higher with a RX550. 2 or 4 GB vram? That could make a big difference. I have a GTX1060 3GB at 1920x1200 and with spectra and scatterer it's nearly all used. I use the Windows game bar widget to see stats (windows-G).
  15. Maybe try Better Load Save Game Renewed. It brings up a menu; won't load instantly. It's faster loading the menu and will go directly to the ship you were flying when you saved instead of always back to KSC. I changed my keys to F5 to load and right-CTRL for save so I won't have any problem if I hit the wrong F key. Don't know the field but can't you just go to the tracking station and warp up to 100000x ?
  16. Sorry... reminded me to back up. My last was from July. Today I'm trying to hop between biomes on Tylo. Not easy. Not only is gravity high, so far 2 biomes did not have enough ore to refuel. And more KSP bugs... "climb out" for my ladder only works about 1 in 10 tries. It says "climb out" but it does not work. super annoying.
  17. Nice. You didn't mention... did you use ISRU? Sounds like you didn't...that's hard. Citadel 3 just landed on Tylo with 1000+ dv left at 5.6 TWR. This ship is vanilla stock SSTA(-Eve). But I couldn't refuel. The orbital scan showed ore there but it's only 1.3%, which is just enough to power the equipment with exactly zero net. My orbital scans have been way off for Jool moons so far. Almost the opposite. But none of that matters now because KSP had an instant CTD. I was gathering science and used a experiment box to "collect all" to get the sensor data then EVAd a Kerbal to get the science in the box and reboard the science lab. I've got 500+ experiments in the lab to return to Kerbin. When he entered the lab it crashed. So I'm going to play some other game that doesn't crash.
  18. Nice. EVAC can be very helpful. Just another tip you can use the welder while on a ladder. So they can weld a small ladder nearby and do the work without drifting away. I try to avoid autostruts but for large asteroids it can help a lot. I used autostrut grandparent for the asteroid...an asteroid is a "part" when klawed.
  19. Finishing a 3+ HOUR ion burn to return Dres science to Kerbin. At least I could warp 4x but still very long. I did have a couple RTGs on this probe before but I modified it in EVA to increase the science boxes from 3 to 5 to get all the science home. I could have found a place for the RTGs but I was worried about balance during reentry and wasn't sure if the heat shield would point the right way... still not sure. I was over 15 Mm from Dres when I finished the burn. Cupcakes's video helped me get through it though.
  20. So just transfer the fuel where you want it...no? TAC Fuel Balancer helps a lot with this if you don't like using the stock PAWs. Also just a tip...you appear to have plenty of solar panels but it could help to keep your station horizontal, so the panels are on a vertical axis... then they will rotate to always get maximum exposure. Today the Kerbals were exploring Dres. First a rendezvous of 2 ships at an anomaly. Then Jeb was eager to do some "real" flying after drifting in space so long. So he flew 100 m/s into the canyon But they survived and got some amazing views at sunrise. Then launching he went really berserk and nearly achieved orbit inside the canyon. This one needed a video... it took a few attempts but it was worth it
  21. That got botched in one of the 1.12 updates. Try a lander. They just slide down any hill more than a few degrees AND you can't save or change ships if it's moving more than 0.1m/s. And they didn't try to fix it in the 1.12.4 update. That's from Breaking Ground. https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Surface_features
  22. The rule of thumb is 45 deg. at 10 km (who's thumbs I don't know). Looks like you came up with 45 deg. at 8km. It depends on TWR and drag. I know I got a rocket launch right (for most designs) if it's a nice roasted golden brown... you should see a moderate amount of flames but no overheat bars. I was trying to launch spaceplanes like rockets at first and they need much more shallow angles and a lot of flames. Recently at Gilly, one ship left for Kerbin and Gigaklaw 2 arrived with a Class E asteroid. After leaving the asteroid in orbit, Gigaklaw landed on Gilly. I wasn't paying attention and touched down at 5 m/s... and it bounced 200m up and took over 4 MINUTES to land again. Now it's waiting for the Moho window to take 4 tourists and rescue another stranded kerbonaut (a contract... not my fault). Citadel 3 arrived at Bop from Pol. It was dropping to 9 FPS when landing. Pretty bad. The new Parallax is part of the reason but I think the 300+ parts and Unity single CPU core usage is the main issue. I'm using the Win+G performance widget to monitor and it's pretty useful and compact.
  23. Not a lot compared to the same contract for Gilly. But I'm hoping the same ship Gigaklaw will work for this too. I have 2 and they cost about $13M each. They have many more asteroids to push to break even! Most contracts don't need any investment now that I have a fleet. I'm converting 75% funds and 100% science to reputation... so I can get more ridiculous contracts. Some pics from Gilly:
  24. I returned a probe from Duna and Ike with 465 experiments. I'm converting all science to reputation. That got me to 97%. Just accepted contract number 16 (I thought 15 was the limit) Bring a newly discovered Class E asteroid into an orbit around Moho
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