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  1. It will, BUT the 1.2 version of Parallax fixed a lot of stuttering and also the newest version of Parallax fixed a lot of issues if it works on 1.8.1 this config will, the config just applies Parallax tesselation nothing more. I highly recommend you test out the newest version of Parallax on 1.8.1 in a new test save, personally I play on 1.11.1 That happend because of the old Parallax version not very enjoyable tbh.
  2. Just a small Update Changelog: Updated Eve(the planet) and Huygen to finally have collisions Small config changes to Duna,Eve,Gilly Thats all, custom textures may take a while, internship took up the last 5 weeks of my free time and I haven´t worked on them one bit, work also takes up a lot of time hope you guys understand.
  3. Thank you guys for making JNSQ, espically love Huygen. Better 1 and 2 gif.
  4. Well I mean I could change it to Parallax_JNSQ but I am lazy and like ParallaxJNSQ. Still don´t know why you guys are getting white textures, worked for me as stated above . Maybe create a new install of KSP with just JNSQ and Parallax and their dependencies and try again maybe? I just installed everything again and still don´t have the issue you are describing.
  5. Be sure to download Kopernicus and all its dependencies, aswell as all of Parallax dependencies. Worked fine for me on KSP 1.11.1
  6. Be sure to run KSP 1.11.1 and use the stable branch of kopernicus for that verison. Also I am using an older version of parallax currently downloading the newer version now, will let you know if thats the cause . Update KSP 1.11.1 Kopernicus for 1.11.1 Parallax 1.2.2 Works fine, ground comepletly normal
  7. Well download Parallax like you would normally, then just rename the Parallax_StockTextures folder to ParallaxJNSQ.And just a quick fyi will be updating soon, still got 1 more week on my internship left and then I will update this soonish (hopefully).
  8. Update time Thank you for your work, stay awsome guys.
  9. @septemberWavesJust gonna leave this here. If you want collions on normal craft you could add a rover wheel and tweakscale it down to like 10% thats what I did for some probes, landing gears don´t seem to work for me.
  10. Better now? I am new to modding/writing configs in general if anything is missing please let me know
  11. Well this config just applies Parallax Textures and Collisions to JNSQ planets, so these are the same textures as in "stock Parallax". The texture quality stays the same unless you change that in the ParallaxTerrain.cfg. Shape doesn´t play a big role, for example I had to change some settings for Tam so that it gets better fps every other planet seems to be fine.
  12. Maybe I should clarify a bit as it seems confusing I ment Eve the planet not EVE as Environmental Visual Enhancements, as a fact all planets with atmospheres currently have this problem and it seems to be getting fixed(see Parallax thread). [Has nothing to do with Environmental Visual Enhancements] As for OPM somebody else is gonna cover that planet pack, can´t say anything specifily or tell details yet but hey, small sneak peak is ok I guess. Welcome to Hale Don´t have anything to report specifally but we just have to wait for the new Parallax version that fixes the stuttering issue
  13. @-ctn- Maybe you could help me out I was trying to use your suits. And they just all just look like this, KSP seems to load all stock suits meshed togehter. Happens when I select your suits inside the vab and from the launchpad. Here is my KSP log.
  14. Small Update: Currently working on improving performance, Eve still has this problem [see video below] thats why doesn´t have collisions yet. The terrain keeps calculating and causing performance issues. Second off I am currently trying out Substance Alchemist to make custom textures, heres my first attempt at making such a texture for Tam [Ai generated from this picture], integrating them into parallax is a whole nother process. Original picture: Ai generated terrain from that picture with some slight tweaks, mind you these are my first steps into texture c
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