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  1. I am still waiting for the next parallax update and even when the update is out, it might take a while on my side. Since I am currently studying which takes a lot of my free time. But I will try my best to update it as soon as possible.
  2. @Caerfinon Thank you so much, updating Kronometer fixed my problem
  3. Ok I think I found a weird issue, installing Omega's Stockalike Structures breaks Kerbal Konstructs for me and I am not able to acess the ctl + k window https://drive.google.com/file/d/1smQfD9JbPGSexPfK0W7gwYzYwtXaRlv9/view?usp=sharing
  4. Still waiting for the new Parallax update, so collisions are back and I then can also start work on the asteroids configs.
  5. Ok gonna take a look real quick, if you still want collisions I would use 1.2 parallax with the old config. But its up to you, the new texutres look realy good, like the ones in your our screenshots comrade. Edit: Started a new 1.11.2 save with 1.3 Parallax, no black mun to be seen, weird
  6. Which Parallax version are you using? I used KSP 1.12 for the preview version with Parallax 1.3 maybe thats causing the problem. Also I never had the black mun problem, gonna take a look at it [in 1.11 I always used the 1.2 Version of Parallax and never had that problem]
  7. So here is a preview version, on what I am working on, works on every planet [blank squares included, tbh I don't know how to get rid of them, just a visual glitch not game breaking] When parallax has collisions again I will reuse the old texutres from pol for huygen [if I get permission], when the new parallax update drops, I will try my best to update as soon as possible. For the next weeks I will try to get grid of the blank squares, but I won't promise anything. Would be nice to know if you guys also get blank squares or if its just on my end
  8. First of some good news, the config is nearly done, but some tweeks are still needed. Also I have encountered this problem and I dont know how to fix it. Not gonna release it yet. Also the new textures for pol and so on look really good, but the old pol textures [with collisions] looked way better on huygen I might reuse the old textures on huygen, if I get permission ofcourse. Also just some general information my exams are done but I am currently in the process of getting my drivers license which takes up a lot of my time and also working, so dont expect a lot of updates but I am trying my best to get this config to work in 1.12.
  9. I don´t want to overpromise anything, because I haven´t looked at the changes yet. But give me like this weekend (+ a few days)
  10. I think the same way as you do, this planet pack completely changed the way I play KSP, from just strapping on more boosters to designing working rockets. To even designing reusable rockets. (Took a few attempts) My latest Mun mission in JNSQ
  11. Well I searched my KSP screenshot folder and found some old screenshots: I wanted to share them because I think they look cool
  12. I designed a reusable JNSQ rocket with 17 ton payload capacity to LKO Landing burn on barge:
  13. All planets have parallax textures, some use the "stock" parallax textures huygen for example uses minmus textures but with different colors, still looks good in my opinion. Custom textures may take a while with school and all, got some exams and appointments coming up
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