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  1. Sadly I absolutely love Nikon DSLR ergonomic, I still can't find any mirrorless that feels right in my hand like that.
  2. With such distance, it will awkwardly apart that made SRB-X looks like SRBs are doing a French kiss
  3. Just read e of pi ETS 10 years retrospective, revised Saturn multi body sounds interesting SOFI on upper stage l, first stage changed to Atlas V-style copper. Maybe able to do with tweakscaled Titan LDC parts.
  4. I just update a bunch of mods, but when I tried to run the game I can't click any thing on the main menu The symptom is similar to this tread However, I tried to reinstall and remove Kopernicus but the same symptom still happened Log from the attempt after remove Kopernicus https://drive.google.com/file/d/1L1lfbaRxJbYSNb6cLefTXDVJN-3x2Jsc/view?usp=sharing
  5. The problem is that all of them are on the same row with 7 normal black tile between each of them
  6. Maybe because XEUS required the D word to work?
  7. I think when its time for Saturn SAF it will be nice if we get dual payload adapter like in the original voyager proporsal.
  8. I found a bug a docked part that docked with old BDB APAS can't be undock. I load an old craft for return but when I click undock the crafts are still attatched to each other as one craft.
  9. Maybe add an extra node on the side of the workshop to attatch a parasol by EVA construction?
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