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  1. Well, actually there is no block V service module in BDB, just it's engines and solar panels, according to ETS it is a bit bigger than Block III,IV's. I prefer to use a custom US2 3 sections service module for this one
  2. Another thing I forgot to ask for Saturn revamp, is revamped S1-C engine mount's mesh possible to be modified for this thing? I don't know if engine fairing meshs are the same piece with cylindrical part or it is separated with full cylindrical part unearthed PS. I found a document with nice-clear illustration on how each LM delivered vehicles supposed to look like. Also this is the clearest image of LM truck I've ever seen that is not a mystery box on top of descent stage https://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/LM23_LM_Derivatives_LMD1-13.pdf
  3. So...this is how SS/SH will recovered 8f everything go as Elon wanted. Just waiting for him to fund a biotech company and discover some gigantic alien to clone. https://youtu.be/mQsL1YA6z_U
  4. About AJ-260 I remember something I forgot to ask, will it get revamp too? Current one doesn't rescale under Saturn real scale patch, and if rescale manually it's performance will be incorrect.
  5. For engine mount I have an idea, just use old S-IVB mount but add an adapter tank between 10m tank and S-IVB mount, as in the diagram LOX tank have a smaller diameter than LH2 tank then put a second node for attatcing a interstage on a top of the adapter tank.
  6. I normally tried tweak scaling all the interstage I can find, as BDB use a lot of non standard size there normally one that fit after rescale
  7. What's about Comet? It's dual F-1A boosters and fat S-IV third stage will have a lot of use http://www.astronautix.com/graphics/z/zflohllv.gif Booster can be use for Saturn V 24L, or as a first stage for Saturn I. 3rd stage tank can also be use for Nerva Saturn V Stage 1 tank is just stretched S-IC and turn engine mount 45° with no fin Stage 2 I also stretched S-II with a new engine mount for 6 J-2S
  8. Some suggestions, mesh S-IVB interstage for some Saturn variety with S-IVB inside S-II sized fairing. Or at least unpainted one with separation solid removed.
  9. Well, I meant modular Nova with 1 or 2 F-1 second stage http://www.astronautix.com/n/nova8lmod.html
  10. Talk about Engines anyone have any information for F-1 Vac? As some early Nova proposal use F-1 second stage I don't know if it was a thing or not or they just planned to use regular F-1
  11. I have cryo tank but somehow only KNES engines have this problem
  12. Does KNES have cryogenic patch? Hydrolox engines are shown as a regular liquid fuel
  13. Any mod have 100kN ISP 450 LH2 engine? I want to make cryogenic N-1 but I can't find a substitute for RD-57. CE don't have one
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