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  1. http://spaceflighthistory.blogspot.com/2019/01/apollo-to-mars-venus-north-american.html Another Apollo flyby. This one is a very interesting concept, but might be too much to put into saturn revamp. It's far more complicated than other porposal
  2. Well, HG-3 have much more better TWR than J2-X (Ares). Both J2-Xs can fit nicely if using tweak scaled NFLV S-II engine mount with medium-short interstage.
  3. Closest I can get is 1 SSME ground lit another 2 air lit but it flip over as soon as LDC burn out. Ground lit all 3 while pretty controlable, it have shorter burn time than LDC and drop tanks are already nearly big as shuttle itself
  4. Looks like your upper stage is also a bit bigger than mine. I use real scale S-II tank as a base and rescaled that flat 5m from NFLV for 3rd. Also which J-2X do you use?, I use CE with NF Realism it barely have enough TWR to get in to orbit with extremely loft tagetory.
  5. Another cursed shuttle Yup, this was a thing It is surprisingly easy to fly despite have some problem on SRB seperation. It can do 20t to 100x100 JNSQ. Launch sequence have to modify a little bit. Originally shuttle engines are lit at separation, but as I use a bigger full size EFT titan LDC core don't have TWR past 1 when SRB seperation. So SSME are air-lit shotly before SRB burn out instead. The results payload is greatly increase as a side effect. Upside down scale down SII-SIV adapter work nicely for adapting EFT to LDC and provide separation mortor prevent LD
  6. I just realize that with RS-68B I can finally make an pretty accurate version this abomination. 80t 100x100 JNSQ maybe a little bit more. Somehow shuttle tank decoupler did't work on this thing Also from diagram it looks like it use 5 RS-68 but no its 7 I count a petal on its render.
  7. N-MOL looks more interesting to me. While there is a lot more parts required. As I see it need MOL equipment module with a hole with gemini nose docking port, KH return capsule nest modified camera part into rader or something. But the hardest part seem to be jettisonable reactor on the back. None of BDB parts have reactor mechanic yet maybe just make a shround for NF kerbopower, I I'm not sure if the size is work or not
  8. I'm thinking about install connected living space for my next science run. Are Gemini revamped heat shield comparable with it?
  9. Actually this was a plan for Atlas V light (Sorry, I can't remember its actual name) which cancelled very early like Delta IV small but as I remember it was a larger tank version of Agena with the same engine as Agena-droptank and agena was exposed in the same maner as Atlas V 4xx.
  10. Man oh man, if we have every bad astronomy and rocketery in news in ths tread, it should reach over three hundred pages by now even if we don't count other fields of science. Maybe, it might be a good idea to start a new topic about bad science in news.
  11. Honestly, I'm not mod dev but I also think enlarged CBC is a vary improbable to do in BDB without load of artistic license. As there are very few information on them and completely lacks of information on its engine. Only part that is seems possible for me is RL-60 as CE one looks oversized for me. RS-800 have thrust number but that's it, RL-60 is far more complete.
  12. I'd like to present you Tory's daydream A.K.A. Sen.Shelby's second worst nightmare Yes, its Orion put directly on ACES as its service module ultimately solve the wimpy SM problem in one go. Which if it was select it will made SLS even more pointless than it already is.
  13. As RS-68 was originated from STME (Well, they are not the same thing but came from the very same cencept and STME spec is nearly identical to RS-68 Regen but bit smaller, weaker, and much lighter) this have to be done. Surprisingly. it is much easier to fly than all other shuttle proporsal I tried. Payload about 17t to LKO, a little bit more than SRB, might be able to put 20t if add more fuel for OMS. As I tested It can put 20t but it will have no fuel left for deorbit. Lift off TWR 1.53 at max payload is quite good for all LH2 system. For 3-SSME C varaint It can get 26t to LKO. Actually
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