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  1. he said he wont be updating those because they arent fun for him anymore also he is busy making plugins for his youtube channel
  2. How’s development going? looking forward to release
  3. Set the terrain quality to high if it doesn’t work then quicksave and then quickload I had the same problem on Armstrong and that fixed it
  4. All planet packs need kopernicus Should be since it spawns so far away
  5. you must take the lore into account, for example Lua shouldn't be terraformed, and Hydrus shouldn't be magnetized
  6. it was on the forums on april fools, they said that they were going to make jool orange, and give it a new texture, the orange part was a joke, but the new texture was not
  7. I think that for the sunflares you only need scatterer sunflare, not scatterer