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  1. Congratulations on (pre) release I'm on the special thanks page oh god I feel so honored
  2. Congratulations you have delayed the release by 1 day, this happens every time someone asks about it
  3. By the way, take into account that Mac support is very limited, so that could be your problem
  4. That sounds like a normal map issue, i reccomend generating them with kittopia
  5. Yeah that seems normal,they probably just spawned too close
  6. You just redownload everything and replace the previous version
  7. Can you not click the main menu or the ksc view
  8. Lua's orbit is exactly geostationary, you could make a satellite constellation around it or put one on the same orbit as it
  9. The first problem (image) is caused by the terrain shader, and there isn’t anything you can do about it im pretty sure, as for the floating scatters what ksp and kopernicus version are you in? that was a problem in a previous KopC but it was fixed on release 4 iirc
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